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Assassin's Creed: Last Descendants – Locus, otherwise simply known as Locus, is a comic book miniseries published by Titan Comics. A tie-in to the Last Descendants young adult book series as well as a return to the Victorian London setting of Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, the comic is written by Ian Edginton and illustrated by Caspar Wijngaard and debuted its first issue in September 2016.[1][2]

Press release

Titan Comics are thrilled to announce an all-new Assassin's Creed mini-series launching in September! This four-part comic series is penned by Eisner-nominated Ian Edginton (X-Force, H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds) and ties directly into the forthcoming Assassin's Creed young adult book series, Last Descendants by Matthew J. Kirby, to be published by Scholastic on August 30 2016. Fans of the Assassin's Creed video game will also be able to revisit the Victorian London setting of Assassin's Creed Syndicates[sic].

The first issue of Last Descendants - Locus arrives in stores and digital platforms on September 21, and expands Titan Comics’ popular Assassin’s Creed comics line, which already includes Assassin’s Creed: Assassins and Assassin's Creed: Templars.

Ian Edginton teams up with rising star artist, Caspar Wijngaard (Image Comics’ Limbo) to bring a new dimension to the legendary video game franchise! In Last Descendants – Locus, readers will follow the story of Sean, a teenager caught up in the Assassin s Creed and Templar conflict in present day, as he peers back into the memories of his ancestor Tommy Greyling and gets to experience the sordid squalor of Victorian London (as seen in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate). A captivating adventure unfolds, with Greyling hunting for the answers to a mystery that could change the world,[sic]

Released late 2015, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate is considered one of the strongest entries to date, with review websites GameRankings and Metacritic ranking the series at 82.27% and 78/100. The franchise’s highly anticipated first movie starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard is released in theatres this December.

The debut issue of Last Descendants - Locus comes with six variant covers to collect: four art covers by artists Caspar Wijngaard (Image Comics’ Limbo), Valeria Favoccia, Ian Culbard (A Study in Scarlet), and Verity Glass (Doctor Who), a Novel variant, and a blank sketch cover.[3]


21/09/2016 - Brand new story set in the stunning world of Assassin's Creed: Syndicate! Dive into the sordid underworld of Victorian London, and the memories of New Yorker, Tommy Greyling, as he teams up with Evie Frye and Henry Green to search for a Piece of Eden that has the potential to change the world!

1872: New York. Tommy Greyling attends the home of Mr Greeley. The latter confirms that he has in fact been poisoned by President Grant, or one of his supporters. After a lengthy discussion, Greeley mentions that he had been party to discussions with Templars on Pieces of Eden, and had in fact been in contact with both a Precursor Box and pages of the Voynich Manuscript. As Greeley falls asleep, Greyling turns to leave, only to find a nurse trying to murder Greeley. The nurse wounds him with a throwing knife before diving out of the window.

London, England. An unnamed female runs across rooftops, flanked by two policeman. She is eventually cornered by Tommy Greyling - here working for the Pinkerton Agency. He recognises her as the Nurse from New York, before he is again attacked with throwing knives. The woman ties some rope around him, then uses his weight to basejump off the buillding in order to land safely in the street below. Tommy is pulled over the edge, but is saved at the last second by Evie Frye and Henry Green.

2016: Sean awakens from the Animus. He appears to still be working for Isaiah and Abstergo at the Aerie. After he reports his findings from the session, including the mentions of the Precursor Box and Voynich pages, he is requested to get some rest. Isaiah privately discusses his reservations about the urgency of the project, however the unnamed phone caller states that he should be very careful with Sean's mental health, given his disability and desire to walk within the Animus. Meanwhile, Sean ventures outside to meet Natalya. She warns Sean that they are using him, and that he is spending far more time in the Animus than the others. He refuses to listen, and takes off alone.[4]

19/10/2016 - Tommy Greyling, a Pinkerton agent in London, is on the tail of a murderer, and out of his element. Lucky for him, Inspector Abberline of Scotland Yard is on hand to show him how things are done in London - with the help of Evie Frye and Henry Green!

1872: Irish Sea. Tommy Greyling crosses the ocean from New York to Great Britain upon a passenger ship. He makes conversation with a fellow passenger - one Mark Twain. Tommy discusses what brings him to the country, and explains his experience with Greeley in New York. To his surprise, not only has Mr Twain heard of Pieces of Eden, but that he'd heard them described within the Middle East on his own adventures.

