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Assassin's Creed: Heresy is a novel written by Christie Golden. It was released on 15 November 2016 in the US and published by Ubisoft Publishing. In the UK and other regions it was released on 4 May 2017 by Penguin Books.


The new book set in the universe of Assassin's Creed. Reliving the memories of his ancestor who fought beside Joan of Arc, high-ranking Templar Simon Hathaway slowly uncovers secrets of the past that could dangerously impact his present . . . and that of the entire Templar order.

An endless conflict. An old wrong. A new revelation.

Simon Hathaway, member of the Templar Inner Sanctum, brings a cool head and detached manner to his new role as Head of Abstergo Industry's Historical Research Division.

But Simon also has an insatiable curiosity, and is fascinated by the thought of experiencing history first-hand through his ancestor—Gabriel Laxart, who fought alongside the legendary Joan of Arc.

When he enters the newly-designed Animus for its initial project, Simon finds himself unprepared for what he discovers: How deep the conflict between the Templars and the Assassins goes. What Gabriel will do for the woman he both loves and reveres.

And the most dangerous truth of all: Who is the heretic...and who is the true believer.[1]



An unidentified man flees from the Templars through the woods with a Sword of Eden. He comes to a cliff edge and takes a Leap of Faith to escape his pursuers.

Chapter 1

Simon Hathaway is inducted into the Inner Sanctum of the Templar Order. Simon looks out observing his new comrades and recognizes several. Laetitia England, Mitsuko Nakamura, David Kilkerman, Alfred Stearns, Agneta Reider, along with projections of Álvaro Gramática and Juhani Otso Berg. He then convinced Alan Rikkin and his other fellow Inner Sanctum members to allow him to use the Animus to try and find a way to repair the broken Sword of Eden. Saying that he had ancestor who fought in Joan of Arc's army and she was believed to possess a Sword of Eden. Rikkin agrees, giving him a week to complete the task.

Chapter 2

Simon settles in to a new office overlooking London. Simon meets Amanda Sekibo, the Chief Technician of the Animus 4.35, she tells Simon he will need to wait for Dr. Victoria Bibeau, Abstergo's top psychiatrist. A day is wasted to allow for Dr. Victoria Bibeau to fly in from North America. Day 2, Simon meets with Victoria for an evaluation before he’s allowed to use the Animus. They chat, and Simon gives Victoria a brief history of the Hundred Years' War. Getting in the elevator to go down to the Animus floor, Victoria is introduced to Anaya Chodary, a white hat hacker and Simon's ex-girlfriend. After Anaya left the elevator, Victoria asked Simon what happened to their relationship. Saying that work got in the way, Simon then asked Victoria about her own marital status. To which she confirmed that she was single.

Chapter 3

Finally cleared to use the Animus, Simon was amazed at its new non-chair-like appearance. Amanda introduced Hathaway, now accompanied with Bibeau, to the Animus 4.35. She helped Bibeau to familiarize herself with the controls. She explains the beneficial improvements of the Animus 4.35, the need for spinal tap was removed, there is also less risk of vomiting, nausea and other side effects. Entering the Memory Corridor, Simon is reminded of his time hiking in the Scottish Highlands. He then begun reliving the memories of his ancestor Gabriel Laxart. The date is Thursday, May Day, 1428, Domrémy. Gabriel is a bastard child and has only just come to know his biological father. During the festivities, Gabriel meets his step-cousins, Pierre, Jean, and Jeanne. Simon suddenly violently desynchronizes from the Animus.

Chapter 4

Victoria rushes to Simon to check on him. She then ascertains that Simon's violent desynchronization from the Animus was a result of Gabriel's teenage romantic attraction of to Jeanette and the rush of chemicals that followed. Simon is eager to return to the Animus although disgruntled at having to deal with reliving Gabriel's crush on Jeanette. Victoria puts Simon forward a week on 12 May at Burey-en-Vaux, Jeanne is staying with Gabriel's family. During the night, Gabriel could not sleep and so walked the small streets of the village. When Jeanne found him, she confided in him that people think her strange for being overly devote. When asked if he felt the same, Gabriel reassured her, almost confessing his feelings right away but quickly restrained himself. Gabriel then recounts his experiences living as a bastard child, people have treated him differently too. Revealing how his stepfather was the only father he knew and only found out he was a bastard after his death. Jeanne comforted him by holding his hand. Jeanne then asked for his help which the boy eagerly agreed to. She had to ask his father something but could not tell him at that moment. Gabriel noticed that Jeanne seemed to glow radiantly before the girl left abruptly. This phenomenon confused the boy and Simon reliving his memories. Who at the time was getting pulled out of the Animus again, this time not as violently. After explaining how Jeanne glowed to Victoria, Simon came to the conclusion that Gabriel must have also had a high count of Precursor DNA.

