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For the achievements of other Assassin's Creed games, see Achievements.

The following are the achievements that could be earned in Assassin's Creed: Identity.


Icon Name How to obtain
Man of the City Earn a total of 5,000,000 Coins.
Rascal of the Streets Acquire the "Initiate" Heroic Rank.
Creed Philosophy Acquire the "Disciple" Heroic Rank.
Truthful Brother Acquire the "Assassin" Heroic Rank.
Unchained Justice Acquire the "Veteran" Heroic Rank.
Ezio's Legacy Acquire the "Master" Heroic Rank.
Crimson Blade Successfully complete 250 "Assassination" Contracts.
Nimble Feet Successfully complete 250 "Courier" Contracts.
Spotless Job Successfully complete 250 "Kill Contract" Contracts.
Unstoppable Successfully complete 250 "Parkour" Contracts.
Wax Hands Successfully complete 250 "Pillage" Contracts.
One By One Successfully complete 250 "Bounty Hunt" Contracts.
First In, Last Out Successfully complete 250 "Recovery" Contracts.
ACID-GoodCompanion.png Good Companion Successfully complete 250 "Escort" Contracts.
Behind Every Corner Successfully complete 250 "Tail" Contracts.
Suspicious Eyes Successfully complete 250 "Stalk" Contracts.
White Knight Successfully complete 250 "Liberation" Contracts.
Have You Seen This Man? Successfully complete 250 "Track Down" Contracts.
Quality Slingshot Successfully complete 250 "Crow Hunt" Contracts.
Puzzle Piece - Monteriggioni Complete 500 Contract missions in Monteriggioni.
Puzzle Piece - Firenze Complete 500 Contract missions in Firenze.
Puzzle Piece - Rome Complete 500 Contract missions in Rome.
Puzzle Piece - Forlì Complete 500 Contract missions in Forlì.
Dead Men Tell No Tales Finish 250 Missions without a single enemy surviving.
Application Accepted Finish all training Missions successfully.
No More Crows Finish the Campaign Italy - A Murder of Crows in normal mode.
Déjà vu Finish the Campaign Forlì - A Crimson Sunset in normal mode.
Time Traveler Successfully complete 500 Mission Challenges.
Diligent Assassin I Complete all challenges of the Campaign Italy - A Murder of Crows in normal mode.
Diligent Assassin II Complete all challenges of the Campaign Forlì - A Crimson Sunset in normal mode.
Killing Spree Kill 2,500 enemies.
ACID-SaveYourHide.png Save Your Hide Flee from Combat 500 times.
ACID-CleanRooftops.png Clean Rooftops Kill 1,500 enemies on the Rooftops.
No Matter of Honor Get 500 enemies to flee from Combat.
Perfect Timing Kill 500 enemies using the Kill Token combo.
ACID-WillToSurvive.png Will to Survive Kill 250 targets while your Health is lower than 5%.
ACID-Desynchronization.png Desynchronization Die 250 times.
Shiver Me Timbers Frighten your Enemies for 60 minutes.
Powder Monkey Make 500 targets die by a Bomb.
Feed the Fish Perform 2,500 Critical Hits.
Crow's Nest Kill 500 Crows.
A Visit to Davy Jones' Locker Revive 100 times.
Blade in the Crowd Assassinate 150 targets from Civilian Cover.
ACID-LikeAnEagle.png Like An Eagle Kill 1,000 targets by performing Air Assassination.
ACID-WelcomeToThePast.png Welcome to the Past Create your second Assassin.
Ability Hack Spend 150 Skill Points.
Beneficial Anomaly Unlock 10 Active Skill(s) on Tier 4.
ACID-Stylish.png Stylish Kill 1,500 enemies using only Skills from the Skill Wheel.
Identity Loss Die by your own Bomb.
Memory Leak Reset your Skill Tree after you have spent at least 15 Skill Points.
Eagle's Wings Reach level 30 with Shadowblade as Primary Class.
ACID-SmokeMachine.png Smoke Machine Cloak yourself into a cloud of fog by using a Smoke Bomb 250 times.
Eagle's Wisdom Reach level 30 with Trickster as Primary Class.
Incognito Disguise yourself for 60 minutes.
None But Fools Kill 200 enemies while they're grabbing money from the ground.
Eagle's Fury Reach level 30 with Berserker as Primary Class.
Splinter Bomb Cause 60 minutes of Bleeding by using Splinter Bombs.
Cleave Him To The Brisket Shred the Armor of 500 Enemies.
Eagle's Swiftness Reach level 30 with Thief as Primary Class.
Hands of a Thief Pickpocket 5,000 Coins.
Ladies' Man Use the Courtesans to distract your enemies 150 times.
ACID-NeedleInAHaystack.png Needle in a Haystack Jump and hide inside Haystacks 500 times.
Midday Nap "Rest" on a bench for 30 minutes.
Crazy Camping Jump and hide inside any Rooftop Garden 10 times during stormy weather.
Medical Check Request healing from Doctors 150 times.
Scarecrow Scare away pigeons 2,500 times.
Freebooter Plunder 2,500 treasure chests.
Outlaw Make Seekers look for you for 30 minutes.
Pieces Of Eight Plunder 100 Booty Chests.
Landlubber Stay on the ground for 60 minutes without any interruption.
Virtual Reality Connect to Facebook.
Signs of Life Have 75 friends accept your Friend Requests.
Contract Work Lend 500 Hirelings to other players.
Eagle Vision Use Eagle Vision for 60 minutes.
ACID-AnimusManipulation.png Animus Manipulation Use 500 Boosts.
Dressed to Kill Collect 9 Class Outfits.
Arrr! Equip an Eye Patch for the First time.
ACI Welcome Home achievement.png Welcome Home Complete Mission Sequence 1.
ACI Cured achievement.png Cured Complete Mission Sequence 2.
Copycat Complete Mission Sequence 3.