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For the achievements of other Assassin's Creed games, see Achievements.

The following are the achievements that could be earned in Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy.


Icon Name How to obtain
PL Amateur Amateur Reach level 3.
PL Recruit Recruit Reach level 7.
PL Initiate Initiate Reach level 15.
PL Novice Novice Reach level 30.
PL Apprentice Apprentice Reach level 50.
PL Adept Adept Reach level 100.
PL CraftsmanHQ Craftsman Create an item.
PL ArtisanHQ Artisan Create 10 items.
PL MasterHQ Master Create 100 items.
PL Score!HQ Score! Achieve extraordinary crafting results.
PL MentorHQ Mentor Train a unit.
PL Drill InstructorHQ Drill Instructor Train 10 units.
PL Only the BestHQ Only The Best Obtain a rare gift.
PL Executioner Executioner Won 50 skirmishes.
PL Reaper Reaper Won 200 skirmishes.
PL EngagedHQ Engaged Complete a Mnemonic Set.
PL FocusedHQ Focused Complete 5 Mnemonic Sets.
PL TunedHQ Tuned Complete 10 Mnemonic Sets.
PL Synchronized Synchronized Combined all Italian Wars Mnemonic Sets.
PL AddictedHQ Addicted Complete a Mnemonic Set 5 times.
PL LandlordHQ Landlord Own a building
PL ZonedHQ Zoned Own 5 of the same building.
PL MogulHQ Mogul City worth reach 1,000,000.
PL Big SpenderHQ Big Spender Own every public building.
PL Truth SeekerHQ Truth Seeker Own Assassin's guild.
PL ConnoisseurHQ Connoisseur Own an art merchant, tailor and library.
PL InvestorHQ Investor Own a bank and a bazaar.
PL ShadyHQ Shady Shadow reach 50.
PL DeadlyHQ Deadly Conflict reach 50.
PL CraftyHQ Crafty Knowledge reach 50.
PL VigilantHQ Vigilant Intrigue reach 50.
PL WealthyHQ Wealthy Money reach 100,000.
PL MillionaireHQ Millionaire Money reach 1,000,000.
PL Filthy Rich Filthy Rich Money reach 10,000,000.
PL CondotierroHQ Condotierro Veteran of the Battle of Agnadello.
PL ManhunterHQ Manhunter Murder Niccolò di Pitigliano.
PL CommanderHQ Commander Defend Monteriggioni.
PL Broken-heartedHQ Broken-hearted Romance Lucrezia Borgia.
PL Doomed Doomed Victim of a Miracle.
PL Treasure HunterHQ Treasure Hunter Found Monteriggioni's biggest secret.
PL TrackerHQ Tracker Brought Perotto Calderon to justice.
PL TouristHQ Tourist Combine the Auditore Trail Mnemonic Set.
PL Depression The Great Depression Territories foreclosed by Abstergo.
Archaeologist Archaeologist Own a Roman Landmark.
PL Curator Curator Own every Roman Landmark.
PL Tutor Tutor Train 25 people.
PL Motivator Motivator Train 50 people.
PL Coach Coach Train 100 people.
PL Warmonger Warmonger Conflict reaches 150.
PL Moonlighter Moonlighter Shadow reaches 150.
PL Swindler Swindler Intrigue reached 150.
PL Artificer Artificer Knowledge reached 150.
PL Two-faced Two Faced Betrayed Cesare Borgia.
PL Refugee Refugee Fled The Borgia Family.
PL Exterminator Exterminator Drove the pests from Rome.
PL Raider Raider Plucked the crystal skull from Tenochtitlan.
PL Steadfast Steadfast Completed all contract missions.
PL Babysat Babysat Shared toys with Giovanni.
PL Mental Case Mental Case Dreamed within a dream.
PL Toasty Toasty Survived the burning inn.
Miraculous Miraculous Escaped Tenochtitlan on the Night of Sorrow.
PL Recruiter Recruiter Recruited one friend.
PL Enlister Enlister Recruited 10 friends.
PL Head Hunter Head Hunter Recruited 30 friends.
PL Humbug Humbug Holiday spirit crushed.
PL Yule Beneficiary Yule Beneficiary Acquired all four Christmas territories.
PL Akimbo Akimbo Acquired 2 M1917 Revolvers.
PL Blinged Out Blinged Out Own 10 Templar rings.
PL Capricornus Capricornus Outstanding Performance in the month of January.
PL Aquarius Aquarius Outstanding Performance in the month of February.
PL Pisces Pisces Outstanding Performance in the month of March.


  • The Great Depression was a special award which was given to any players who lost a great number of territories when the Data Dump Scanner was updated, and limited the number of territories to 10. In addition to the achievement, the players also received a refund in the form of in-game florins.
  • The monthly achievements for being the Most Valuable Recruit were based on the zodiac signs. They were only awarded once and to only one person in 2011.


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