Chapter 5

At Victoria's insistence, Simon had to eat before discussing anything. He also expressed his frustration at not being able to leisurely explore Jeanne d'Arc's past more. Simon enters the Animus again. The date being set to 7 January 1429, Jeanne d'Arc is faced with another failure at seeing Lord Robert de Baudricourt, captain of the royal garrison at Vaucouleurs, for permission to travel to Chinon where the Dauphin was staying. After the lord's repeated refusal to admit her, Jeanne broke down outside the hall of de Baudricourt. Her step-cousin, Gabriel Laxart who had accompanied her, comforted her. Soon after, in the residence of Catherine and Henri Royer, friends of her mother's, she lamented. It was there that de Baudricourt's squire, Jean de Metz found her. Initially arguing against her, after Jeanne delivered a rousing speech he promised to take her before his lord and also pledged his loyalty to her. While reliving the memory, Simon noticed a glint of something sharp and realized that de Metz was an Assassin.

Chapter 6

Simon desynchronizes from the Animus again after his excitement of finding an Assassin overloaded the signal. This, along with the knowledge that Gabriel Laxart also possessed Precursor DNA, was sure to interest Rikkin. Simon and Victoria also discuss the ancestor of the late Warren Vidic, Geoffroy Thérage, Jeanne's executioner. Geoffroy, upon finding Jeanne's nonburnable Heart he threw the girl's remains and the artifact into the Seine river. Learning that Geoffroy was English like Simon, he worried if he would fighting on the wrong side of history. Eager to delve deeper, he was stopped by Victoria who advised he rest, he later took her advice. Victoria notified Simon that his dreams may be muddled, and to record what he could remember. Later, in Alan Rikkin's office, Victoria makes her report. She revealed that they had found an Assassin and the discovery of a mentor was not far behind. Rikkin warns her about what happened to Robert Fraser, although Victoria reassures him that it won't happen again. Meanwhile, Anaya is back at work and spontaneously decides to apply for the position of Director of Information Security at Abstergo Entertainment Montréal.

Chapter 7

Day 3, Simon comes in early to work after a restless sleep. Victoria arrives at 9am-sharp and Simon tells her what happened when Joan was granted an audience with Robert de Baudricourt. Requesting the aid for his son-in-law, René, the lord granted her permission to travel to Chinon and had several of his men escort her. Back in the Animus, 22 February 1429. Jeanne is gearing up, and at the suggestion of de Metz - cut her hair short and wore men's clothing. De Baudricourt also gives Jeanne a sword, although comments that he hoped she not have to use it. Leaving Vaucouleurs, de Metz, Gabriel, and another squire Bertrand de Poulengy accompanied her. Fast forwarding eleven days, Jeanne's group had stopped at the French-occupied village of Sainte-Catherine-de-Fierbois on their way to Chinon. During the night, Gabriel went with Jeanne to pray in the church of Saint Catherine. Jeanne confided in Gabriel again and told him of her "voices". Gabriel reaffirmed his loyalty to her. Simon, reliving the memory suddenly realized where the Sword of Eden must be.

Chapter 8

Victoria reports to Rikkin again, theorizing that Joan of Arc may have had contact with Consus. This new information interests Rikkin who asks they keep searching. During lunch, Victoria tells Simon to take a break while she does work. Simon meets with Anaya on the roof where she tells him of the new position she applied for. After congratulating her, Simon goes back downstairs and discusses his Consus theory with Victoria. He then reenters the Animus.

