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Assassin's Creed: Fragments – The Highlands Children[2] (French: Assassin's Creed: Fragments – Les Enfants des Highlands) is a novel by Alain T. Puysségur. It was released in French on 16 September 2021, [3] as the second entry in the Assassin's Creed: Fragments young adult series by 404 Éditions. An English translation was released on 14 November 2023.

The events of the novel take place in Scotland, following Fillan and his sister Ailéas during the invasion by King Edward I of England in 1296, and focused on the local culture of the Highlands.[4]

Official synopsis[]

Scotland, 1296. The English troops of King Edward are ordered to attack and ransack the Scottish town of Berwick. During the chaos of the battle, Fillian and his twin sister Aileas get separated. Fillian finds protection within a mysterious group of warriors, while Aileas is saved from certain death by an English Captain. Thrust into the dangers of the violent conflict opposing not only Scotland and England, but also Assassins and Templars, each teen embarks on their own perilous journey. When the time comes, will the two siblings be reunited?[2]


Chapter 1 — Shadows[]

In the middle of the night at Berwick, a shop is broken into by goldsmith Glenn. Within moments, Glenn is held by scissors at his neck by a young woman named Ailéas, who released him upon recognition. Behind the shop's counter, experienced tailor Alastair Aitken talks with Glenn, who looked at the shop's current destruction, and they discuss the battle outside their doors. Four days earlier, a battalion of English soldiers were ordered by King Edward I of England to attack Berwick in retaliation to King John Balliol of Scotland allying with the French and rejecting a call to arms from King Edward. Soon, Ailéas' twin brother Fillan returns and asks Glenn of his purpose here while welcoming him. Glenn demands that they all leave as the town's leader is readying to abdicate, leading to all of their deaths.

Alastair agrees but is quickly reprimanded by Glenn for his lack of haste. Although Fillian defends his master, the tailor soon sends the teenager away to pack while he talks with Glenn about their preparations. Meanwhile, Ailéas ponders at leaving her home and recalls when Alastair took them in after the parents were massacred eight years ago and made them his apprentices. After Glenn leaves, Ailéas comments that they are leaving others behind. Alastair states that survival is the upmost importance and that they must leave. He soon tells the twins to tell one more guild member before they leave. They leave their home while Ailéas tries to talk about their parents, but Fillan shuts down any conversation about it. They soon arrive at the cobbler's door but finds the cobbler killed and his shop ransacked. Immediately, shouts are heard while news spread of the leader's surrender while a man tells the twins to run. Although Ailéas tries to help him, the man, bleeding from a spear in his back, yells at them to run. The twins run immediately from incoming English troops.

Chapter 2 — Massacre[]

With Berwick in chaos, the twins try to escape and make their way back to Alastair, but come across three young soldiers who held a grudge against Fillan. Fillian goads them into a fight but is beaten down by one of the soldiers. Before the soldier could stab him, Ailéas knocks him out and scares the other soldiers away. Embarrassed, Fillian pushes her hand away and then both continued on their way. Venturing past bodies and people running, they arrive at Alastair's shop but finds Alastair beaten up by unknown soldiers wearing red capes. The leader demands him to tell them the location of the Children of Fal but Alastair remains silent. After the leader chokes him, he lets him go and plunges his sword into Alastair. Shocked, the twins tear up while Fillan lets out a cry. The leader tells his men to seize them but Ailéas tells Fillan to run for the quays.

Escaping within the crowds of people running, the twins head for the roofs and then react to the chaos and fires burning their hometown. Meanwhile, their pursuers sought them and pushed or slew down any bodies in their way. Fortunately, they managed to escape the soldiers but Fillan falls behind Ailéas, who heads for the quays. Before he could change direction, he hears Ailéas scream aloud.

Chapter 3 — Rupture[]

Fillan looks for his sister but finds a man on the floor dying on his last breath instead. Traversing through the madness, he becomes overcome with relief of not seeing Ailéas' body but feels anguish over the casualities. However, he finds Ailéas' blood and ripped fabric soon and then sees her motionless body being carried by a English soldier. Before he can act, he was grabbed by one of the red cape soldiers. Fortunately, a burning building falls atop the soldier and Fillan escapes, but not before losing sight of Ailéas. Fillan manages to overlook the massacre happening in front of him and makes his way to the town square. The remaining resistance, which included blacksmith Charles, composed of a last ditch effort to fight the English. Soon, while running, Fillan loses his footing as a dead body falls atop of him.

Pushing the body off him, Fillan begins to run again and evades capture. Sadly, he comes across Glenn dead in a sea of blood and other corpses. He soon finds his way to the quays but finds most of the boats burning. He remembers a large pontoon he boarded and swims towards it. Calling out for any survivors, he realizes an incoming English soldier with a dagger in his hand. Paralyzed, he accepts his fate but falls down from a blow to his head. Before losing consciousness, he hopes to see his sister again in death.

Chapter 4 — Mercenaries[]

Fillan wakes up to feel the grass on his face and wrists bounded. Soon, he finds himself eavesdropping on a conversation between a Norwegian man and a woman talking about why the Brotherhood wants him. Soon, another man named Edan notices Fillan awake and raises him to sit up right. Edan tries to have Fillan talk but the boy is shaking in terror and pain from what he escaped. The other man, whose build is tremendous and frightening, asks Fillan to recount everything that happened. As best he can, Fillan tells them all what has transpired, especially Alastair's death. Realizing he cannot fight back, Fillan tries to run away. However, he is tripped by another woman in the group of mercenaries.

The Norwegian soon goes to the boy and states that this is a child's way. Fillan states that he is not a child, admits his name, and wants to go back to Berwick. However, the Norwegian states that the village is gone and thus his sister. Realizing time is against them, they all prepare to leave with Fillan. Meanwhile, the Norwegian brings Fillan to an edge of the forest, where they can see Berwick burning. Trying to convince him to leave, the man reveals his name to be Sören and how he and the others were tasked by the Brotherhood to bring him and his sister to them to Dalkeith. Although he senses something off, Fillan agrees to go with Sören and his mercenaries. Ready, they depart to meet the Brotherhood.

Chapter 5 — Hunted[]

Fillan rides along the mercenaries to their destination, despite the struggle of riding and the bad omen of leaving Berwick behind. Moira suggests to take his time riding but he almost loses control of his steed. After finding a place to rest, Fillan hopes to sleep after they rode for most of the day. Before he can, Sören talks with him about who the mercenaries are and gives him food. He confirms the bald man is Edan and one of the women is Kyle, who begins to tussle with Edan. Too tired, Fillan falls asleep while Sören assigns Edan first guard duty. While trying to sleep, Fillan keeps waking up from nightmares in his sleep.

The next day, they begin to ride again, but are joined by two more mercenaries Craig and Fergus. While riding, Sören assigns Kyle to leave the group midway. