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Assassin's Creed: Odyssey is the eleventh main installment in the Assassin's Creed series developed by Ubisoft.


The game was primarily developed by Ubisoft Québec, which had previously worked on Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.[2] The concept for the game emerged in 2015, as the team was wrapping up development on Syndicate. In the shift to an RPG-esque game, inspiration was taken from titles such as The Witcher 3, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls, in regards to the idea of player choice.[3] The development team engaged in communication with the team behind Assassin's Creed: Origins; it was decided to quote:"push [the series] forward" with the introduction of RPG elements.[4] The setting of ancient Greece was chosen as it was one of the most requested settings from the fanbase.[5]

Odyssey uses a lot of the same graphical technology as Origins.[2] Far more color was used in the game; the designers tried to tap into the notion that the ancient Greeks believed that their land was built by the gods, thus the use of vibrant colors. There was pushback against the "ordinary" depictions of ancient Greece, which lean on it being an arid place with an emphasis on white and gold. The end result is intended to be a middle-ground between historical accuracy and vibrancy.[5]

The game was announced on May 31, 2018.[6] It will receive weekly updates post-release.[7]



The game's genetic memory story is set in 431 BCE, recounting the secret history of the Peloponnesian War, fought between the city-states of ancient Greece. The protagonist is a mercenary named either Alexios or Kassandra (selectable) who can choose to fight for either Athens and the Delian League or Sparta and the Peloponnesian League, as well as against the Cult of Kosmos. The modern day segments will again follow Layla Hassan, who was first introduced in Assassin's Creed Origins, and her story will touch on the Isu.[2]

The game is said to deal with the themes of "freedom versus order."[2]


For the purposes of this article, the canon protagonist Kassandra is used.


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As a child, Kassandra was presented with the broken Spear of Leonidas, an Isu weapon, as an heirloom by her mother. Because of her prestigious lineage, great hopes were placed upon her to live up to the strength and valour of Leonidas. Her step-father, Nikolaos, would often train her in hopes that she would follow in his footsteps. In 446 BCE the Pythia Praxithea at Sanctuary of Delphi prophesied that Kassandra's younger brother, the baby Alexios, would lead to the fall of Sparta in the future. In order to prevent this, Alexios was to be sacrificed at Mount Taygetos, despite Myrrine's plea for Nikolaos to stop it. As a priest was about to drop Alexios, Kassandra attempted to stop the sacrifice, but instead pushed the priest and Alexios to their apparent deaths. Kassandra was condemned as a traitor to Sparta, leading her step-father to execute her by dropping her off the mountains, though it was obvious he was remorseful in doing so.

Kassandra, however, survived the fall, and escaped to the beach with the spear. Refusing to be found by the Spartans, Kassandra fled out to the open seas, with an eagle following her. A storm later turned Kassandra's boat overboard and she woke up on the beaches of Kephallonia. There, she was greeted by Markos, who took her under his wing and tasked her to do errands for him.

Over the years, Kassandra's skills as a warrior developed and she became a mercenary, working with Markos and the little orphan girl Phoibe, but in doing so they also gained the ire of the local warlord, the Cyclops, who runs Kephallonia with an iron fist. Kassandra learns that Markos had borrowed money from the Cyclops and bought a vineyard with it. She is angered by this due to the fact that Markos owed her money. When she confronted him about it, he set her on a few missions in order to get her own debt back. Kassandra would steal the Cyclops' Obsidian Eye from his home so they can eventually sell it to gain some money. Kassandra also got wind of a group of foreigners who arrived with the Cyclops so she went and killed them all but one. The one man is revealed to be Elpenor. Though he seems unaffected about his men's massacre, he offers Kassandra a deal. She is to collect the Shroud of Penelope from some thieves. Kassandra does this but when she returns Elpenor tells her that she can keep the shroud and pays her a great amount: Kassandra quickly worked out that it was all test for her as he offered her more money if she killed a Spartan General, called The Wolf of Sparta, stationed at Megaris. Kassandra agrees to the deal but has no boat to reach Megaris. She discovers that the Cyclops is vulnerable and confronts him while he is torturing a ship captain, Barnabas. Kassandra mocks the Cyclops and then reveals that she has his eye, he demanded it back but she instead stuck it up a goat's rectum and released it. Obviously angered by this the Cyclops attacks Kassandra but she manages to slay him and his men, then frees Barnabas. Grateful for this, he offers her place on his ship, the Adrestia, as its Commander. Kassandra agrees and plans to leave, she says her farewells to Phoibe and Markos. On their way to Megaris, Barnabas asked why they were going there to which Kassandra answered that there was a price on the head on the Wolf of Sparta: Barnabas then reveals to Kassandra that the Wolf of Sparta is in fact her step-father, Nikolaos.

