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Assassin's Creed: Mirage – Daughter of No One is novel by Maria Lewis. It was published by Aconyte Books on 21 November 2023 and follows Roshan during her early years before joining the Hidden Ones and becoming Basim Ibn Ishaq's mentor.


Master Assassin Roshan's past is revealed in the hunt along the Silk Road for a powerful mysterious artifact in this essential Assassin's Creed adventure

Cairo, 824 – In the bowels of prison, escape is out of the question. The best Roshan can hope for is a quick death. She certainly doesn't expect a second chance offered by a cloaked stranger who says Roshan is exactly what they need: Someone who can disappear, who will do what needs to be done, someone expendable... Granted her freedom, Roshan joins a crew of shady figures assembled to steal a mysterious object being transported along the Silk Road towards Persia. Roshan's otherworldly intuition proves vital as she fights to stay one step ahead of her backstabbing gang and survive the mission. For her employer holds the key to a world she can't begin to fathom: a world she might have been destined for all along.[1]


Chapter One - Fustat, 824[]

Roshan is taken to a prison cell, a regular experience for her. Like every time before, she also plans to escape and her attire fortunately disguises her as a man. Imprisoned five floors underground makes her yearn to be outside and breathing the city's air again, but she must deal with a bleeding wound above her eye. Trying to find an escape route, she makes eye contact with a tall, skinny man, who sets his sight on her. With her limited resources, she uses her smuggled flask of alcohol to sterilize her wound. Finding anything to stitch her wounds, she comes across a line of pharaoh ants and uses eight of them to seal her wound. After a few hours, she catches the thin man "Black Eyes" again and hides behind a corpse.

Seeing him with two other inmates, Roshan translates their conversation from Turkish and realizes they intend to bribe the guards with her, realizing they have identified her as a woman. With the corpse's odor too strong, she sniffs the alcohol again but notices the body moving. She realizes a young teenager eating the corpse and moves away from him quickly. The next few days, Roshan struggles to survive as she bargains for protection, only for her protector to die in a brawl. She remembers that her capture was unjust while her target item is in the hands of some general.

She recalls her business relationship with the skilled thief Dervis, yet despite their good associations, she knows he will not rescue her. Realizing Black Eyes is still after her, she steals items off the daily corpses and makes her move. At a wet corner of clay, she begins to dig daily and hides her work with a corpse. When the guards arrive with the food, she darkens her garments and uses the commotion to exit out the hole. Scratching her knee, she exits the cell and puts out the torches to blend into the darkness. Guiding herself carefully, she finds a staircase and learns she was three floors below rather than five.

Making her ways past the guards, she finds herself on a floor filled with silence. As she moves forward, she falls as she learns Black Eyes has followed her. In their scuffle, she tosses him off her while the prisoners riot due to his escape. The guards are heard coming and figures she give them a prisoner. She uses her makeshift weapon and severs his Achilles' tendon. Immobile, he curses her name while she leaves him for the guards and climbs the stairs. She reaches the final corridor and almost leaves, but is knocked down by a hooded figure who extends a hand. Unaware if it is friend or foe, and despite realizing a weapon hid under their garment, Roshan reaches for their hand regardless.

Chapter Two - Baghdad, 819[]

Roshan is covered in blood after committing murder. Running away, she climbs onto a boat to hide while the late owner's wife Halima screams in fear. Roshan recalls how she was sold away as a bride at fourteen to a Persian harbor master in exchange for her parents receiving a dowry. Looking at the man then, Roshan offered herself in place of her sisters and entered an abusive relationship for the next three years. Along with the man's other wives, she realizes and still shocked she has killed her husband. While soldiers search and the other wives mingle, Roshan is found by Talâyi, the third and oldest wife. Talâyi, like Roshan, is stubborn and smart while able to stay alive despite losing an eye.

Talâyi admits that Nai has given Halima a sleeping tea but that the bell has been rung. Roshan still remains shocked and asks if she has doomed the rest of them. Talâyi responds that Roshan has only doomed herself. Talâyi still thanks her for killing their husband and setting the rest free but tells Roshan that home is not an option. Knowing the soldiers are coming, she sprints from Talâyi and climbs the sail of the boat. Taking a chance, she dives into the water. Swimming efficiently, she travels far away from the boat that was her cage. She sees that Talâyi and the other wives create a distraction for her escape while she swims further away.

At the farthest end of the harbor, Roshan was nearly visible due to ridding herself of her blood-stained garment and makes her path away from local drunks. With no rations, she frightens herself as she is lost in the streets of Baghdad. After some time, she finds an opportunity and leaves the water. She struggles to stand and even to avoid people as she continues to walk further until she comes a dark alley. The alley offers her a line of garments hung to dry. Sorting through them, she finds a brown kaftan, trousers, and undergarments that fit her. Stealing food and clothes, Roshan is spotted by a drunk and makes her way back to the Tigris.

Following the river, she comes across pedestrian traffic and blends into a group. Taking a walking stick, she disguises herself as an old man and believes to find herself in a mosque. Walking with a group of men similar to her aesthetic, she finds herself in a library but remains unnoticed. Following menial tasks, she grabs a piece of bread and finds a place by herself. Although stuck, she feels free and relieved for the first time in a while.

Chapter Three - Fustat, 824[]

At the prison, Roshan declines the stranger's hand while he disappears once guards find her and take her away. Put into a different cell, she realizes that her escape was so close and farther away now. Trying to sleep with her neck hurting, she tries to fashion another one of hairpins into a lockpick. While no light shines on her, she recalls her own "second sense," especially as a child. However, she remembered how her mother reprimanded for asking questions about it and thus kept it hidden. With her extra sense, she hears her cell lock click. Shocked, she finds the mysterious man in front of her while he offers her a light.

Cautious, Roshan uses the light and unlocks her restraints. The man questions her and tells her he knows that she is called "Bint la-Ahad," the Daughter of no one. Roshan growls at him for using the name while he declares her true name to be Roshan. Roshan is shocked and yells at him to leave her here. However, the man tells her that he is not here to expose her but to offer her freedom. Wary, she calls him a jinn and asks at what price. Smiling, he tells her that he knows she has a gift for tracking and stealing items. He explains his last associate tried to steal the object but its ability had ceased to work. Roshan smiles at that note.

The man asks her to read the hieroglyphs near her cell but she remains silent. He divulges that he knows she is capable in such aspect with multiple languages. Complying, she translates it out to be the Duat or Hell, to which she remarks where she is now. He offers her a chance to escape, but she feels compelled to say she does not kill. He tells her that he knows what she has done but tells her that he needs her to retake the lost object. Realizing her options, she asks if she can be free for good and not for the mission. He agrees only on the fact she steals back the item. Nearing closer to the man, she adjusts herself until he asks how she knew about his weapon.