6 March 1429, Chinon, Jeanne's first meeting with the Dauphin. Alongside Gabriel and de Metz, Jeanne convinced the Dauphin to allow an audience. They arrived at Château de Chinon and entered the courtyard of Fort Coudray they dismounted and Jeanne was approached by Antoine Moreau, who proposed she sleep with him. Disgusted by his unholy words, she foretold his demise. Making their way through the courtyard of the second main fortress, Château du Milieu, Gabriel admired the garden. Gabriel, nervous at the prospect of meeting the Dauphin, was comforted by Jeanne.

Chapter 9

Entering the king's hall, Gabriel was taken aback from the sheer size of the place. Three hundred people showed up to hear Jeanne. Once inside the hall, Jeanne realized she could not see the Dauphin, Charles VII. Using her gift, she was able to pinpoint his location within the crown. He was wearing plain clothes, blending in completely. When Jeanne told of how she was the prophesied Maid of Lorraine, several people turned their backs on her believing her to be lying. Of those naysayers, Georges de la Trémoille the Count of Guînes was one such. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, Charles permitted a private audience. Jeanne proclaimed him the true heir to the throne. While giving her speech her radiance flared and an image of an "angel" appeared, placing a crown before Charles, whispering in the stillness. Reliving the memory, Simon concludes that the apparition of the "angel" can only have been the Assassin mentor.

Chapter 10

The Dauphin, now fully believing Jeanne, announces her as truly the maid of prophecy. Victoria and Simon talk about the "angel" being the Assassin mentor stealthily hiding in a hidden place in the room. Appearing as an apparition via their abilities. Wanting to research de Metz more, Simon has Victoria put him forward to their next interaction. 7 March 1429, Gabriel and de Metz spar while Jeanne spars with de Poulengy. De Metz gets to upper hand in their spar and Gabriel's sword is knocked out of his hands. One of the pages came forward with water for them. The young boy comments on Jeanne being strange, and Gabriel stands up for her. The page then noted that her prediction of Antoine the Giant came true an hour after they met. Jeanne soon approached solemnly, refuting she was not responsible for his death, only that she could see it was close. The page nodded and left. De Metz inquires as to what happened the previous night. Initially defensive Gabriel lets up after de Metz asks about Jeanne's "voices". However, after being distracted, de Metz knocks him out. When he came to, Gabriel's hands and feet were bound. In front of him were de Metz and another man. Simon surmises that the other man must be the Mentor. Gabriel, clearly angered at being restrained, asks de Metz if he had betrayed Jeanne. After de Metz and the "Mentor" revealed their Assassin allegiance the reassured Gabriel that they meant Jeanne no harm and that no harm would come to her. De Metz also tells Gabriel that their enemies are the Templars, who Gabriel thought to be long gone. Gabriel is then informed of his unique heritage and the abilities that come with it. When asked if he would have to join them, to which the "Mentor" rejected. Only telling the boy that they would train him hone his skills, as they would Jeanne.

Chapter 11

Gabriel accepted the Assassin's offer, but threatened them with death if they betrayed Jeanne. Simon, meanwhile, was aghast at the very thought his ancestor could have possibly been an Assassin - the enemy. Gabriel, now freed from his bonds, noticed de Metz's blade. De Metz was happy to educate him on the signature weapon of his order. De Metz then revealed that they were currently in Coudray dungeon. De Metz also refused to reveal the identity of the other Assassin, saying Gabriel would find out in time. He then mentioned that the Templars were in Chinon, their Grand Master, Jacques de Molay was imprisoned in the very cell they stood in at that moment. He pointed out the Grand Master's scribbling on the cell wall. De Metz asked Gabriel to use his sight, the Eagle Vision, to decipher the markings. Although the boy could not discern its meaning, de Metz was not disappointed. Simon, still disgusted at his ancestor allied with his enemy, noted that Zachary Morgenstern in Cryptology would enjoy analyzing the medieval graffiti. De Metz handed Gabriel his Hidden Blade and agreed to train him how to use it. Returning, the two saw Jeanne training to fight on horseback with a lance. Afterwards, the Dauphin met with them and introduced Jean, Duke of Alençon. The Duke offered to purchase a battle-hardened steed for Jeanne, although Charles quickly interjected that he still had not decided on letting her fight yet. When offered a sword, Jeanne declined it. Saying her "voices" told her a sword was waiting for her back in Sainte-Catherine-de-Fierbois. Gabriel and de Metz volunteered to retrieve it for her. Gabriel then noticed that the Duke could see Jeanne's radiance and concluded that he also had the sight.

