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In Assassin's Creed: Revelations, several outfits were available for Ezio Auditore da Firenze to wear.

General outfits

Wearing these robes allowed Ezio to customize his appearance, through the use of dyes and additional armor pieces.

Plain robes


Ezio's plain robes were dark grey, with fur lining under the bracers and on the left shoulder. Ezio obtained these robes during his journey to Masyaf, where they were made and given to him in Acre.

Cosmetic outfits

These outfits were for decoration purposes only, serving no other purpose than to change Ezio's looks. Armor worn would not be removed and would still add to Ezio's resistance to damage.

Turkish Assassin armor


This outfit was only available when purchasing the Special Edition of Assassin's Creed: Revelations, and was available as a cosmetic outfit for Ezio to wear. It was also available to those purchasing The Lost Archive.

Armor of Brutus


The Armor of Brutus outfit was available to those who pre-ordered the Animus Edition and Digital Exclusive Edition of Assassin's Creed: Revelations, by purchasing the game via Wal-Mart, and from purchasing The Lost Archive. The outfit featured the armor set from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, although it was merely a cosmetic skin.

Ezio in Altaïr's robes


Pre-ordering the Animus Edition, Collector's Edition and Digital Exclusive Edition, or purchasing The Lost Archive, gave access to the outfit of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. While it was Ezio's face that was shown, the outfit also bore the missing finger on the left hand.

Desmond Miles


The Desmond Miles outfit was unlocked after collecting 30 Animus data fragments and completing Desmond's Journey memories. The outfit featured Desmond with the white hoodie seen in Brotherhood, but with facial features from Revelations. Like any other outfit, it was merely cosmetic.

Old Altaïr's robes


Old Altaïr's robes were available after completing all DNA Sequences with 100% Synchronization. Similar to Altaïr's regular robes, the face shown was Ezio's, but the outfit also bore the missing finger.

Temporary outfits

Minstrel outfit


Worn only during "The Prince's Banquet" memory, Ezio and his Assassin brethren used it to sneak into an event organized by Prince Suleiman I. Distracting guards and civilians by singing and playing the lute, Ezio used his heightened senses to find the Byzantine assailants for the other Assassins to kill. While in this outfit, Ezio was unable to freerun or use any weapons.

Janissary uniform


Worn only during the "Honor, Lost and Won" memory, Ezio used the uniform to sneak into the Janissary camp. If Ezio walked alone or did anything that could relate him to being an Assassin, the Janissaries would immediately pull out their weapons and attack him. A subtle difference existed between Ezio's uniform and the other Janissaries, as the mask he wore had several scars on it.

Hooded cloak


Worn only in Cappadocia, Ezio would put on a full-length hooded cloak to disguise himself while in the Templar-controlled city. Ezio's robes were also a faded grey, and he did not wear any armor besides his standard bracers and altered leather greaves, regardless of whatever dye or armor he may have been wearing before arriving in Cappadocia. If Ezio had the crossbow equipped, it would not be visible; instead, he would pull it out from under the cape of his cloak.


  • While not an official costume, a hoodless version of Ezio could be used due to a glitch. To perform the glitch, the A Little Errand memory must be replayed, before declining the mission. To put the hood back on, the mission must be played through to the end. This glitch could also work on Altaïr's robes and the Turkish Assassin armor, though the mask would still appear. The hood would not be down, however, if Ezio wore the Master Assassin Armor or the Armor of Ishak Pasha.
  • The Altaïr and Desmond outfits used their respective voices during regular gameplay. In cinematics, however, Ezio's voice remained his own.
  • The Turkish Assassin armor was obtainable to those with a PS3 or an Xbox through registering on GameSpot and using a code generator, though it is no longer possible.
  • At certain points during general gameplay, Altaïr's robes would sometimes not be missing his ring finger on his left hand. However, this did not seem to happen during cutscenes.
  • No matter what outfit or armor Ezio wore during the final DNA sequence, it would revert to his plain robes during cinematics.

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