Immediately, Roshan lies and tells him that it would be where she would keep her item. He blows out the light and opens her cell. Together, they bypass security while Roshan thanks herself for taking his deal. Passing the smell of rotting corpses, they come across the door guarded with five soldiers. While she readies herself for a fight, he pushes her slightly to the side and goes to deal with the guards. Calmly, he approaches them and takes two guards out swiftly. While one runs away, the other two tries to kill him but he proves too skilled and manages to kill them with his hidden blade. Roshan, in disbelief, goes to the man and envies his skill and prowess. She looks at the man while going through the door and wonders what situation she is in now.

Chapter Four - Baghdad, 819[]

Realizing she is at the House of Wisdom, Roshan hears the rumors and aftermath after she murdered the harbor master, especially that of her late husband's business empire with his brother. Seeing the grand library as her temporary sanctuary, Roshan survives on little meals she could snatch or rats and memorizes the tiles, windows, and the rest of the infrastructure by heart. However, she learns that a woman who strived to learn is welcome and is treated as an equal. Now, she understands why her former master forbade any of the wives to go to the House of Wisdom. She recalls that he denied the women to learn but that never stopped the wives. However, she remembers how Talâyi stated that is how the second wife died. However, while hiding, she begins to hunger to learn like the scholars she watched daily.

Roshan soon becomes intrigued with an older scholar, who kept to himself and left crumbs of food while he worked. Fortunately, his visits become more frequent, which leads to her eating a good meal instead of rats. However, one day, she could not resist a bowl of sholeh zard but she is spotted by the same scholar. He tells her that he means no harm and has enjoyed the company for these past months. Offering her a seat, he tells her to eat due to her scrawny shape. While she eats, he introduces himself as an engineer named Bakhit from Sudan. Bakhit explains that he comes at night for fewer distractions and fewer interactions from other scholars. He begins to ask if she reads and writes while Roshan admits her struggles with numbers.

There, Bakhit begins to teach Roshan a lesson on angles and shapes, much to her glee. Bakhit explains that his home offers more freedom for the women and how the east wing offers free lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Roshan retorts that she feels more safe in her current building. He explains that she has lived well and undetected for a while and that if she accompanied him, no one will think the wiser. She agrees and plans to meet this Thursday. Wanting her name, he leaves without an answer. For the last five months, she finally feels seen and maybe finds a new friend.

Thursday arrives and Roshan meets Bakhit at their assigned location. Despite being new, she has time to herself inside the House of Wisdom and studies more frequently than the other students. Within three months, the teacher suggests she take a more advanced class. There, she helps Bakhit take notes and learn her notetaking skills and speed. Through time, she becomes a regular and volunteer among the scholars. She has grown smarter, sharper, and fuller. After three months, Bakhit offers her a job as his assistant while he works on translating books by the caliph. Considering the opportunity, Roshan asks what happened to his last assistant. He remarks that he had blown up before offering her the same job.

Chapter Five - Fustat, 824[]

Weeping while taking a bath, Roshan is rushed to ready herself from her associate. She exits and sees an outfit laid out for her. She looks around the apartment she resided and tries to find him. She sees him while he also tends his wardrobe and meets her eye. While she wants to rest and a blade like his, he rushes her to leave while the job proves to be too important and there is a meeting to attend. He exits quickly and falls into the crowd while Roshan follows him uneasily. While talking about her new alias, she notices a young thief almost rob her. However, she grabs the boy and releases him with a warning. The man warns her the crime of thievery but she does it to make a point. She later asks if going back to her villa is pointless. He agrees and states it is ransacked.

Saddened, Roshan soon hears that her stash is left untouched. She feels more uneased that she has been spied on for a longer time than she anticipated. While walking in silence, she notices that they walk towards the bad parts of town and starts to braid her hair quickly. Managing herself, she knows that she should not cross him as she gave her word. While arriving near the meeting, he advises her to not trust the other colleagues at the tavern meeting. At the meeting, she assesses her colleagues while she notices their eyes on her. While her vision starts to act up, she begins to take in her environment while the man addresses her and the other eight colleagues about the mission.

He explains that an object is being transported along the Silk Road inside a wooden case, carved with symbols. Shutting down any interrupting questions, the stranger details the mission but Roshan focuses on the symbols as they somewhat resemble hieroglyphs but managed to stray away from the meaning. She soon hears how the case is guarded by a group called the Martyrs of Agaunum. Roshan interrupts and states that the group was killed hundreds of years ago. The man explains that is their name and how the mission will be ongoing until they retrieve the case. He gives them weapons and food but holds the majority of the rewards from them. Before leaving, he states they must work together or suffer the opposition alone.

Roshan becomes certain that her associates were lone agents, whether it was the blackmailed sailor, the apprentice, the redhead, the young boy, the identical twins, the old man, or the female wolf owner. She grabs a parchment and starts to make a copy of the map given to them but the apprentice tells her to destroy it. Defying him, Roshan leaves unscathed while the man tells the apprentice to stop. After the mentor and his apprentice leave, Roshan is left alone in a room with other strangers out for themselves.

Chapter Six - The Road, 819[]

Roshan learns that Bakhit's past four assistants died while working on his inventions. However, Roshan feels assured of his integrity while Bakhit informs her that they are leaving for Thatta, the "City of Silence." He continues to state his current client will provide security as well as a handsome fee and a grandiose home. Packing everything she could, Roshan becomes elated over what she had learned and ready to venture into new territory. The following morning, Bakhit and Roshan leave together as they ride in one of the client's carriages. There, she looks over an unknown Baghdad and wonders about her past, including her home in the Zagros Mountains. While being escorted, both are told by one of their guards Advi that bandits covet their route.

Meanwhile, Advi begins to train his men with sticks while Roshan asks why he was teaching without swords. He explains that technique must be mastered first and how his fighting art of tahtib states how he inflicts harm without any fatality. He offers to teach her but Bakhit stops the proposition. The next morning, Roshan wakes up and sees Advi training his men. She joins him and begins training alongside him without Bakhit knowing until a week into their travels. Fortunately, Bakhit does not mind while Roshan struggles to keep up with the training. However, she preserves after a month before arriving at Thatta. In that month, her body has grown toner and fuller.

Arriving at their abode, Advi and his men followed his employer's orders while Bakhit readies himself to work. Roshan is given her own room for the first time while they all unpack their wares. She soon finds Advi in the garden where he exclaims this would be a great area for practice. The rest of the day is spent with Bakhit readying for work the next day while Roshan sleeps after a long day of work. She then wakes up and ventures Thatta by herself in the early morning. Experiencing the sun's red glow, she pauses as she remembers her worst day. Luckily, she snaps out of it and returns back to Bakhit to work with him. While working, she realizes that the housekeeper was a former assistant but she was no longer useful in that regard.