Chapter 12

After several hours in the Animus, Victoria was ready to pull Simon out. She was starting to get concerned at his vital signs. With the sword so close in sight, Simon was adamant to continue. Victoria reluctantly agrees but warns him she will pull him out at the first sign of danger. Resuming Gabriel memories, it is 7 March again, at noon. Gabriel and de Metz arrived in Sainte-Catherine-de-Fierbois. While in the church, de Metz explained to Gabriel how their abilities descended from Those Who Came Before. When Father Michel entered, he read the letter from Jeanne pertaining to the sword under the altar. Unsurprised, the priest told them they would have to wait until the next day as they did not have the proper tools. Come the next day, the mason's dug away at the altar's flooring. De Metz and Gabriel stood by, sensing the Sword of Eden below. Gabriel was worried they would damage it but de Metz reassured that the swords have lasted millennia and wouldn't be damaged so easily. Unearthing the sword, Gabriel was amazed at how holy it seemed and wondered how no one else could sense it. Simon, however, passes out. He awoke to Victoria, Amanda, and two other technicians standing over him. Eager to resume he is stopped by Victoria, who insists he have a rest day. Simon refuses although to no effect. Victoria suggested to email Rikkin the next day asking for an extension and explaining the current situation. Left with no other option, Simon agrees to go home.

Chapter 13

Rodrigo discusses Anaya's new position and her replacement was already on his way. Anaya's co-workers Max and Andrew were shocked at the news. Anaya was also shocked at the speed they'd gotten a replacement for her. As a congratulatory dinner, Rodrigo took his team to Bella Cibo, a high-end restaurant. They then noticed Rikkin entering the restaurant with Victoria, although did not pay it much mind – except Anaya.

Elsewhere, Simon was in a cab on his way to his flat in Kensington. He received a text from Anaya informing him that she got the job, he was happy for her. Closing his eyes to rest a while he started suffering from early onsets of the Bleeding Effect, seeing Latin and hearing French when he slept. He was jolted from his sleep when the cab driver called to him, expressing concern. Simon looked pale, and the driver offered to help him to his flat. Simon denied the need for assistance, and after tipping the driver, entered his flat. After a hot shower, Simon saw Gabriel's reflection in the mirror for a mere second.

Chapter 14

Day 4. Anaya meets with her replacement, Benjamin Clarke, and notes how young he looks. He is then introduced to the rest of her coworkers. Simon meets with Victoria, after a stressful night he had overslept and did not send Rikkin the email - only drafted it. His interactions with Victoria become snappy, although he apologizes for it. Trying to organize to meet with Rikkin via his secretary, it becomes impossible as he is planning a trip to Spain. This news frustrates Simon who insists that they continue working.

8 March, 1429. Gabriel and de Metz discuss the sword after it had been retrieved by Father Michel and taken to be cleaned. Gabriel was disappointed that he didn't feel anything when he and de Metz held the sword, but he later concluded that it was not meant for them. De Metz reveals some minor details about his Brotherhood and their interest in Jeanne. Gabriel then began his training under de Metz, when sparring he managed to slightly push de Metz back. The Memory Corridor then closed around Simon, he remarked to Victoria that all this rigorous training would make him as chiseled as Adonis. Although he still expressed disgust at his ancestor's apparent Assassin affiliation. When the memory reformed, Gabriel and de Metz were outside, de Metz told Gabriel to gather as many pine boughs as he could but would not tell him the purpose. After gathering a large pile of boughs near a tree, Gabriel watched as de Metz nimbly climbed to the top of said tree. To Gabriel's horror, de Metz jumped, landing softly in the pile of pine boughs. Gabriel though him mad, but de Metz merely rebutted that its a skill passed down through his Brotherhood. De Metz then told Gabriel to do it, after some convincing he started climbing. Taking a deep breath, Gabriel leapt, straightening out his arms and was amazed at how his body seemed exactly what to do. It was an exhilarating experience, after he landed de Metz asked if he wanted to do it again which Gabriel was eager to.