Upon reaching Megaris, they discover that they are cut off by an Athenian blockade. They destroy the ships and continue to the beach. Upon reaching the beach they notice a battle is taking place between the Spartans and Athenians. Led by Nikolaos, and his adopted son Stentor, the Spartans are victorious. Kassandra arrives after the battle but is stopped from seeing Nikolaos by Stentor, who asked why she was there. Kassandra offers to help the Spartans take down the Athenians in Megaris, in exchange for a meeting with the Wolf. After slaying the Athenian Leader, Kassandra returns to Stentor and takes part in the battle for Megaris. With Kassandra on their side, the Spartans win the fight and take Megaris for themselves. Shortly after the victory, Nikolaos sends a message to Kassandra and Stentor, whising to speak with Kassandra alone. While angered by this, Stentor accepts and allows Kassandra to meet Nikolaos. Nikolaos talks to Kassandra and quickly works out who Kassandra truly is. She confronts Nikolaos about what he did, and reveals to him the price on his head. Consequently, Kassandra has the choice to either spare or kill him. Either way leads to Kassandra discovering that Nikolaos is not her biological father and being told to find her mother, Myrrine. He then warns her about snakes in the grass. Kassandra is taken aback by this discovery and takes Nikolaos' Helmet and Sword. If Kassandra kills Nikolaos, then Stentor arrives and confronts her, leading to a fight between them where Kassandra is forced to kill him. Upon returning to the Adrestia, she tells Barnabas about her discovery to which he states that they should meet with the Oracle to discover where her mother is. Kassandra is hesitant to meet her due to the fact that she is the reason why her family was destroyed.

Kassandra goes to see Elpenor and produces Nikolaos' helmet. Elpenor is impressed and states that he has more targets for her to kill, revealing to Kassandra that he plans to kill the rest of her family. She refuses to be used like this and Elpenor orders his men to kill her, but they fail and are killed as consequence. Unfortunately Elpenor manages to escape, so Kassandra meets with Barnabas who introduces her to Herodotus who recognises the Spear on her back. After, she meets with the Oracle, who reveals that she knows who Kassandra is and mentions the Cult of Kosmos. Upon meeting again with Herodotus, they work out that the Oracle is being controlled by the Cult and has been like that for a long time, meaning that the Cult was behind the destruction of Kassandra's family. Kassandra confronts the Oracle in her own home who reveals information about the Cult and that Elpenor is one of the cultists. Kassandra also discovers that the cultists are based under the Temple of Apollo. Kassandra tracks down Elpenor and kills him to which he reveals that the Cult wanted her dead and that he had convinced them not to kill her as he wanted to use her for their own plans. He dies soon after. Kassandra discovers a cult uniform and a small triangle of Isu origin. She meets Herodotus at the Temple and enters with her disguise on, where she finds out that the Cult has eyes and ears everywhere in Greece. After being drawn towards the centre piece in the Cult room by a strange force, she places the small Isu triangle into the Pyramid, completing it. The Cult is then interrupted when Deimos enters the room with the head of Elpenor, revealing that he knows one of them is a traitor. He has various cultists then touch the central piece and, upon getting Kassandra to touch it, he witnesses her memories and she is shocked to discover that Deimos is her thought to be dead brother, Alexios. Deimos kills the next Cult member covering for Kassandra, in which she steals back the small piece of tech that she put in. Upon leaving the Temple, she is shocked to the core, where she meets Herodotus, and reveals to him the Cult's plan to find and kill her mother and birth father as well as the revelation that Deimos is Alexios.

Herodotus persuades Kassandra to go in Athens, in order to warn the man Herodotus is serving, Perikles about the Cult, but before they head for Athens Herodotus needs to meet Kassandra at the Lion of Leonidas, at Thermopylai. As soon as Kassandra arrives there Herodotus reaches for her spear and flashbacks of Leonidas final come through his mind. Leonidas saw his army dying one by one and eventually he perished, but not before killing a Persian officer who delivered a mortal injury to him. Herodotus feels weak for a moment but thats when he remembers that he has seen a cave with strange simbols painted on it at the island of Andros believing that the spear and that cave are connected to each other and belong to the first civilization. Kassandra agrees and sets sail for Andros to take a look at the mysterious cave. As soon as she approaches the cave and takes Leonidas spear out, some flashbacks of her and her mother, Myrrine come to her mind, where Myrrine hands Kassandra the spear of Leonidas and explains that their family is choosen to do something great since they share Leonidas blood and courage. When the flashback ends the cave door opens and Kassandra heads deeper in the cave, to find a structure that can upgrade her spear. As soon as she puts the spear in the structure, the game shifts in the modern days, where Layla is forced by her friend, to get out of the Animus. After spending some time exploring the safehouse and talking to her team members, she gets back to Kassandra. As soon as she gets out of the cave she meets with Deimos. Despite Deimos being so rude to her, Kassandra holds the optimistic position, by offering Deimos to join her in the quest of finding Myrrine, but as it seems, Deimos has not interest in joining her and reveals the Cults plan to kill Perikles and disappears, whereas Kassandra heads back to Herodotus. She informs him of the Cults plan and what was inside of the cave. Herodotus suggests that they head to Pnyx to find Perikles and so they do. Kassandra talks to Perikles, who promises her to invite her at his symposeum, to gain information about her mother, if she helps his friends. Kassandra helps every single one of Perikles friends and then attends Perikles symposium, where she finds Phoibe, who helps her change into a more party-like outfit to seek intel about her mother. Herodotus introduces Kassandra to several famous people attending the symposium and then leaves to talk to Perikles about Deimos and the Cult. Kassandra finds a lot of information just from engaging in conversation with different party attenders until she meets with Aspasia who tells her to meet a friend of her in Keos named Xenia amongst Hippokrates and Anthousa. Then after finishing the conversation with Aspasia, Kassandra heads upstairs to send Perikles down to meet his guests. Then she leaves Perikles house, in search for clues of her mother.