There, she realizes that Bakhit had groomed her to be her new replacement and how she is expendable like the rest of the assistants. Although a part of her realizes the truth, she also figures out that her survival is necessary to remain in Thatta and keep her practice going with Advi. Every day, she promises to continue to follow his directions and be careful or her chances of her own life will cease to exist.

Chapter Seven - Fustat, 824[]

Roshan sees her coworkers scramble over the weapons given while she studies her employer and his apprentice. She notices the redhead Mared win over the others for the sword. The wolf owner speaks with Roshan and starts to introduce the other cohorts, such as Mared and her newfound lover Dias, a former Roman soldier turned pirate. She soon introduced herself as Azadeh while Roshan lied and told her name to be Isun. The twins are Geir and Gud, assassins from the North. The old man is Wei, a former Chinese rebel, who analyzes the weapons and takes only gunpowder. The last two are Francis, a self-proclaimed Christian prophet, and Nafanua, a Samoan female warrior. Azadeh finally introduces her wolf Onyx and offers Roshan to pet it. She refuses.

Azadeh reveals that she needs an ally and chooses Roshan out of the bunch while Roshan looks over what was left over. Roshan becomes shocked at a small club she used to have in her villa that now sits in front of her. She also picks her old tahtib stick from the weapons along with her old sword and dagger. Meanwhile, all group members load up on their supplies while Francis states they all must go to meet their objective. While Francis spouts his mission from God, Wei makes a comment that he will be the first to die. Azadeh offers Roshan to ride together but Roshan rejects it politely. However, there were few horses so Wei and Roshan partner up on a horse while Azadeh rides with Nafanua.

All ride together silently while Dias leads them with care. Meanwhile, Mared hunts down hares for the group to eat while Roshan and Wei talk with each other. Wei reveals he owes his life to another hooded stranger, to whom Wei recognized as a fellow brother to their employer. The man he met was named Li E, who came to his village Duling in his youth. He reveals the village holds the Flower Banquet, a yearly procession of powers showcasing flowers. However, he states that Chancellor Yang Guozhong murdered a dozen farmers over the flowers but Yang met his end in the same brutal manner along with his conspirators. Wei admits that people like their employer have worked across the nations and are eternal.

Before she could ask more, they are interrupted by an awake Francis, who asks what Wei was making. Wei admits he is crafting a bomb to him but then speaks in his native language with Roshan about the map. Francis keeps interrupting them until Wei lies to him about bomb-making. Roshan begins to wonder why Francis was brought with them until Wei tells her to rest while he takes the first watch. A few hours later, she relieves Wei and stays awake to see the sunrise. She sees Onyx and Azadeh come back from hunting while the wolf owner sits down next to Roshan.

Azadeh and Roshan make sure to keep their conversation quiet while Azadeh asks about her injuries. Roshan speaks briefly but Azadeh surmises that their employer had freed her. Roshan asks about why she is here, to which Azadeh replies that she joined for a cure for her father's ailment. Although Roshan figures their employer may be duplicitious, she still stands by Azadeh and helps her up to meet with the rest of the group. Roshan relays her plan to her group while Dias figures they must leave now to ambush the Martyrs. Dias offers Wei a ride, but he rejects and sticks with Roshan.

Altogether, they ride until they reach the Sinai border. As they settle near the destination, Wei speaks with Roshan about setting the bombs himself and not with anyone's else help. Dias wants someone to stay with Roshan, who becomes annoyed at his questioning. Luckily, Azadeh offers herself and Onyx to be with Wei. Fortunately, Mared calls for Dias to fight alongside the others. Roshan, worried, leaves to fight with Dias and the others as they position themselves on the left side of the pass. She sees Francis in charge of a piece of fabric to wave as a signal to Wei.

While all stand their positions, Roshan hears a camel incoming as she assumes the Martyrs are close. However, Francis waves the fabric too early before confirmation. It is too soon and also too late as Wei sets off the bomb. In an instance, half of the cliff is gone and the situation turns into mayhem.

Chapter Eight - Thatta, 821[]

Roshan is in a dire circumstance as she helps Bakhit with a dangerous experiment. Using her vision, she is able to complete the small but dire task while Bakhit compliments her survival and how she has outlasted them. Elated yet annoyed, she leaves to jog and get away from her boss. She learns that the recent tension in the shop grew due to the revelation of the benefactor being Thatta's grand ruler. Bakhit is hired to aid the prince with his inventions proving to be lethal against any opponents. These devices are created to attack no more than two people and meant to stay under the radar. One example is a music box, which he reworked to be a combustive explosive.

Roshan remembers that Bakhit used to be a favourite for a beloved king who was killed by his younger brother. However, with each successive ruler's murder, Bakhit left his position and now worked for an exclusive contract with Roshan effectively working as his poison taster. While jogging, she moves effortlessly and finds a small hut. Entering without permission, she moves a wind chime slightly but calms it movement. However, she is slammed against the wall with a dagger to her neck. She finds it is Advi, who releases her and tells her that she almost died. Teasing him, Roshan is told that he was switched to night duty and thought it was an intruder. Moving closer into him, Roshan has him flustered, only to sweep his feet with a fighting stick. Together, they practice at an abandoned temple while she exerts herself further to stay away from her job. Tired, they stop and stare off into the distance of the city.

Advi mentions that that their tathib fighting was also a ritual for love, to which Roshan rebuffed. However, Advi looked at Roshan and whispered how she is beautiful. Blushing, Roshan makes light of the comment due to her sweaty nature but Advi doubles down and nears closer to her face. However, she remembers her old husband and rejects Advi's advances politely. Taking it well, Advi and Roshan become silent until she has stated she did not consider them being together before hurrying away. Finding herself home. she takes a warm bath before someone later knocks. Readying herself with a dagger, she answers and finds a pleased Advi, who looks at her armed with a dagger. However, Advi advises a warning to her about seeing Bakhit's invention around someone else's neck. He explains that the contract with the prince is exclusive and any other clients would be in breach of the contract.

Advi tells her that Bakhit may be imprisoned but taught a lesson by having all his servants slaughtered. Worried, Roshan thanks Advi for the warning. Before leaving, Advi implores her to be careful and places a kiss on her head. Staring at the space left by Advi, Roshan tingles with multiple buzzes of caution around her.

Chapter Nine - Sinai Border, 824[]

Rocks and debris are everywhere while Roshan's head rings. An injured Nafanua sees Roshan and helps her up while assessing the situation. The Martyrs have mostly fled with one caravan moving quickly away from the blast. From the looks, the caravan is guarded well in its surroundings and its personnel. However, the guards fight against the forces of Geir, Gud, Dias, and Mared while Roshan counts the number of Martyrs, who are wearing maroon robes and faces covered with a traditional ruband. On their chests, a golden circular symbol is printed, to which Roshan somewhat recognizes. While Nafunua joins the fight with Dias and Mared, Roshan is targeted by an archer. Fortunately, Gud provides an opportunity after he kills one of the camel riders and a camel.