Chapter 15

Simon has a short break in the Memory Corridor while Victoria playfully jests that the Assassin training might make him want to change sides. Brushing it aside, he then asks to resume the memories as the is more training to do. 6 March, 1429, de Metz trains Gabriel on how to operate and use the Hidden Blade. Although Gabriel was hesitant to actually use it, fearing what it meant to take a life. They were then interrupted by the arrival of the King's courier, Colet de Vienne, with a letter from Jeanne. All of Gabriel's worries suddenly subsided as he took the letter to read it. The letter detailed how Jeanne awaited Gabriel's return with the sword while she was in Poitiers. She also expressed her precautions at all the precautions people were taking around her, including an exorcism by Father Jean Fournier in Vaucouleurs. She detailed how the people of Orléans continued to suffer while she did nothing. Also that Queen Yolande was coming to meet with her and that the Duke of Alençon was currently keeping her company. She ended her letter saying that she missed her "shadow". Victoria asks Simon if he needs a break, but Simon simply wanted to see more.

12 March, 1429. Jeanne had been staying with Jean Rabateau, an advocate for the Parliament of Paris, while she was in Poitiers. Gabriel and de Metz arrive and Jeanne rushes out to greet them. Gabriel is once again love-struck as he sees her in a sundress. Gabriel was then greeted by the Duke saying that Jeanne greatly missed him while he was away. Almost forgetting the purpose of his journey he unveiled the Sword, they had been delayed because the people of Sainte-Catherine-de-Fierbois insisted on making a sheath for it. Upon grasping the Sword, it lit up in Jeanne's hands. Strange symbols adorned the blade. It was then that Gabriel and de Metz knew they could win the war, with Jeanne's help.

Simon had finally sent Rikkin the email he had drafted. In it he details their progress, asks to examine the sword himself and also for an extension. Rikkin, who read the email several hours later at his favorite club, Blake's, accepted his request for the sword but not for an extension, wanting him to focus.

Chapter 16

After being pulled from Animus by Victoria, Simon was still in awe at how the Sword had reacted to Joan's touch. After a thirty minute break and a shower, Simon arrived at Temp's to meet with Victoria. He was five minutes early however, and so decided to order a drink. He noticed his favored waiter, Poole, was nowhere to be seen. Instead he was served by Lyndsey, the same blonde girl that served Simon and Victoria last time. Simon was then called over by Anaya accompanied by a young man whom Anaya introduced as Ben, her replacement. In polite conversation Ben called Anaya by her nickname of 'Ny' which didn't seem to bother her. This perplexed Simon, as he knew she hated it. Nonetheless, Simon still politely interacted with Ben and even explained some of the finer points of tea and helped him order the right one. Before Simon could explain further the Historical Research Division's role in the latest video game by Abstergo Entertainment, Victoria arrived. She then sneakily sent him a secret text: "Heard from R. N on deadline Y on S." Despite Simon's frustration about not being trusted, he was being allowed use of the Sword. He replied with "Need to tell him about J's reaction." After Victoria joined the group, Simon ordered breakfast while Anaya discreetly probed the Canadian for information pertaining to a secret meeting with Abstergo CEO Alan Rikkin. Though the Canadian remained tight-lipped. Simon wondered if Ben was also a Templar, he argued with himself that he had to be given the nature of his work, but also doubted it too. Simon promised to give Ben a tour of the city before excusing himself from his finished breakfast to return to work. As he was leaving he received a text from Anaya with the need to talk, but Simon couldn't at that moment and so postponed a meetup between the two.

Simon and Victoria then entered the elevator to reach the Animus Room. Amanda Sekibo met them at the doors when they opened, A package had arrived for Simon and Sekibo had been instructed not to touch it. Simon nodded his thanks and entered the Animus Room. The package was in a simple brown paper bag, almost disappointing. Unwrapping it, they unveil a meter-long, polished wood box. Inside the box was Piece of Eden 25, Joan of Arc's sword, laid in a bed of crushed blue velvet. The sword was very much dead and Simon could not feel anything emanating from the sword like Gabriel felt in Sainte-Catherine-de-Fierbois. Accepting that the sword was completely depleted, Simon re-entered the Animus, set on uncovering the identity of the French Assassin Mentor.