Firsly Kassandra meets with Hippokrates, who remembers that once a Spartan woman with a baby came to him, but he was young then and couldn't help her, so he send the woman at the Sanctuary of Asklepios, so Kassandra heads there to talk to the elder priest. She discovers that Alexios was pronounce dead to Myrrine and raised by a priest called Chrysis, who was working for the Cult and that can be found at the Alter of Apollo Maleatas. Kassandra heads there and hears a child crying, so she heads inside the temple to find Chrysis and a little child crying in the alter. Chrysis tells Kassandra that she had tortured Alexios as a child to grow him stronger and as soon as Kassandra makes a move to kill her, Chrysis lits the temple on fire. If Kassandra lets the baby burn she kills Chrysis. If Kassandra saves the baby, Chrysis flees away. Kassandra hands the baby to her mother, telling herself that that was the right thing to do. Later on a villager ambushes Kassandra to help her as her husband is dead, but Chrysis shows up there and Kassandra kills her as well as the cultist guards. Finishing up with Chrysis, Kassandra heads to Keos to meet up with Aspasias friend, Xenia who for a price tells her the information Kassandra needs for her mother. Xenia mentions that her name was Phoenix and she was part of Xenias pirate crew.

Then she heads to Korinthia, to meet Anthousa. Kassandra helps her girls to get rid of a troublesome gang led by the Monger. But in one of the missions done for Anthousa, Kassandra heads to Mongers warehouse to destroy the supplies and meets with a spartan named Brasidas, who tells Kassandra to kill the Monger quietly, whereas Anthousa wants to kill him in public, so the island population can look his face for the last time as she is bleeding. If Kassandra chooses to kill the Monger at the theater she kills Mongers men and finds out that he is a member of the Cult and that he was charged by the Cult to kill Myrrine back then but didnt succeed. Kassandra kills the Monger and Anthousa is pleased with the result. Also if she publicly execute The Monger she will have no choice but to kill Lagos the Archon, a cultist who is friends with Brasida. If Kassandra chooses to kill the Monger quietly at the cave, she heads inside, kills Monger men and him aswell while he reveals to her that he should had killed Myrrine a long time ago. But as soon as Kassandra points the sword at him, Anthousa comes inside the cave, to give her another chance to kill him right there, or execute him at the theater. Kassandra kills him there and tries to make Anthousa see reason that this is the right way to do it. Also if she kills him quietly, Kassandra will have a clue to condemn a Spartan King in the future. Anthousa gives Kassandra all the information she has, that Myrrine left quickly with a ship named Syren Song.

Kassandra heads to Athens to meet with Aspasia for more information about her mother, but she only finds a city damned by the plague, lots of people dying in the streets. Kassandra heads to Aspasia who informs her that Perikles is dying and if she helps Perikles by giving his drugs she will find time to talk about her mother. Kassandra heads upstairs and gives Perikles the drugs and they both head to the balcony and speaks about going at his Parthenon, while Aspasia doesnt want that. Then Perikles heads inside and Kassandra, back to Aspasia who look really troubled about Phobie not coming back for a long time so Kassandra goes out on the streets to find Phobie, but at the house Aspasia told her was only dead bodies and blood. She searches the house for more clues,until she hears Phobie screaming out loud, so she head there, but its too late. The guards had killed the poor Phobie. Soon enough, Hippokrates and Sokrates show up telling her that they need to find Perikles since he is missing but Kassandra wants to speak to Aspasia first and Hippokrates tells her that she should be at the Parthenon looking for Perikles so Kassandra heads there to only find Deimos killing Perikles inside the Parthenon while he was praying and leaves. The fourth of them get outside of the Parthenon to head to Asdrestia while some guards send by Kleon to not let them leave and bring Aspasia to him, but Kassandra manages to kill the guards. Then she together with Aspasia get inside the ship, while Hippokrates and Sokrates will give Phobie a proper burrial and help the poeple of Athens overcome the plague. As they sail away from Athens Kassandra gives Aspasia the clues she has for her mother and Aspasia comes up with a location, Naxos. So they head to the island of Naxos. As Kassandra heads to the leaders house in Naxos, she finds Myrrine there discussing polical matters with the others and waits util the meeting is over. Myrrine gets outside and Kassandra sneaks in from the back showing her the spear of Leonidas and tells her that Alexios is still alive, but its the Cults weapon now. As they try to catch up with each other some soldiers from Paros land in Naxo, so Myrrine together with Kassandra fight and kill them. Then they continue their questions thay head for each other. Myrrine promises Kassandra they will hunt the Cult down together find Alexios and reunite their family but firstly they need to deal with Paros and keep Naxos safe. Kassandra helps Myrrine secure Naxos and they conquer Paros aswell as they sink Paros leader ship. After that Kassandra return Myrrine to Naxos, who tells her daughter to meet in Sparta, since she has a little bit more work to do in Naxos while Kassandra needs to meet her real father before they bring the Cult down together.