Meanwhile, Dias is taking down the guards while Mared is nearly overwhelmed of her attackers. Taking her fighting stick, she lands on the caravan, much to her pain. Dodging a blow to the head, she pushed one of the guards off the caravan. Geir steadies the vehicle and also takes down a Martyr. However, the Martyr stands up and lands two daggers to his shoulders. Fortunately, Geir falls down with the Martyr while Gud comes to his aid. Trying to enter the caravan, Roshan tries to go through a window but is pulled back by a Martyr. Before he could strangle her, Onyx comes and bites their hands while Azadeh tries to save Roshan.

However, Roshan stays and knocks out every guard and Martyr in her path with Azadeh. Tired, Dias is disarmed and calls for Mared to help him. Together, Dias and Mared back each other against their attackers. Immediately, Dias grabs and kisses Mared as they hold each other intensly. However, an arrow hits Mared while Dias holds her onto him as a human shield. While Roshan watches Dias betray Mared, a sixth arrow kills Mared while Dias states that "love is pain" before shoving her body off and jumping off the caravan. Roshan and Azadeh jump off the caravan and are found by Wei and Francis. Meanwhile, the caravan leaves their sight but reappears with Geir and Gud and the bodies of their attackers. Roshan tries to see who the Martyrs are but to no avail. She is able to distinguish that Geir's attacker still lived.

About to confront Dias, Roshan sees Nafanua drag Mared's body and place it in front of him. Dias states that they killed her while she knows that he used her as a shield. Tense, Dias stands with the Viking brothers while Nafunua stands with Roshan and Azadeh. Azadeh stops the fight before whispering in Nafanua's ears, while Wei and Francis stand with the women. Furious at Dias, Nafanua agree that their intel was off and there were more guards than told. About to fight again of whether Francis messed up or Wei's bombs were off, Roshan takes the lead and argues they follow their trail and regroup. Hearing silence, Roshan takes it as an acceptance and asks if anyone is seriously injured. Despite Geir's deep cut and Nafanua's limp, they agree while Roshan states they leave in five minutes.

Wanting Wei to ride with her, Roshan is stopped by Nafanua, who takes Wei as her riding companion for his protection but under the guise of insulting Roshan. Roshan later rides with Azadeh, who keeps watch on all of their group members. Meanwhile, Azadeh and Roshan discuss how the Martyrs waited for them and even had more of a protective detail for them. Nafanua comes into conversation and notice that Martyrs fought and withstood fatal blows. With everyone realizing the issues, they all propose ideas while Roshan think about their next steps and about the Martyrs' strength. Meanwhile, night falls and Roshan continues to track the Martyrs. However, they all are losing time and decide the next course. Nafanua tells them to smell and realizes they are near the Red Sea. Roshan agrees to the suggestion of sailing after climbing over the summit. All of them agree while Roshan states that they dock at Karachi.

Dias congratulates Nafanua on her plan while she smiles slightly at his compliment before dropping the facade. Roshan readies herself while carefully and cautiously assessing their new path.

Chapter Ten - Thatta, 822[]

Roshan learns and confirms that Bakhit has reneged on the deal and has taken on other clients who supply the inventor but buy from him, too. While continuing her training with Advi, Roshan notices he was at peace with his feelings of unrequited love but takes solace in their time together. She swears to never allow herself to love lest it put her at risk. She recalls that when she was with her master, she and Talâyi trusted each other while the older wife provided herbs to stop Roshan from being pregnant. She remembers how Talâyi was pregnant once while Halima and the other wives until Roshan hissed them away; Talâyi does not want a baby, especially a girl, who may be discarded by the master and his family.

One day, Roshan notices a Damascene female client come into Bakhit and request their deal to be done in a week. She notices Roshan and tells her how Bakhit talks about her. She introduces herself as Maryam and offers a job if the one with Bakhit does not work out. Before leaving, she gives Roshan a green fabric in the shape of a white flower before Bakhit ushers the woman out. Meanwhile, she sees Bakhit working with copper while he reveals that he is building an item to prevent pregnancy. If he can prove the theory of an old wives' tale, he has a repeat customer and two dozen orders. Before she could finish her next sentence, Roshan realizes the contract before letting Bakhit continue.

Roshan later meets with Advi again while he presents with a gift, an enhanced light sword favored by the prince's guard and a small, thick dagger. However, she promises to herself to practice with them. Nevertheless, Advi gifts another item and Roshan opens the box to find a pair of tahtib fighting sticks, engraved with flowers and stars. In the center, there was a star with a pressable sphere center, which Advi shows. The button is pressed and the stick extends even longer, much to Roshan's surprise. Roshan feels the gift to be perfect and notices Bakhit's handiwork, telling Advi that she loves both men, though she stops herself as she does not want to lead him on believing she loves him.

Afterwards, Roshan returns home, but notices Bakhit still working with Maryam on her mobile brothel. Roshan remembers that she mentioned Bakhit to stop, but he reminded about the skills she learned under him and makes her silent. She continued to work besides him despite him promising to be more careful. As time progresses, Roshan learns more languages from Bakhit's clients while engaging in swordplay with Advi. However, the danger of her work and Advi's offer to escape together becomes more intriguing. One evening, she hears a vase break and sees Advi enter through her window. Roshan tries to respond but Advi tells her that the prince's guards are coming to arrest Bakhit and execute his household. Quickly, she readies herself and almost leaves with Advi, only to stop and warn the other staff, especially the housekeeper.

Advi tells her to hurry while Roshan tries to warn her household, but the soldiers already arrive and enter the house. While she escapes, she hears Bakhit rebuff the soldiers but is reprimanded over the broken deal. The housekeeper is taken but Roshan drops down from the house's walls to Advi. Making their way through Thatta, they are stopped by a figure, who sends Advi backward. Hidden, Roshan sees Advi held down by his fellow soldiers, who demand him to tell them of Roshan's location. A dagger to his throat, Advi remains silent. Quickly, Roshan watches as they slit his throat. Wanting to kill his soldiers, Roshan retreats to honor his sacrifice and moves about the city unnoticed while crying. Wanting to leave, she made her way to Maryam. Finding a caravan of Maryam and its guard, Roshan tells him to warn Maryam to run.

Chapter Eleven - Sinai Peninsula, 824[]

After an hour to recuperate, the group hands out a long rope. Azadeh tells Roshan to let Wei go first and have her in between while she tells Onyx to meet her at their destination by herself. Dias tells all of them to stay close and keep an eye out. Climbing to the mountaintop at night, Roshan sees death to be a relief rather than surviving the fall. While sunrise hits, Roshan climbs first in her group of Wei and Azadeh, Nafanua climbs with Dias and Francis, while Geir and Gud climb by themselves. Fortunately, they reach the top and take a breath before beginning their descent. While climbing down, Roshan's hands start to cramp while she holds her group. However, Wei tells her to blow on her hands to warm up her joints. Much to her surprise, it works.