22 March 1429. Jeanne dictated a letter in the presence of Gabriel, the Duke of Alençon, and de Metz, making demands directed at the King of England, the Dukes of Bedford, Suffolk, and the Lords of Talbot, and Scales to surrender to her by the will of God. Alençon commended her speech while the poor young scribe had grown paler with every word of Jeanne's. A servant of Madame Rabateau entered the room asking if they were done, which they were. Jeanne left the scribe to write what she had said, before signing her name (as taught by Gabriel) for the King. As the Duke and de Metz retired for the night, Gabriel was left to accompany Jeanne. Madame Rabateau and her servant later fussed over Jeanne who felt quite out of place among more feminine girls than herself. The moment was interrupted by the arrival of the Dauphin's mother-in-law, Yolande of Aragon and everyone stopped to bow or curtsey. Gabriel then realized the identity of the Assassin Mentor, not Alençon as he first thought, but the Queen herself.

Victoria mused through the Animus about such a revelation to Simon.

Chapter 17

Simon meanwhile, inside the Animus, was frustrated that he didn't see the obvious. Like his ancestor, he believed the Duke of Alençon was the Mentor.

In the simulation, The queen greeted her audience. All the while, no one suspecting the relationship between her and de Metz. As Yolande talked with Jeanne, Gabriel's mind reeled from the knowledge that someone like the Queen of Aragon was an Assassin. He began to analyze her movements picking up on subtle things along the way. Movement similar to de Metz, and Gabriel himself, although he was still learning. As Yolande cupped Jeanne's face, the young saint did not shy away. Gabriel realized that Jeanne had not realized that it was Yolande whispering in the Dauphin's ear. Jeanne and the queen then left to talk in the privacy of Jeanne's bedroom while Gabriel excused himself to search for de Metz.

Waiting for him outside, de Metz and Gabriel then talked of what he had just learned. Gabriel revealed his disdain for keeping secrets from Jeanne, but de Metz informed him it was not time for her to know. When he recalling suspecting the Duke of Alençon as being the Mentor, de Metz scoffed at the notion. Alençon was merely a novice too, barely ahead of Gabriel himself. They then discussed the queen, Yolande. De Metz later explained parts of his Creed's non-discriminatory recruitment process, along with stating that because Gabriel recognized her as the Mentor he would be given an audience.

Simon then exited the simulation and found himself in the Memory Corridor. After getting his breathing under control, having had to process this new information, he informed Victoria not to pull him out. His stats, good with the ocassional spike due to shock, were no signs of concern. He calmly resumed his session.

In the room of an inn that de Metz had rented, he and Gabriel awaited the arrival of Yolande. Gabriel paced nervously, de Metz wanting him to relax offered him some wine, which he refused. Still contemplating how a queen sneaks about unnoticed. Before de Metz could finish reassuring Gabriel, telling him not to worry about such things, a hooded individual flipped in from the window uupside-down and closed the shutters. Gabriel took in her appearance as much as he could. Being called something unplanned for, Gabriel quickly took de Metz's earlier offer of wine. Yolande revealed her son as René d'Anjou (son-in-law to the Duke of Lorraine) and how much power she had over the Dauphin and through René, power over Robert de Baudricourt. Yolande also noted her son's approval of Jeanne, and despite not officially fighting in her army would lend his strength another way. After hearing stories of a Maid of Prophecy, Yolande had asked her son to suggest that his father invite her to visit. All to get Jeanne to wear she is currently, Yolande also expressed interest in her sword. Believing that Jeanne was a woman of true conviction and faith, Yolande knew that she could help them drive back the English and the Templars harbored among them. Jeanne would have the queen's full support and that of the Brotherhood. One thing that Jeanne could do to help turn the tide, Yolande continued, was to give people hope.

Chapter 18

As Simon returned to the Memory Corridor, he was still annoyed at himself for never having considered Yolande a candidate for Assassin Mentor. Denying the need for a break, the simulation continued. Pushed forward to when Jeanne was with her army.

21 April 1429
Gabriel rode with Jeanne and her entourage from Tours to Blois to meet the rest of the army. Jeanne, now with the support of the Dauphin, was equipped with a full set of plate armor created specially to fit her small frame. The Duke of Alençon had also given Jeanne a fine noble steed, a white destrier. She also now had the Sword of Eden sheathed at her side, its old velvet sheath had been replaced by a simple leather one. While in Tours, Jeanne had commissioned the creation of two banners, one depicted Christ on the cross, given to her confessor, Friar Jean Pasquerel. The other was her personal standard, designed with the help of her Voices, it depicted Christ amidst the clouds, sitting in judgment, and a humble angel offering in his cupped hands a Fleur-de-lis for the Lord's blessing. Jeanne loved it more than her sword, as it hers alone, something that perplexed Alençon. Her standard would encourage men to fight.