Kassandra heads to the island of Thera, or at least at the ruins of the island and finds a chest containing a note saying that in order for the door to the Isu temple, the mirrors need to be aligned so the sunlight can light the triangle at the top of the door. After Kassandra manages to align the mirrors in the proper way she heads to the door and opens it with the spear. After passing through water and lava Kassandra finally finds her real father, Pythagoras at the Gateway to the Lost City of Atlantis who explains that the Staff of Hermes has helped him leave for such a long time, to protect the secret of Atlantis from the outter world, but the knowledge that he seeks for doing that, lies behind some mechanisms, who open with some artifacts, who are missing. So Pythagoras sends Kassandra in a quest to find the missing artifacts and return them to Atlantis. Then the game shifts to Layla explaining at her friend that they found Atlantis and they head to the island of Thera to find the Staff. When Layla heads to the chamber where Kassandra met Pythagora, she goes back to the Animus to understand how Kassandra managed to activate the temple powers, to protect Atlantis. Kassandra heads at the Knossos Palace in Messara, to find the first artifact, but she only finds a little guy, waiting for his father to come out Minotaurs labyrinth. Kassandra promised to kill the Minotaur and find his father, so Ardos escorted her to the labyrinth, but unfortunately he doesnt know how to open the door. Also Ardos tells her the names of the other ones who went inside with his father, since they know how to open the door, the Swordfish, the Collector and the boys caretaker after his father had died. Kassandra kills the Swordfish, who appears to be another cultist member and has gone mad and he grants her with no information at all. Then, she talks to the Collector who advices her to use Theseus armor if she wants to kill the Minotaur, but unfortunately he has none of the pieces of set, so Kassandra finds them. At last she heads at the boys caretaker house to only find another person acting as the caretaker. Kassandra threatens him and he gives her the location of the caretaker so she saves him. The caretaker tells her that after they left the place he took the opening key, but Ardos stole it from him. Kassandra heads to Ardos who gives her the key and takes her to the stele. Kassandra puts the key in the stele and door to the labyrinth opens. She finds her way to a gate, where Minotaur lives and kills him. After killing him, Kassandra takes his horn which returns into the artifact needed to seal Atlantis, an Apple of Eden artifact. As she gets out, she stumbles upon Ardos and gives him the bad news that his father is dead but she also gave him his fathers ring a gift to rember him by. Outside the caretaker is waiting and both he and the child run away, whereas Kassandra heads towards the other quest Pythagoras gave her. She heads in Boeotia at the ruins of Sphinx Lair, to find the other artifact. There she finds a civilian, who is familiar with the Sphinx medalion Kassandra has and had sent a student of his to retrieve it, but he never came back. So Kassandra offers to help him find the student at the Tomb of Menoikeus, but she only finds his dead body and a white lion so she kills the lion and retrieves the medalion and returns to the civilian, but he is dead and the Sphinx statue is lost. Kassandra waits until the night comes and approaches the ruins when suddenly a light shows up where the statue used to be and the Sphinx shows up. Kassandra asks the Sphinx to give her the artifact but firstly the Sphinx has to make sure she answers her questions correctly. After answering correctly, the Sphinx asks Kassandra to push the buttons accordingly to the riddles answers and the Sphinx dies, while Kassandra takes one feather from her body, which turns into an artifact. After that, Kassandra heads to Kythera Island and helps a man calling himself a god, by first freeing him and then returning a medalion to him that was stolen. The man offers Kassandra to meet her borthers and sisters and she agrees, so she heads to the cave of the Forgotten Isle to find the socalled god, standing on a giant door, whose brothers and sister were behind that door, but not alone. A giant creature, had killed all of them and when Kassandra opens the door, the god enters the chamber and immediately gets killed by the Cyclop. Kassandra manages to kill the Cyclop and takes its eye which turns into the third artifact. Then heads to Lesbos to find the last artifact. There she meets a citizen who claims that a mythical creature has taken her lover so she offers to help her. The civilian escorts her to the lair of the Writhing Dread, where they stumble upon lots and lots of people turned into stone, when suddenly they hear a woman scream, so they both head to the Petrified Temple, but the door is closed. Bryce tells her that there is a mercenary who claims to have killed Medusa, so she finds him at the Temple of Poseidon and kills him to take his spear. Also she heads to the Petrified Islands, to finds a relic that could open the gate of Medusas lair. She then returns to Bryce, puts the key at the stele and opens the door. Bryce takes off, to find her lover and she does but her lover turns out to be Medusa and turns her to stone. Kassandra kills the creature and takes one of her snakes in the head which turns into the artifact. With all four artifacts, Kassandra heads back to the island of Thera to put the artifacts at their steles, so they can seal Atlantis. As she puts all the artifacts in their structures the voice of Alethia starts playing, who firstly addresses Kassandra, by saying that this was her destiny and then Pythagoras that he needs to stop now, since he has gotten further than any human has in the entire history and that is amazing and terryfing at the same time. Now the Staff is Kassandras responsibility. Pythagoras reveals that the Staff is the key to sealing Atlantis but he's not ready to seal it since there lies more knowledge that he could have ever imagine but Kassandra makes him to see reason so Pythagoras hands her the Staff and dies. Kassandra takes the Staff and seals the Altantis.

