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Assassin's Creed: Official Game Guide is a 336 paged book, which was released alongside Assassin's Creed on November 14, 2007.

It is written to offer players of Assassin's Creed help and guidance throughout their playing of the game. Published by Prima Games, the book assists its reader with all game content, including central missions, detailed maps, side missions, and general information about the game and its story. It also comes with a large poster depicting all the maps of the cities seen within the games, with all points of interest marked.



This part of the guide serves to introduce some of the historical backstory to the game.

Training and Maneuvers

This section details how to both use the guide and successfully learn how to navigate in the game itself. It covers everything from the user interface to details of the actions the player can use in the game, which are further broken down depending on the context of the situation.

Characters and Enemies

This section gives brief biographies of the major characters and enemies encountered in the game.

Tour of the Holy Land

This comprehensive section breaks down every available map into sections, highlighting important information, such as where information can be found, what to look out for while walking around, and how much resistance (either from traffic or guards) a player can expect to encounter. Screenshots of maps are included, with all points of interest (such as viewpoints) marked.


This section goes through every memory of every sequence in the game, detailing proven strategies to help players whenever they get stuck. As the story progresses, a brief summary of what happened previously is usually given to help players quickly orient themselves.


This section acts like an index, offering an overview of how the game's story is broken down, and how the characters are all related.


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