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Assassin's Creed: Multiplayer Rearmed is a spin-off video game released for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It is developed and published by Ubisoft, and was released worldwide on 21 October 2011.

This game is the spiritual successor of Assassin's Creed II: Multiplayer, the earlier top-down multiplayer based Assassin's Creed game made for iPhone OS. Presumably, the player is an agent of Abstergo Industries since the available multiplayer personas are the Animi Avatars from the first and second stage of the Animi Training Program.


Assassin's Creed: Multiplayer Rearmed is a 2-dimensional top-down touch-based multiplayer game which pits up to 4 players against each other to play a five minute competitive match identical to the Animi Training Program's Wanted mode, if the players are connected via Apple's Game Center via WiFi or 3G. Alternatively, a 1-on-1 match may be played if two players connect via a Bluetooth connection. There is also an offline practice mode in which the player practices against an AI opponent.

The player's target is displayed on the top left corner of their screen, and an arrow which acts as a compass points towards them. The arrow fades as the target gets closer, and disappears when the target is near the player. An overall list of players and their scores are displayed on the top right corner of the screen. On the top of the screen in the center is a timer which counts down from five minutes. The bottom right of the screen shows which perks the player is using, and when they will be available for use. The bottom left corner of the screen is the home button, which forces the player to the main menu, although it cancels any XP or florins which would have been gained from the match.

The game utilizes touch controls to maneuver around the map and to kill targets. A single tap on any desired location on the screen will send the player's persona walking there, unless it is an unreachable area (such as off of the map or into a body of water). A quick double tap on any desired location on the screen will send the player's persona sprinting there, although this makes the player's persona extremely noticeable. The player may climb buildings by utilizing these methods. The player may target other players or civilians by tapping them when they are outside of their interaction zone (the blue circle around the player's persona). The player may kill or stun players or civilians by tapping on them when they are inside of their interaction zone.

Live action[]

Players can compete with friends and foes from around the globe in a 4-player real-time mode, through connecting via the Game Center with either WiFi or 3G.

Offline practice[]

Each player can hone their skills in single player practice and compete with a friend via 1-on-1 Bluetooth.



Gameplay screenshot

Like recruits in the Animi Training Program, the player is both hunter and prey. The objective is to hunt down other players and assassinate them before they do the same. Being as stealthy as a true assassin is central to the game mechanic. The player can escape from other players by taking advantage of both the crowd and the environment.


Players can interact with each other on a variety of maps including: Venice, Alhambra, Jerusalem, San Donato, and Antioch.

Character customization[]

The player can choose to control personas from both Brotherhood and Revelations. They can be customized with dozens of blades, boots, belts and bracers. Upgradeable abilities to fit individual play styles are also available.

Social play[]

The Game Center's social gaming network allows the player to create a community. Leaderboard and achievement results can be posted on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and SMS.

Animi Avatars[]

There are a total of 10 Animi Avatars from both the Animi Training Program's first and second stages available for selection. They are:




  • It takes 437,950 XP points to get to level 50, the maximum level.
  • In the daily chance lottery, the prizes received are based on the amount of numbers possessed which correspond with the daily numbers:
    • One matching number receives 100 florins.
    • Two matching numbers receives 1000 florins.
    • Three matching numbers receives 1 diamond.
    • Four matching numbers receives 10 diamonds.
    • Five (all) matching numbers receives 100 diamonds.