London, England. Following the events of the rooftops (previous issue), Greyling, Clemens, Abberline, Evie Frye, and Henry Green attend the Scotland Yard morgue. They discuss the obvious connections that the female assailant must have had, which stretches into the police force itself. A couple of officers had gone missing with one found dead, and another known as Edward Feather still unaccounted for. After investigating the muddied shoes of the deceased policeman, they determine the location where Feather must be held.

Later at this location, Evie and Henry open the doors to a large warehouse, with the others following with handguns. They find a badly wounded Edward, but quickly realise they have walked into a trap. The female assailant returns, this time with a mob of Blighters - the former gang of Crawford Starrick. A gun fight ensues, whilst the Assassins quickly dispatch the gang. Greyling chases after the female assailant, but immediately runs into her waiting knife blade - straight into his chest.

2016: Sean emerges from the Animus, to disclose his conversation about Pieces of Eden within the Middle East. Isaiah insists he continue within the Animus, despite Sean's calls for a rest. Sean reluctantly returns in the simulation, the long term effects of the Animus likely starting to take hold. He later emerges from the Animus screaming after Greyling has been stabbed...[4]

16/11/2016 - The streets of Victorian London are a much darker place than the avenues of new York... as Pinkerton agent Tommy Greyling is finding out! Hot on the tail of a murderer, it seems there's more to this mystery than meets the eye. Luckily for Tommy, he's in the hands of the Assassin Brotherhood!

2016: Sean lays in a medical wing, recovering. Natalya hears the news and arrives to find David and Grace already waiting outside. Natalya chastises Sean and Isaiah, saying they are pushing his Animus visits too hard. Sean, David and Grace state that they wish to continue the Animus sessions, leading Natalya to storm out in disagreement. She is later joined by David and Grace, where they reveal that they suspect things are not as they seem - but they must keep appearances for now. Isaiah discusses the situation with Dr Bibeau seperately, where she advises to look after the teenagers carefully...

1872: To the shock of his companions, Tommy survived the stabbing thanks to a makeshift protection vest. They ascertain that Feather must have revealed the location at the British Museum, and they all set off towards it. With a police protest in the street, they finally arrive to find that the guards have been slain. Delving deeper into the museum, they come across the female assailant and the Blighters once more. A fire fight ensues as she escapes with a document, with Tommy in hot pursuit again as they both board carriages.[4]

21/12/2016 - Pinkerton agent, Tommy Greyling’s hunt across Victorian London reaches a heady climax after his mark’s identity is finally revealed. But will his newly learned skills be enough to stop the killer’s planes? With the Frye twins onside, it’s going to be a bloody conclusion!

1872: Tommy chases the female assailant through the streets of London, both aboard horse carriages. Tommy fires a few shots from his gun, missing the mark. She promptly slaps him across the face with a horse whip, and then his horse - near forcing him off his carriage. As Tommy wrestles for control, she jumps from her own carriage and escapes from out of sight.

2016: Sean is removed from the Animus. Isaiah states that the investigation is suspended, as by all accounts Tommy returns to the USA after with no remarkable notes - assuming he must have lost track of the woman.

Sean reluctantly stands down and meets with Natalya, David and Grace. He discusses how obsessed he had become with using the Animus, and apologises to the group. After discussion of Tommy's story, it was clear that there was still more to be discovered - after all, ship travel was very limited at that time. After convincing Isaiah of the case to continue, Sean re-enters the Animus.

1872: After discussing losing his target with Evie, Henry et al, Tommy comes to the same conclusion that the only way out of the country would be the very same ship. He leaves the others and attends the ship journey. Mid travel, he finds the woman standing upon the deck of the ship. Pulling a gun, he demands her surrender. She reveals her name to be Alice and shows him a manuscript that she had been smuggling away for the Templars. Refusing to allow it to fall into the hands of the Assassins, she throws it overboard along with herself - leaving Tommy empty handed.

2016: Sean reveals that the manuscript was destroyed. Isaiah reluctantly thanks Sean for his dedication, and requests the team of youngsters all go to unwind and relax - for the real work is yet to come.[4]

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