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Discover Your Legacy

Assassin's Creed: Revelations – Discover Your Legacy is a formerly functioning Facebook application that "analyzes a Facebook user's ancestry", tying them to one of several possible ancestral roots and bloodlines. Discover Your Legacy also included some of the user's friends, tying them to the user's own bloodline and then dubbing them as either a trusted ally or a Templar.

The app served as a spin-off to the Assassin's Creed series, and was a tie-in to Assassin's Creed: Revelations. The app was co-developed with Ubisoft by GameStop.


Li Tong

The bloodline details the life of the Assassin members in China, starting with the Confucian scholar Fang Xiaoru, who was leader of the Chinese Assassins. In 1402, he, along with several members of the order, were ordered to be executed by the Yongle Emperor of the Ming dynasty, who was secretly a member of the Templars. Li Tong, the daughter of two members of the Assassin order, escaped the Emperor's men along with an apprentice and an Apple of Eden.

After several years following the incident, Li Tong assassinated the Yongle Emperor during an uprising at the Gobi Desert, entering the emperor's tent and then killing him. Li Tong's bloodline was then carried on by her sons, which was then connected to the Facebook user.

Miguel Ramón Carlo de Lugo

The bloodline details the life of Miguel Ramón Carlo de Lugo, who hails from San Juan, Puerto Rico. With his mother dead at child birth and his father abandoning him, Miguel was taken in by Alonso Carlo. Under his tutelage, Miguel was able to learn several languages at the age of nine.

In 1510, Juan Ponce de León accused Alonso of plotting an assassination against him and ordered his execution. Alonso and Miguel fled to Florida, where they found safety with the Assassins and Miguel joined their ranks. When news came in 1521 that de León arrived in Florida searching for the Fountain of Youth, the Assassins sent Miguel to prevent de León from discovering the Piece of Eden that was the Fountain.

Later in life, Miguel married and had two children.

Murat Bin Husn


Murat Bin Husn with the Janissary army

The bloodline details the life of Murat Bin Husn, who hails from Constantinople. At the age of 11, Murat was sent to the imperial army by his parents in hopes of a better life for him. After several years, he earned a credible position in the Janissary army, and earned the respect of most of his fellow soldiers.

Known for his unfaltering stature and will, Murat was commissioned by the Sultan to guard the Armor of Ishak Pasha. As his project to protect the armor, Murat hid the armor at Hagia Sophia, and had the city's harbor rented to renovate the Great Chain. After months, Murat's life was brought to ruin by a hooded man: Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the one who destroyed the Chain. Fearing for his life, Murat fled the city with his family.

Murat's descendants would then spread all over the world, with the Facebook user viewing the memory being Murat's 26th great grandson/daughter.

Ludger Duvernay

The bloodline details the life of Ludger Duvernay, an expert printer, word smith and civil worker, born on 1/22/1799 in Canada. Ludger Duvernay played a key role in the movement in Montreal by helping to disrupt the government. As a result of publishing certain articles in which he accused the Canadian administration of serving the Château Clique, the leaders of the Templars at that time, he was arrested and imprisoned on charges of spreading false information, and the Clique even rallied the public against Duvernay. The Brotherhood of Assassins, who previously financed him, hoping to expose the government's connections to the Templars, quickly freed Duvernay from jail. After his release, whispers of an artifact used to control the public arose. Later on, Duvernay founded the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society, hoping to spiritually unify Quebec and gain independence from Canada.

Lukas Zurburg

The bloodline details the life of Lukas Zurburg, born 10/28/1322 in the German city of Essen. At the age of 16, Lukas was recruited into the Assassin Order, after a group of strangers saved him from a thief on the road to Adendorf.

By the time Lukas was 26, the plague had visited Essen, wiping out nearly half the population. A mysterious hooded group, known only as the Brothers of the Cross, traveled through the German country-side promising protection from the disease. Lukas distrusted religious orders, and this natural suspicion fueled his quest for the truth. Rumors throughout Europe told of an ancient Ankh, that had the power to heal the sick and even to resurrect the dead. This suspected Piece of Eden was also said to carry the Mark of the Messenger inscribed on it. Lukas believed that the Brothers of the Cross were a Templar front, trying to locate and secure the Ankh for themselves. No explanation has ever been recorded, but in 1350, the Brothers of the Cross suddenly disappeared, and Lukas was never seen again. A woman, rumored to be carrying Lukas's child, moved away from Essen and found her way to a new country, where her descendants settled and multiplied.

Mina Bergson

The bloodline details the life of Mina Bergson, born 2/28/1865 to a loving family in Geneva, Switzerland. Her family moved around Europe and eventually settled in London. At the age of 15, she flourished as a student of arts and befriended a writer named Annie Horniman. Annie introduced her new friend to the brotherhood of Assassins. Mina never developed a strong religious faith and since the brotherhood sought protecting free thoughts by any means, she welcomed the group’s free spirit.

In 1887, it was arranged for Mina to pretend to take interest in a man named Samuel Mathers, a rising star in a group of occultists who were planning to build one of the most influential secret societies in the British Empire. The Assassins knew that Samuel was being funded by the Templars and Mina suspected that the powerful group was secretly guiding her life. The Templars were seeking a mystical book somewhere in London that was said to grant access to powerful knowledge and carry the Mark of the Seer inscribed on its final page.

Eventually, Mina and Samuel married and he founded the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn with two associates, William Woodman and William Westcott. Just years into the Golden Dawn's expansion, William Woodman died mysteriously. As a result, William Westcott and Samuel Mathers fought for control of the group. Amid the chaos, Mina was asked to leave her husband and rejoin the order, however, she refused. Samuel Mathers died mysteriously at the age of 64. Mina took his place at the head of a new secret order, Alpha et Omega. Contrary to the official history, Mina had just one child.



The search engine, as seen in the movie

  • The user can get a different ancestor every time he/she reloads the app.
  • Several modern day elements were implemented to the app's main content, such as an email from Alan Rikkin, detailing the user's ancestry, and using a search engine to display websites detailing the user's early Assassin life. Interestingly, the search engine had a very similar visual format to Google.
  • The app's official listed name is GS Discover Your Legacy. "GS" stands for GameStop.

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