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In Assassin's Creed: Revelations, several outfits are available for Ezio Auditore to wear.

General Appearance

Wearing these robes gave the player freedom to customize Ezio's appearance. The changes the players can make are the armor, and the dye of the clothes.

Plain Robes


The suit is dark grey and with fur lining under the bracers and on the shoulder. Concept art of this outfit indicates a navy blue color scheme, the Masyaf seal over the belt and a cape. The E3 gameplay demo and trailer instead show the Assassin insignia over the belt.[1]

Ezio obtained these robes during his journey to Masyaf, where they were made and given to him in Acre.[2]

Cosmetic Outfits

These outfits are for decoration purposes only, they serve no other purpose than to change the Ezio's looks. Armor worn will not be removed and will still add to the Ezio's defense and health.

Turkish Assassin Armor


This outfit is only available when purchasing the Special Edition of Assassin's Creed: Revelations, and is available in single-player mode as a cosmetic outfit. [3]It is also available to those purchasing The Lost Archive DLC pack of Revelations.[4]

Armor of Brutus


The Animus Edition, and Digital Exclusive Edition includes the Armor of Brutus from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, available in single-player mode. It also is available by purchasing the game via Wal-Mart.[3]It is available to those who purchased the Animus edition of Assassin's Creed: Revelations, and also the Lost Archive DLC pack for Revelations.[4] It is a cosmetic skin only.

Ezio in Altaïr's Robes


Pre-ordering the Animus Edition, Collector's Edition, Digital Exclusive Edition and The Lost Archive DLC Pack of Revelations gives access to the skin for Altaïr from the original Assassin's Creed (also seen in Assassin's Creed II and Brotherhood) in single player.[4][5][6] The Animus Edition for Australia and Sweden, however, lists the skin as being Ezio in Altaïr's Robes.[7] This is apparently erroneous, as other regions describe the bonus as Altaïr's Skin. The face is of Ezio's likeliness, but he also bears a missing finger.

Desmond Miles


The Desmond Miles outfit is unlocked after getting 30 Animus data fragments and completing the Desmond's Journey missions. The outfit features Desmond as he is seen in Brotherhood, although his facial features are as seen in Revelations. Like any other outfit, it's merely cosmetic.

Old Altaïr's Robes


Old Altaïr's Robes is available for use after completing Sequence 8 with 100% synchronization. Similar to Altaïr's regular robes, the face is of Ezio's likeliness, but he also bears a missing finger.

Temporary Outfits

Minstrel Outfit


Worn only during "The Prince's Banquet" Memory, Ezio and his Assassin brethren used it to sneak into an invite-only party for the Prince, whom they believe is the target of an assassination attempt by the Byzantines. Distracting guards and civilians by singing and playing his lute, Ezio used his heightened senses to find the Byzantine assailants for the other Assassins to kill.

Janissary Uniform


Worn only during the "Honor, Lost and Won" Memory, Ezio uses it to sneak into the Janissary-controlled area, tailing his target. If Ezio walks alone or does anything that could relate him to being an Assassin, the Janissaries immediately pull out their weapons and accuse him of being an Assassin, thus attacking him. If this happens, the player will become desynchronized due to being detected. The difference between Ezio's uniform and the other Janissaries is that the mask he wears has a deep scar on the right part of his face. At the End of the misson, Ezio Assassinates Tarik and his cover is blown.

Hooded Cloak


Worn only in Cappadocia. Ezio wears a full-length hooded cloak to disguise himself while in the Templar-controlled city. Ezio's robes are also a faded grey and he does not wear any armor besides his standard bracers and altered leather greaves, regardless of whatever dye or armor he may have been wearing before arriving in Cappadocia. While walking around the city, Byzantine guards will not react to his presence, provided he doesn't perform any reprehensible actions in front of them. Guards stationed on rooftops and near restricted areas, however, will detect him if he loiters too long in those areas. If Ezio has the crossbow equipped, it will not be visible. Instead, he will pull it out from under the cape of his cloak.



  • Not an official costume, a hoodless version of Ezio can be used due to a glitch. To get a hoodless Ezio, the player must replay A Little Errand memory, and decline the mission. To put the hood back on, the mission must be played through to the end. This glitch can work on Altaïr's robes and the Turkish Assassin Armor but the mask will still appear.
  • The Desmond skin uses his appearance from Brotherhood, albeit with the beard, rather than how he appears on the Animus Island.
  • Altaïr and Desmond outfits use their respective voices during regular gameplay. In cinematics, however, Ezio's voice remains his own.
  • The Turkish Assassin Armor was obtainable to PS3 and Xbox players by registering on GameSpot and using a code generator, but it is no longer possible.
  • At certain points during general gameplay, Altaïr's skin will sometimes not be missing his ring finger on his left hand. This however does not seem to happen during cutscenes.


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