However, Roshan loses her footing and begins to fall along with her group. Yet, Geir and Gud save them and then continue their descent nonchalantly. However, Gud steps too harshly and lets a series of rocks go downward. One fist-sized rock hits Wei and knocks him out, with blood gushing out. Despite trying not to fall, Wei comes loose while Roshan makes her way to save him and yells out his name. Azadeh looks at her to hurry while Roshan tries to reach him. However, his blood makes the rock too slippery and he falls down without a scream. Shocked, Roshan cries until Azadeh snaps her out of it and tells her to see him below. Making it below, all become grim at Wei's death until Dias notices the harbors and tells them all to hurry.

Roshan leaves to find Wei's body, which leads Azadeh to join her while the rest joins Dias. Moving solo, Roshan goes to find Wei but Azadeh states they all are lucky. However, Roshan believes that Dias and the brothers killed him and Wei was more skilled than the rest of them. Finally, they find the mangled, bloodied body of Wei, with Onyx arriving, sadden and tired from her journey. Roshan still believes that the three men want to kill the rest for the money but Azadeh believes these events have made her too paranoid. While Azadeh and Onyx begin to leave, Roshan crouches and feels immense guilt over Wei's death. Before leaving, she takes Wei's jade trinket and promises to go to Duling to return it to his loved ones.

Finding the town being a cluster of buildings and sheds, Roshan finds Azadeh and Onyx walking while seeing Dias stealing a dhow. Despite its size and hull, it works due to its speed and transport. However, the boat and smell of salt takes Roshan back to her old master. Hearing Nafanua tell Francis about their meals being just fish for awhile, Roshan believes Francis to be the next target. Climbing aboard, they all begin to prepare to set sail while Roshan keeps her eye on Dias. Nevertheless, she finds her own space while she keeps her eye on the blonde missionary. However, she remembers about the Martyrs' uncanny strength and their failed last skirmish. Before she can continue her thoughts, Roshan hears a horrible scream.

Chapter Twelve - The Silk Road, 822[]

Maryam hears the truth from Roshan about the incoming guards and then kicks out their clients swiftly before leaving Thatta. Roshan joins them for safety and starts to hold back her tears while Maryam tells her it's okay with her and that women are the only safe space. While staying awake to not sleep of Advi, she watches how Maryam's personnel differs in appearance. Maryam wakes up and tells Roshan that they are different preferences for everyone. Maryam then offers Roshan a job with her entourage but she declines and asks where they are going. Maryam states that they are going to China and will cross the Indian border to put distance between them and the prince. Maryam offers her a job again but Roshan states she will not service men. Maryam retorts that her demeanor will scare customers not entice him and offers a job of bookkeeper in exchange for shelter, money, and food.

Maryam recalls how Bakhit talked about her and her tall soldier. However, Roshan states that his name was Advi and becomes choked up. Maryam apologizes profusely and states that she knows how they used to train together. Roshan tells her that she can fight, which Maryam accepts heartily. Roshan notices that her chances of dying were less than with Bakhit but that there were men trying to attack them while on the road. One instance, the caravan's camels are startled by attackers, but both Maryam's lovers and Roshan retaliate, especially Roshan taking down six of them. However, nightmares occur where Roshan dreams of killing her former master, who turns into Advi. Ashamed, Roshan is comforted by the women who tell her that she is just dreaming and it is not true.

Through their time traveling, Roshan experiences a sisterhood in a month with them while she is given a quiet station to do her work. She learns that Maryam has been working her mobile brothel for twelve years and decided to be on her own after experiencing the inequality of the lack of work for women after a certain age. Maryam's own business has paid back all of her previous benefactors except one, who provides political passage and is listed as Xex. Months with Maryam, Roshan has completely organized the business and puts it all into legible information. Along the way, Roshan learned how to speak multiple languages from the women, such as Russian and Chinese. One instance, Roshan walks the streets of Chang'an and immerses herself in the city's marketplace and attractions, such as the remnants of An Lushan's garden and Wu Yuanheng's assassination location. While in the city, Roshan, Maryam, and the brothel's women spend the night celebrating the free atmosphere. In a moment, Roshan feels free and although Advi was dead, she knows that his sacrifice gave her a chance to experience all she has read and dreamed.

Chapter Thirteen - Red Sea, 824[]

Roshan investigates the shouting while Azadeh calls for the others. While investigating, Roshan is hit from behind and is tossed overboard. With the weight of her weapons and attire proving swimming to be difficult, she is saved by Nafanua. While both hang by the net besides the boat, the others act frantically from the chaos that was heard. Nafanua admits that someone also tried to drown but her heritage made her prepared for the sea. Roshan, furious, asks if she saw the traitor but Nafanua stated no. Roshan states that they are all traitors in a mission but Nafanua states she is on a mission for honor. Finally, Azadeh and Onyx find them and offers them a rope to climb aboard. Azadeh states that Francis admitted to seeing Roshan jump to save Nafanua but Roshan questions Francis' integrity. Nevertheless, she grabs the rope and throws it towards Nafanua to climb.

Nafanua heads to the front of the ship while Roshan follows her. While Nafanua squeezes her clothes dry, Roshan keeps her clothes on and waits for them to dry. Later, Nafanua waits at a side of the ship and catches a fish with her bare hands before killing it. Meanwhile, the others stood their distance away from Roshan and Nafanua, who discuss her commitment to the mission. She explains that both her and her brother Toa were to go, but he stayed as chief of their village to stop the war between the east and west of Savai'i. She explains the mission resonates with the symbols, which are great evil in her culture and that fighting against evil is an honor, whether you win or lose. Easing tensions, Roshan stays quiet and numb to the group as they ride the sea. Nafanua tells her to sleep while she takes the first watch.

Waking up from a nightmare, Roshan awakes to the night sky while Nafanua is asleep and Onyx besides her. Azadeh surprises her and tells her that she told Nafanua to rest while Roshan remains distant. Azadeh then apologizes for not believing her about Wei and how Geir and Gud may be the traitors. Roshan states that it might be more people before looking at Onyx yawning and looking at her. Fortunately, the wolf's hunger is satiated with his bone while both Roshan and Azadeh keep each other company. Roshan divulges a short story about how onyx stone helped her sister's fits and how her mother used to buy them. However, Azadeh asks if they worked but Roshan states she never found out. After hearing Francis vomit, Roshan moves herself to fix the dhow's direction. Soon, she sees Karachi's metropolis. Soon, they dock at a harbor and make plans. Due to Roshan's map being useless from the overboard incident, Dias plans to find an inn to regroup.