Then the game shifts to Layla who presses the button at the center stele, but there is one problem with the light reflecting at one area of the pyramid. Layla manages to overcome this problem and then returns at the center stele, when Kassandra suddenly shows up with the Staff telling her that she is the key to restore balance and makes her to promise that when she is done, she will destroy the Staff. With these last words Kassandra hands the Staff over to Layla and dies. Layla hold her in her arms until she is gone and then picks up the Staff and goes back to the Animus to uncover the other parts of the history. As Kassandra comes out of the Gateway to the Lost City, she meets with Barnabas and Herodotus, arguing if Atlantis does exist or not and she confirms it does, but this has to be kept a secret. Herodotus wants to share this knowledge with the other people, so they can tell the most amazing tale of the humankind, but Kassandra convinces him to not do that and the three of them head back to the Asdrestia to continue their journey. After killing every member of the Cult, Kassandra heads back at their lair and touches the pyramid which triggers a vision of Pythagoras telling her to take the Staff of Hermes and keep the balance on the world, between chaos and order. As the memory ends, Aspasia shows up, revealing that she was the leader of the Cult, but took a detour, since she say a future with all people united for the greater good and for that the pyramid has to be destroyed. Kassandra can decide to kill Aspasia and after that destroys the pyramid, or Kassandra can spare her and destroy the pyramid, or Kassandra can kiss Aspasia. By doing so she spares her and destroys the pyramid as well.

Kassandra heads at the village of Gytheion, in Lakonia to meet with her mother and they head to the training fields of Sparta to relieve the moment when Myrrine gave Kassandra the spear for the first time. In the middle of their conversation, Kassandra spots a group of Spartan soldering being attacked by the a pack of wolfs and Myrrine advices her to not interfere as this is their training. If Kassandra listens to her mother they will both leave and head straight to their house. If Kassandra choses to help the soldiers she kills the wolfs but then is criticized by both her mother and the Spartan soldiers for interfering with their training as she had broken the Spartan law and then they ride toward their house. When they arrive at their house, Brasidas comes to them to inform that their house has been taken from them, by the Spartan Kings and in order to get it back Kassandra earn the Kings thanks. Kassandra then heads to the throne room to meet Brasidas and they both get inside to speak to the kings, who firstly keep a negative stand, but after some time give Kassandra the task to help Sparta win the war in Boeotia and also help Sparta win the Olympics. When they all get out, Myrrine informs Kassandra that she has got a message to head in Arkadia to find more clues about the Spartan King who is a member of the Cult and Brasidas offers to accompany her as his next duty takes place in Arkadia aswell. Then Kassandra heads to Boeotia to meet the polemarch, who surprisingly is Stentor, who punches Kassandra in her face for thinking that she had killed Nikolaos back in Megaris. As they talk things through, Stentor gives Kassandra four Boeotian champion names to be killed in order for the war to be won hoping that any of those could get Kassandra killed. Kassandra manages to kill three of them and as she is headed to the last one she finds Nikolaos killing him, who claimed that after their last encounter nothing has been the same and that now he needs to help Stentor win the war, so at least he can help one of his children. Then Kassandra heads back to Stentor who looks disappointed to see her again, but this is the best moment for Sparta to attack and win the war, so they both head into war to come victorious. As the battle is won, Stentor challenges Kassandra into a fight until Nikolaos shows up to stop them from fighting and advices Stentor to take the commander role seriously. He asks Kassandra about Myrrine and heads straight to the Spartan camp.