Jeanne also had a dozen horses at her disposal, five for battle and several for everday needs. She had many men under her; a steward Jean d'Aulon, two pages; Louis and Raymond, two heralds; Ambleville and Guyenne. Alençon noted that heralds had immunity from capture making them invaluable. Thus meaning that Jeanne, leading a force of several hundred men, should be treated with the highest respect. Jean de Metz was not among the soldiers, still working in the shadows, and also at the command of de Baudricourt. Jeanne and Gabriel missed him terribly, before departing de Metz warned Gabriel that eyes were on him at all times. Jeanne was never seen without her armor, although would forget her helm often. When Jeanne told Gabriel "I have but a year, little more" relayed what her Voices said. Gabriel fearing that she would die in a year's time, was corrected by Jeanne, saying that she had a year to bring stability to France, to free Orléans and crown Charles as king.

They arrived in Blois, a safe place for French soldiers. Yolande as promised, had delivered wagons and carts full of food and other supplies. the Duke of Alençon, arriving with the supplies, cantered up to greet Jeanne and Gabriel. He informed them that the Bastard of Orléans had come to aid them, Alençon however could not join them in the fight against the English, not until he had fully paid back his ransom (following his capture at Battle of Verneuil). Jeanne's brothers Pierre and Jean had also come to support her. They got her letter (written by Gabriel with Jeanne's ditaction while they were in Chinon), the letter made their parents weep. Pierre assured his sister that their parents forgive and love her, even telling her that because of her fame people were coming to their house and paying lodging.

Jeanne then noticed several men consorting with ribaudes (or camp followers, prostitutes), Gabriel followed her gaze and witnessed as she marched up to the men and started lightly hitting the women with the flat of her blade. Scaring off most of the girls, all but one who was around Jeanne's age and was memorized by her radiance. She too then ran away. Jeanne scolded the men and made them go to the priests and confess. Meanwhile, Alençon laughed heartily at the situation.

14 October 2016
The simulation ends, and Simon is returned to the Memory Corridor. Victoria and Simon chat about the session, particularly about how Joan used the Sword of Eden to chase out camp followers, a supposedly fabricated story proven historically accurate. According to rumors spread by Alençon; Joan in fact broke the sword striking one of the women, but this was false. Simon was glad that Joan's family reconciled with her. He also suspected that her parents had Isu DNA, but not her brothers. Her mother, Isabelle Romée, was an independent woman who embarked on dangerous pilgrimages. Her father, Jacques d'Arc, had a nightmare of Joan "going off with soldiers" (becoming a camp follower), and even told her brothers to drown her if she did. Joan knew about the nightmare, and although she did go off with soldiers, it was not in the way her father expected.

They then prepare to continue the simulation. To Orléans.

Special Edition

This premium hardcover edition features exclusive art sketches and behind the scenes interviews, as well as a special code to unlock Assassin's Creed rewards through Ubisoft Club's loyalty program.

The book was also released with a special edition that included eight exclusive artworks by Jose Holder, one of which could be accessed through the URL hidden on the book's cover; interviews with Golden, Aymar Azaïzia, and Anouk Bachman; and a Ubisoft Club code that could be redeemed for 20U, a Club badge, and 500 Club XP.


Assassin's Creed: Heresy was first announced on 22 September 2016, as was the involvement of author Christie Golden. Heresy is the first Assassin's Creed novel to be published by Ubisoft's own internal book-publishing division.[2] The cover design was photographed by Faceout Studio's Art Director Jeff Miller. His main goal in creating the cover was to show a dichotomy of past and present.[3]


In Chapter 3, there is an error with "May Day", a festival celebrated on 1 May, the day is described as being a Thursday, however 1 May 1428 was in fact a Friday.

In Chapter 9, Jeanne erroneously calls the Dauphin (the future Charles VII of France), the son of "Louis", when he was actually the son of Charles VI. Louis XI was the son of Charles VII.



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