Nafanua makes a slight comment against Dias, only for Roshan to hear. Roshan states she will get another map in hours while Dias look for camels for them to use. Nafanua makes way and pushes them all through to an inn while they all find one large room. While most of them rest, Roshan almost take her leave but Azadeh tries to stop her. Roshan tells her she needs to leave to get the map but also think about who are the traitors and why they targeted Nafanua instead of Francis. Azadeg begs for her to stay and apologizes again, nearly crying. Roshan states that she forgives her and that she must also attain information and tells Azadeh to be careful and be with Nafanua. She tells Azadeh that she needs to discover how to fight the Martyrs and how they survived fatal wounds.

Leaving, Roshan finds one of the best cartographers, Rishki, who sells her two maps of known routes and secret shortcuts. While walking back to the inn, she feels uneasy and looks at a reflection of what's behind her. She sees both Geir and Gud tracking her and pretends to not notice them. After going a certain path, she sighs of relief until she sees Geir blocking the path in front of her. Turning back, she sees Gud blocking the other end. Before long, she sees that they trapped her like a hare to kill.

Chapter Fourteen - Tabriz, 823[]

Roshan arrives in Kandovan and suggests to Maryam of Tabriz being a stop. She rents a horse and goes to find her old childhood home. Although she is a murderer, Roshan returns home a new woman with money and skills that transpire over many lands. Once she arrives near her village, she ties her horse to a tree and starts to travel on foot to her home. She circles around a larger loop to avoid attention and finds her home, only to stop when she hears her mother's voice. Looking around the house in tears, she sees her sisters gone, hopefully married better, while her mother and father move around the kitchen. While watching her parents, she is caught by her sister Bolour, the middle child and prettiest of the sisters. While glancing at each other, Bolour warns her that she should not be here and that people still look for her even today.

Roshan understands and states she can tell their parents that she is well and alive. Together, Bolour discusses that she is married with her childhood sweetheart Amon, who is a successful honey farmer, and a mother to four children. Bolour makes a snide comment about Roshan's choices, but Roshan explains that she saved them from the harbor master's wrath and glad she has done so. She later asks about Masha, of whom Bolour admits that has been married with a Mongolian merchant Bogd, who keeps Masha away from the family. Bolour reveals they live in Tabriz while Roshan leaves. Before Roshan leaves, Bolour states it is good to see her and that Bogd is a dangerous man. Roshan admits she is dangerous too.

Roshan rides back into Tabriz while Maryam's caravan is having a busy night. Realizing she must check on Masha, Roshan wants to contact one of Maryam's regulars, Dervis, who conducts business in stealing information more than trinkets. Back at the caravan, she finds Dervis, who greets her and even has established a connection due to both of them being well read and linguistically gifted. Thus, Dervis notices Roshan being worried, which leads Roshan to ask for a favor to find information. Discussing the deal, both of them debate about payment while Maryam intercede that their deals are in small payments. Realizing how it's done, Roshan is told more about Dervis' operation and he even offers a place in their business, but not before Maryam stops him from poaching her. Nevertheless, Roshan makes a deal for him to find the information about Bogd discreetly and will pay after he obtains it. Dervis agrees while he is given a name and information about Bogd and all his wives to have eyes look away from her personal reasons.

Roshan learns that Dervis is rumored to have been a child thief, like his informants, but grew to be in charge. Two nights later, Dervis returns and Roshan greets him inside her workplace. She learns that Bogd is a gambler and how he is in with the loan sharks in the area. Initially happy, Roshan learns that they will take his wives as payment and reveals that Maryam is one of their clients. Roshan deduces that Maryam is still paying the sharks while Dervis reveals that their deal is leading to a hostile takeover, which may lead to Maryam being put back to work along with more girls, like Bogd's wives. Learning that Xex is one of the sharks, Roshan begins to feel helpless. Dervis tells her to leave while Roshan states she is alone again. Dervis offers a job again and states he could use a fence to write the transactions of their deals. Intrigued, Roshan questions him about how she could leave the women here.

Dervis states he never intends her to do so and explains they are free for now and how she needs to warn them immediately. Thinking about her choices, she asks a condition, which is for Dervis to set up a deal with Bogd to clear his debts if he releases the younger wife as payment. Dervis states he will try but Roshan convinces that he will lose all his wives to Xex instead of losing one, keeping two, and clearing his debt. He later suggests to gift the payments in garnets, due to the difficulty of faking them. Dervis leaves while she readies herself. That night, Roshan could not sleep and waits until day hits. She buys both real and fake garnets to give to Bogd, who makes contact successfully to Bogd.

Meanwhile, Roshan starts informing the women of the sharks' plans after Maryam left for her spa and then they ready themselves to leave before giving hugs and kisses goodbye to her. She tells a street urchin to inform Bolour before she sees Maryam look at Roshan leaving. Maryam asks if she is leaving while Roshan informs her of Xex reneging their deal and how she told the other women. Proud, Maryam grasps Roshan's face before leaving for the marketplace, walking to her fate. Roshan leaves to meet Dervis, believing him to betray her. However, he comes with Masha, who is skinny from malnutrition, and Roshan becomes angry. Yet, it subsides once Bolour comes and hugs Masha, who cries into Bolour's shoulder. Amon joins Bolour to take in Masha while a street urchin gives Amon a bag of real garnets, a gift from Roshan. Looking for Roshan, Bolour believes that she sees her above but Roshan keeps herself in the dark. Roshan leaves, penniless but feeling richer than ever as she left for Karachi.

Chapter Fifteen - Karachi, 824[]

Gud tries to grab Roshan, who dodges his attempt. Geir grabs her by her hood and drags her down, only to be slashed on his wrist by her blade. Geir grabs and slams Roshan down by her hair but she realizes she could escape by the roofs. Using her blades to cut her hair and to push her attackers away, she jumps on discarded crates and onto the roof, escaping her attackers. On the rooftop, she uses her dagger to stabilize herself while the brother struggle to follow her. Running across the roof, Roshan escapes while Gud and Geir run after her by the ground. However, she knows that she needs to eliminate them before returning to the inn. She makes sure that they saw her silhouette when she pushes a tile in front of Gud. She soon leads them to Karachi's residential areas and away from the market. Roshan soon makes a large jump towards a balcony while the brothers land themselves into a courtyard as they are spotted by a gardener.

Roshan recalls this home was a harem to the second richest man of the city and the women inside were his precious gems. So enough, Geir and Gud are surrounded by the best armored guards, unable to communicate. One young guard tries to prod Gud, but the Northman grabs his spear and the guard, whose neck is snapped in response. Immediately, the guards around them begin to attack the brothers, who retaliate. While trying to leave, she glimpses both the corpses of both the guards and the brothers. Moving quietly, Roshan assesses herself and realizes she is covered with filth and blood. Despite the maps being unharmed, she steals clothes to replace her current ones. While searching for a bath, she comes across Onyx, who awaits an incoming Azadeh. Azadeh informs that Geir and Gud left to find Roshan but Roshan admits they have been dealt with and asks for a bathhouse. Securing a private bath, Roshan recounts the events while revealing her scars from her past marriage.