Kassandra heads to Mesenia to talk to the Testikles the Spartan Olympic champion and convinces him to set sail since he was insecure in winning the Olympics. As they board to Elis, Testikles gets eaten by a shark and Alkibiades suggests that Kassandra should take his place. After fighting with all sorts of fighters and the reigning champion, she manages to help Sparta win the Olympics, so she heads to Arkadia to meet with her mother and Brasidas as she promised. As Kassandra passes by the statue of Artemis in the Cedar, she meets with a mercenary, paid by Brasidas to fins Kassandra and to tell her which way they went, but the problem is Brasidas didnt pay him enough, so Kassandra is forced to fight him. In the end, the mercenary gives up and tells Kassandra who is paying him for her head and also where Brasidas and Myrrine are, so she heads there to find them. She actually finds them arguing about the fate of one of the cultist members as Brasidas wants him to be spared, but Myrrine wants him dead. Kassandra finds her mothers plan better so she heads to Fort Samikon and kills him. Then Kassandra heads to the throne room in Sparta to meet her mother and also to regain their house. As They enter inside, Kassandra firstly tells them the good news and blames King Pausanias for being a cultist member, but the lack of proof makes soldiers to take Kassandra out as Pausanias approaches her to let her know that he is the cultist member. Myrrine meets Kassandra outside and tells her that Pausanias has to be dealt with and after that she will be waiting for her at the tomb of Leonidas behind their house. After killing Pausanias, Kassandra return to the throne room to meet with King Archidamos to let him know that Pausanias is dead and gives him a letter signed by Pausanias himself revealing the Cults plans for Sparta. Archidamos promises to her that if this is true than he will announce her a Spartan citizen and will give her family their house. Then Kassandra heads outside to meet her mother at Leonidas tomb and tells her to take out the spear, to show how Leonidas knew that the Cult controlled the Pythia back then. After that Myrrine and Kassandra head back to their home where shortly after Brasidas shows up, who informs Kassandra that Deimos is in Pylos and is hunting down the Spartan soldiers and that both of them, Brasidas and Kassandra should head back there. Kassandra agrees and Brasidas waits her at the Bay of Hades in Messenia, while Kassandra promises her mother to bring Alexios back. When Kassandra arrives at the bay, she finds the Spartans and the Anthenians fighting and helps killing the Spartans to win the battle, but suddently Deimos shows up. Brasidas tries to kill him but gets injured and Kassandra starts fighting with Deimos. At some point when Deimos charges his attack upon Kassandra, a burning tree falls upon him and Kassandra tries to save him but gets hit by another burning tree and when she wakes up she finds herself at some kind of a prison, with Deimos behind the bars who wants to know the truth and Kassandra tells him that the Cult is using him to kill the whole family. Shortly after Kleon shows up telling him that this was not a action he should have done, but Deimos responds at his that he is Kleon's puppet and that he isnt his master and then leaves Kleon and Kassandra alone. Kleon justifies all his doings with the reason that he is doing them for Athens and puts two guards inside the prison since he has some revolts to take care of. Kassandra beats up the guards, while Branabas and Sokratis show up. After giving hers equipment, Sokrates and Barnabas wait for her at Perikles residence to talk things through. Kassandra arrives at Perikles residence to find Aristophanes, Sokrates, Branabas, Alkibiades, Hippokrates and Herodotus gather along a table with a plan to take down Kleon, but firstly they need to lower his reputaion in Athens. Sokrates tells Kassandra that Kleon has been meeting in secrecy with other people at the western section of the Akropolis Sanctuary and Kassandra thinks that she will find some proof to bring Kleon down.

Kassandra heads at the Sanctuary, finds the proof and meets with Sokrates at the Pnyx to present the proof at the people of Athens so they can call another vote and not follow again Kleon. Then she talks to Aristophanes for his part of the plan, but he is missing the leading actor, so Kassandra finds him dunk and takes him at his home. Then she heads to the Theater of Dionysos, to report back to Arstophanes. The show looks like it works and Kleon was there too. Then Kassandra heads back to Sokrates at Perkiles residence to talk for the last part of the plan. Suddenly a civilian shows up telling Kassandra that Brasidas is well and is preparing for battle agains Kleon's army, so she heads there. She meets with Brasidas and escorts him at the battlefield to fight the Athenians. During the battle Deimos shows up and kills Brasidas, but Kleon shoots him with an arrow and then escapes. Kassandra chases him off and kills him. After that Kassandra heads to Sparta to inform her mother about Brasidas, Kleon and Alexios. Then she heads at Mount Taygetos, where it all began and there finds Alexios. As both of them, Kassandra and Myrrine try to convince Alexios that he is being used by the Cult he does not change his mind. That is until, Kassandra takes out the broken spear and gives it to him. That makes Deimos understand that he was fighting for the wrong cause and the three of them cuddle with each other as a reunited family. At the evening the family is having the first dinner after a long time sepparated but this time with a new member Stentor who challenges Alexios in a wrestling game as Kassandra pours some more wine to Nikolaos and Myrrine.


In the modern era, Layla Hassan, discovered through the writings of Herodotus of Kassandra's exploits with the Isu artifacts, she tracked down the burial site of the Spear of Leonidas, and used it to relive the memories of Kassandra. She awoke later on from the Animus disoriented, and is advised by her friend Doctor Victoria Bibeau to take it easy. She contacted her other teammates Kiyoshi Takakura and Alannah Ryan before she returned to the Animus.

After Layla explores Kassandra's memories further she discovers the location of Atlantis and along with her team, she boards the Altaïr II and travels to the island of Santorini. There Layla is shocked to find Kassandra herself, kept alive until for over two millennia by the Staff of Hermes. Kassandra warns Layla that the world needs a balance between order and chaos, the Templar Order and Assassins respectively, and either side prevailing over the other will result in the world's doom. Kassandra also explains that Layla is the prophesied one who will bring balance to order and chaos and gives her the Staff of Hermes, sacrificing her life in the process. Layla holds her in her last moments as she recites an Ancient Greek lullaby.