Both Roshan and Azadeh talk about Roshan's past while collecting herself with her new look and treating her injuries. Before leaving, Roshan offers to teach Azadeh how to write and read while asking for her to help to decipher symbols on the maps. Going back to the library, they blend into the scholars and search for any mentions of the Martyrs. Finding books based on Egypt and the Martyrs' symbols, they begin to decipher the history of the Martyrs and the passages of Saint Maurice's Theban Legion, also known as the Martyrs. However, she notices that the factual number of sacrifices were exaggerated for the meaning to be more empowering. While seeing a somewhat Christian symbols near the Martyrs' name, Roshan realizes the same symbol was found inside the Martyrs' caravan. Meanwhile, she finds an excerpt of Gregory of Tours of how a cult loyal to the Legion used their graves for miraculous healing purposes. The cult is later known as the Martyrs of Agaunum, which frighten both women. Realizing what they might be facing, Roshan and Azadeh hurry back towards their group to reveal their findings.

Chapter Sixteen - Karachi, 823[]

Roshan finds work with Dervis and finds out Bakhit was still alive and creating his dangerous devices, one of which came to Dervis. Finding a new home in Karachi, Roshan becomes accustomed to the cramping and loud environment. City trade has alway find routes, either by sea or through the Kirthar Mountains. While at her own loft, Roshan hears a knock and readies herself with her sword since Dervis would be too early. She also readies her escape if needed before answering the door. Learning from Dervis, she has made no deals with sharks and makes stashes with either local bankers or caches across the city. At the door, Dervis tells her to lower her guard while she asks why he is early. He later asks if she recognizes the handiwork of the device, to which she states that Maryam used to buy from the maker.

Roshan questions Dervis if he knows the inventor, only for him to say he stole a device to dissect at a harem, but to no luck. She divulges the source of the device happens to lie in the copper and Dervis states he will make contact again. Nevertheless, the next task is to secretly transport an overt painting to a bishop in Britannia in two tapestries. She leaves to buy the necessary equipment and promises to do the paperwork. Meanwhile, she feels a slight remembrance of Bakhit while Dervis takes his device with him. Roshan later investigates Bakhit's welfare at a local library and learns that he is a recluse and hoards his growing knowledge to himself. She also learns that the prince uses Bakhit's inventions as a source for income and gives Bakhit his life in exchange for his work. However, Bakhit has been used to create inventions of entertainment as diversions of its true dangerous potential.

Roshan uses her gift to find out that the new device is wired with metals, nails, and other scraps. Further investigating the invention, she determines it was a bomb needed to be ignited to work but could not tell Dervis as to keep her truth to herself. Fortunately, the device is meant for a battle and she initially relaxes. During her own solo training, she begins to debate herself on stopping the bomb but going on the run again if she does. Ultimately, she lets the device go out to its destination. However, other devices, like one with poison intended for a newly born baby, are dismantled and disabled by Roshan due to the different circumstances. Fortunately, Dervis states the transport is their only job and not the safety of the devices. She continues her way to dismantle all incoming devices to stop their destructive impact. Doing so, she is able to sleep better.

Chapter Seventeen - Karachi, 824[]

Azadeh and Roshan return to the inn and asks Dias of the twins' locations. Dias states that they were following Roshan, who checks on Nafanua. Roshan notices how their group are still tired from their losses in battle and in numbers while Nafanua wakes up. Dias states they leave tonight, with or without the brothers. Meanwhile, they hear Francis mumbling to himself and wakes up to aid in their efforts by finding the horses for their journey. While they prepare their rations, they find Francis buying the horses while Roshan looks at an unwell Nafanua. However, the Samoan warrior claims it is the awful food here. The five remaining members leave as the sky turns blood red. Azadeh states it is a bad omen while Roshan replies it may for the Martyrs rather than themselves.

However, as they ride and stop, Roshan notices Nafanua still being sick and throwing up any food provided. Nearing the other side of the mountain range, the group members see the sunlight, only for Onyx to signal to Azadeh that they are not alone. While Roshan and Azadeh ready themselves, Nafanua falls off her horse just as a flurry of arrows are shot at them. Taking cover, the mercenaries hide while Azadeh tells Onyx to go into the dark. Roshan hears a man cry out over Onyx's attack but Dias leaves to attack the rocky outcrop. Roshan and Azadeh joins him as they notice Onyx has killed one and has another in her mouth. Azadeh comes and cuts the man's arm before Onyx kills him at his jugular. While Dias fights off the other attackers, Roshan aids Azadeh before all of them relax and look over their opponents' corpses.

Roshan and Dias investigate their surroundings and determine that the arrows were the same from the Martyrs and see horses stationed in the distance. Believing Francis to be the traitor, Dias goes back to their group while Roshan stays to inspect the Martyrs' forces. However, Azadeh yells at Dias to stop and puts herself in the middle between Francis and Dias' sword. When Roshan rushes to them, she sees Onyx near Nafanua, whose back is shot with an arrow. Looking at her, it is too late as Nafanua lies lifeless. After she closes Nafanua's eyes, Roshan notices Nafanua's lips and realizes they are black. Realizing Nafanua was dead before the fall, she determines poison being used. She later looks at Azadeh, who is about to drink from Nafanua's canteen.

Roshan runs and knocks the canteen from Azadeh from her hand and tells her it is poison. Spitting, Azadeh tells Onyx to stop herself too while they confront Francis. Roshan confronts Francis about his background and how he is from the Holy Roman Empire and his possible journey to the Rhone Valley. Thus, his mask drops as Francis proclaims his beliefs of the Martyrs at his highest pitch. Immediately, he throws an object at Dias' face while kicking dirt at Roshan, who shields her eyes. Francis takes one of the horses while Dias aims his arrow at him. However, Roshan pushes Dias while telling him to miss for now. Dias, angered, obliges and misses. Roshan soon asks Azadeh how she found her in Karachi while Azadeh points to Onyx. Dias asks why she let Francis leave, but she explains that he leaves for his masters and he is a puppet at best.

For a week, they follow Francis' trail with the help of Onyx's tracking skills. Before long, Roshan realizes they are heading towards Baghdad and questions the Martyr's destination. She soon realizes herself being at ease with both Azadeh and Onyx, who establishes a bond with her as well. One night, Roshan asks how Onyx and Azadeh came to be while Azadeh explains that dogs are part of her everyday life and how her village was constantly attacked. As a response, her father started to train wolves and Onyx was once the runt of the litter but Azadeh states that she saw more. Azadeh notices Nafanua's fishhook besides Roshan, who reveals that if they all live, she will gift the fishhook back to her brother like Wei's jade charm to his people. Wanting to stay awake, Azadeh asks why they should be sleeping. A cautious Roshan explains that they do not know what the Martyrs have in store for them in Baghdad.