After this meeting, Layla returns to the Animus to further explore Kassandra's memories in case she missed something.


Odyssey uses a lot of the gameplay and interface mechanics of Origins, including the radial compass, and the return of a bird that can survey the landscape, spot treasure, and highlight and harass enemies.

The game features RPG elements, including dialogue options, branching quests, multiple possible endings, romance options, and the ability to select between a male or female protagonist. Reportedly, the game is a "full RPG," and will push the franchise into this genre. Both Alexios and Kassandra follow the same story. Romance options remain the same regardless of the character chosen.[2] Interactions with NPCs can have consequences, either short or long term, in regards to the story. Choices are said to "add up." Relationships with NPCs don't always change, and there is no binary divide in regards to interaction—lying to an NPC isn't necessarily a "bad" choice, and vice versa. By extension, there is no "right" way to play the game in regards to character choice.[5]

Gear can be selected, and is classified by rarity. Each piece of gear can be enhanced with engravings. Players also have access to a skill tree, and can follow a 'branch' to better suit their playstyle. Compared to Origins, the skill tree is more clear cut in Odyssey, and players can unlock high tier versions of pre-existing skills. In combat, the hitbox system for enemies is used again.

Trade Goods can also be collected or sold. These items range in value depending on rarity, such as legendary items.

The game world has been described as the "biggest one yet" for the franchise;[2] specifically, the game map is 100 square miles, split evenly between land and sea.[5] Environments range from forests, to mountains, to beaches. "Legendary animals" can be hunted on land.[2] The world is divided into a number of zones divided by level (similar to an MMO), but level scaling features to a point. For instance, if a player starts at a level 2 zone, then returns after having reached level 20, the enemies there will be scaled up to be 2-3 below the player's character.

The game features a dynamic weather system.[5]

The Sparta-Athens divide is represented in-game with a red or blue border along each region to indicate which of the city-states has control.[8] 28 city-states feature in the game, each of which is allied with either Sparta or Athens. Each city-state has a "nation power" level. If one city-state leader is weakened (e.g. by assassinating their leader), other faction leaders will invade their state.[8] If the invading army is defeated, the nation power is reset. The army will invade regardless of the player's actions, but they can involve themselves in the battle.[5]

Players will no longer de-sycnhronize if they kill innocents in the game.[8] Some civilians will fight back if attacked.[9]

Naval combat

Players will have access to a boat, used to sail the Aegean Sea in a similar manner as the ships in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Assassin's Creed: Rogue. Crew can be recruited, and in a sense, it serves as a mobile hub. Sharks can be found in the seas, which will attack the player as well as their enemies.[10] The Adrestia can be customized with options such as crew cosmetics, ram/hull upgrades, and new sails and figureheads.[5]

In terms of combat, the Adrestia opens up more combat options as players increase their overall damage against an adversary, such as the options of fire arrows and fiery javelins. Focus-firing on specific points causes increasing damage and opens that point up to an attack by the ship's ram. Ramming helps to refill a portion of the Adrestia's health. Additionally, in relation to past naval combat in the series, the Adrestia has the ability to slow down and turn very quickly depending on how rowers are used.[10] Compared to previous games, the naval combat in Odyssey is more focused on close-quarters rather than long ranged attacks. Ramming and sideswiping are two such tactics, along with being able to turn quickly and drift. Player's can temporarily 'boost' their ship (measured in a meter) to give their ship a speed increase.[5]

Enemy ships are divided into sections. If players focus their attacks on one particular section, the ship will burst into flames, leaving it stunned. 'Epic ships' sail in the outer reaches of the game map, which will grant the player exclusive cosmetics if taken down.[5]

Players can recruit "Lieutenants" throughout the world through simple conversation or combat. Each Lieutenant comes with their own perk, and there are different types of recruits that range from archers to brawlers.[10]

Mercenary System

Odyssey also introduces a Mercenary System, whereby players may become the focus of a bounty through their gameplay decisions, such as committing crimes. With this system, there are more than 50 potential mercenaries they can encounter, with some having animal companions. There are multiple ways to deal with them, including killing, paying them off, or even recruiting them. Even if the player kills or recruits them, however, mercenaries will continue to pursue the bounty. The Mercenary System has rankings, and at higher rankings, players will be able to unlock certain perks, such as discounts.[11] Some of the mercenaries are hand-crafted, equipped with backstories and unique legendary items. Others are generated from the pool.

Players can find themselves as the target of bounties, which can come about from actions such as killing civilians, and they will be hunted on the sea. The player will also take part in mass battles, some of which are story-relevant, while others are optional.[8] The player has a 'penalty level' that escalates if they commit crimes such as killing civilians, stealing, or sinking merchant ships. This system has been likened to the 'wanted level' in the Grand Theft Auto series. The higher the bounty, the higher the level of mercenary that comes after the player.