Chapter Eighteen - Fustat, 824[]

Roshan stares at a crocodile while swimming calmly within the Nile to not attract its attention. She nears a felucca, which is rarely used, to attain one of her personal stashes. In her stash, she has breastplate armor, fabric, and jewels, but she finds a tiny wooden box and takes it solely. While she wades in the water, she touches a crocodile with her foot and moves carefully as possible. However, once she moves out of the water, she flails herself from the crocodile, who tries to eat her. Criss-crossing her path, Roshan moves herself quickly around as her presence awakes the other crocodiles. She soon finds herself in a cattle herd while the crocodile begins to give up. Immediately, the farmers come and push the crocodile back into the waters.

It has been three months since Roshan left Karachi and briefly found work in Sanaa, before settling in Fustat. Although she feels uneasy of the travel, she relishes in finding academic works from the rubble of the Library of Alexandria. Drying herself off, she places her box atop rice to soak any remaining moisture. Within two nights, Dervis arrives with a larger box, similar to hers. By herself, she tries to decipher the small music box, which is of Bakhit's design. She recalls taking the smaller one a year ago and is still glad she had kept it hidden in order to know how to disable it. She learns the buyer was a Mamluk general, who uses gross and violent methods to achieve his goals, despite the collateral damage. She finally releases the false bottom of the smaller box and learns the mechanism of the larger box is meant for maximum impact. Disgusted of Bakhit's invention, she disarms the smaller box while noticing the timing of the explosion matching with the last note of the box's music.

Double-checking the design of both boxes, she disarms both boxes back to their original functions. Dervis comes in the morning for the box while Roshan keeps the secret to herself. Meanwhile, she learns that Dervis plays the middle man of transport to support his growing network of spies and urchins. Keeping up with her training, she notices after her bath of a cat that keeps returning to her. The ginger cat comes to her while she is eating. Roshan gives her food and lets her stay the night with her.

The next morning, Roshan wakes from her sleep and readies herself for the market. However, she receives warning from the cat, whose body becomes alert of strangers' presences. One soldier barges in and drags Roshan by her ankle. Dozens of soldiers file into her villa while she asks what crime she has committed. One soldier tells her theft and shows gold nuggets stashed in her house. Realized she has been framed, Roshan tries to escape but is hit across the face. Hitting back, she lands punches on her first assailant before dodging another's sword. Trying to get to her tahtib sticks, she feigns escape but makes her way to her fighting sticks. However, she is kicked and punched into unconsciousness before being dragged to "hell."

Chapter Nineteen - Baghdad, 824[]

Roshan, Azadeh, and Dias arrive in Baghdad while they ready themselves in their fight against the Martyrs. Being led by Onyx, they move towards their target until Dias spots Francis. With their hoods up, they moved silently as Francis appears to not notice them. While they past the Tigris, Roshan notices him walking into the House of Wisdom. Realizing it is guarded for a private function, Roshan leads the way inside through another path. Telling Dias and Azadeh to wait, Roshan starts to climb to find the first guard inside a corridor near them. While she tells them to climb, Azadeh commands Onyx quietly while she climbs up. Meanwhile, Roshan knocks out the guard silently. However, Onyx comes and lick her lips over the unconscious guard. Dias comes to her and informs her of an event below.

Roshan looks around and sees the regular conversations between the academics but soon notices the six Martyrs from before, with Francis and another colleague, as they stand in a circle. Confirming the six-pointed cross they found in Karachi's library, Azadeh and Roshan sees the case in question. Dias asks why they are waiting as Roshan concludes it must be for thier customer. The customer arrives, dressed in deep blue fabric and looked skeletal and tall. While Dias, Onyx, and Azadeh surround them, the Martyrs start praying while the customer moves to the case. Once the customer opens the case, he is angered and hisses at the Martyrs while Roshan recognizes what happened. Azadeh soon whistles aloud, confusing the Martyrs and their allies.

Immediately, Onyx attacks and kills Francis while Dias jumps and slices one of the Martyrs' head in half. Interested, Roshan jumps on another of the Martyrs' back, which causes him to fall forward and crack his head open. However, she is attacked by two Martyrs but holds them off with her tahtib sticks. With Azadeh running, she stabs one at his side but to little effect. Roshan tells her aloud to aim for their heads. However, Azadeh is struck with a dagger into her hands and left open for any attacks. Roshan moves towards her and goes to defend her. With Dias busy, Roshan's sticks finally break and she accepts her fate. However, Onyx comes and attacks the Martyr, only to be heavily wounded by the Martyr.

Azadeh cries out as she takes the dagger out and lunges at the Martyr, stabbing him repeatedly. Meanwhile, the other Martyr starts fighting with Roshan, who grabs her sword and slices from down to up his neck. Bleeding and fleeing, she sees the hooded stranger appear and kill him. The hooded stranger moves past her and aims for his target, the customer. While the customer arms himself, he fights against the hooded stranger while Azadeh lies crying and holding onto Onyx, who passes away from her injuries. Meanwhile, Roshan notices that all the Martyrs fell to them. However, she watches Dias go for the case and almost tells him to stop. However, she waits and watches him open the case, only for it to explode and kill him instantly.

Roshan wakes up from the explosion and watches the hooded stranger stab the customer three times, ultimately killing him. Roshan states that this is what he wanted, which is to see their customer. Roshan admits that she knew he was already here and above them. He asks where while Roshan points it out but then remains silent. He tells her that he wanted to see the case and those who can disarm it but also determine the Martyrs' and their customer. Debating on whether they all deserve to die, he admits that she has been directionless and offers Roshan a new purpose. A sullen Azadeh argues the claim and states this life of service was a prison of different bars like a cult similar to the immortal Martyrs.

The hooded stranger reveals that the technology they wore made them impervious to attacks below the neck as he shows a layer of fine, glittering gold. He reveals of who might be in the box, not what. Azadeh rejects this notion over her loss and wants to leave, asking for Roshan to come. Yet, Roshan admits that she feels a new purpose and is tired of running. Azadeh begs her to come with her but Roshan states that she should live her life before kissing her forehead good-bye. After Azadeh leaves, Roshan is pained but looks back at the hooded stranger. While walking back to him with her head down, she realizes her beads from her sisters have been destroyed and feels even more sullen.

The hooded stranger tries to console her while she looks at the case. She recognizes the handiwork and states to seal it for transport to where he wants to go. He states that they are heading to the fortress at Alamut. She asks if he is going to remain cryptic and he states he will reveal as much as he can. She asks who hired the Martyrs while he replies it was the Order of the Ancients. He explains that the customer worked for them while she explains the box has two more impacts, with Dias already using one. Closing the box carefully, he thanks her while she asks where they go next. He puts his hood up, introduces himself as Fuladh Al Haami, and welcomes Roshan into the Hidden Ones.