Following the release of the second chapter of the three-part DLC Legacy of the First Blade, entitled Shadow Heritage, the DLC drew criticism from the LGBT+ community for a developer decision and the corresponding achievement. As first reported on the Assassin's Creed board on Reddit, the episode concluded with a cut-scene revealing that the protagonist had entered into a heterosexual relationship and had a child, regardless of whether players had been invested in the romance or not.[12]

Fans took to social media and other boards to express their dissatisfaction at the story development,[13] condemning Ubisoft for promoting a game where player agency could define the protagonist's sexuality—a decision for which the company had received loud acclaim[14][15]—only to take that control away and force the protagonist to "embrace domesticity, a heterosexual relationship, and [parent]hood", all elements of traditionally hetero-normative society.[16]

In light of the furor, many drew attention to a seemingly contradictory quote by Creative Director Jonathan Dumont in his October 2018 interview with Entertainment Weekly:

"Since the story is choice-driven, we never force players in romantic situations they might not be comfortable with. Players decide if they want to engage with characters romantically. I think this allows everybody to build the relationships they want, which I feel respects everybody's roleplay style and desires."
―Jonathan Dumont[14]

Further issue was taken over the wording of the achievement unlocked at the cut-scene, titled Growing Up and with "Start a family" as its description.[17][18] The next day, Dumont released a statement on the Ubisoft boards apologizing to players.[19] On January 24, Ubisoft informed players that a patch changing some dialogue and cut-scenes was imminent and being tested to ensure it would be reflected in the DLC's final chapter.[20] On February 15, a full month after Shadow Heritage's release, fan site Access the Animus reported that the trophy and its description had since been changed.[21]


Ubisoft announced several editions of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey.

  • A retail copy of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey
  • A Steelbook case (PS4 and Xbox One only)
  • A Medal Necklace (PS4 and Xbox One only, for the first 10,000 pre-orders)

ACOdyssey Deluxe Edition.jpg

ACOdyssey Gold Edition.jpg
  • A retail copy of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey
  • A Steelbook (PS4 and Xbox One only, NA exclusive)
  • The Season Pass
  • The Secrets of Greece, a Season Pass exclusive quest
  • A Medal Necklace (PS4 and Xbox One only, for the first 10,000 pre-orders)

ACOdyssey Ultimate Edition.jpg
  • A retail copy of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey
  • The Season Pass
  • The Deluxe Pack

ACOdyssey Medusa Edition.jpg
  • A retail copy of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey
  • A 33cm Fallen Gorgon statue, with Alexios figurine.
  • A copy of the official artbook
  • A copy of the world map
  • A copy of the official soundtrack (selected tracks).
  • "The Blind King" bonus mission
  • The Kronos Pack
  • 1 Temporary XP Boost
  • 1 Temporary Drachmas Boost
  • A Medal Necklace (PS4 and Xbox One only, for the first 10,000 pre-orders)

ACOdyssey Spartan Edition.jpg
  • A retail copy of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey
  • A 39.5cm Spartan Leap statue, with interchangeable Alexios and Kassandra figurines.
  • A Steelbook
  • A copy of the official artbook
  • A copy of the world map
  • A copy of the official soundtrack (selected tracks)
  • A copy of Hugo Puzzuoli's Athens lithograph
  • The Season Pass
  • The Deluxe Pack
  • A Medal Necklace (PS4 and Xbox One only, for the first 10,000 pre-orders)

ACOdyssey Pantheon Edition.jpg
  • A retail copy of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey
  • A 39.5cm Nemesis Diorama, with interchangeable Alexios and Kassandra figurines
  • A Steelbook
  • A copy of the official artbook
  • A copy of the world map
  • A copy of the official soundtrack (selected tracks)
  • A copy of Hugo Puzzuoli's Athens lithograph
  • "The Blind King" bonus mission
  • The Season Pass
  • The Deluxe Pack
  • A Medal Necklace (PS4 and Xbox One only, for the first 10,000 pre-orders)

The Kassandra figurine

  • A retail copy of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey
  • A Steelbook (PS4 and Xbox One only)
  • The Season Pass.
  • The Secrets of Greece
  • A 9-inch statue of Kassandra.(GameStop US exclusive for XBox One and PS4)[22]

ACOdyssey Athenian Edition.jpg

ACOdyssey Omega Edition.jpg
  • A retail copy of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey
  • A copy of the official artbook
  • A copy of the world map

Digital Omega Edition (GameStop EU exclusive for XBox One and PS4)[25][26]

  • The Kronos Pack
  • 1 Temporary XP Boost
  • 1 Temporary Drachmas Boost



By type 
Cast Crew



  • The game's title is inspired by the The Odyssey, the second of two major ancient Greek epic poems attributed to Homer.
  • Ubisoft along with Biborg released an Assassin's Creed: Odyssey themed augmented reality filter for Facebook.[27]
  • The game has an Alexa skill companion app.[1]
  • The game was originally meant to be a spin-off titled Odyssey an Assassins Creed Adventure.[2]


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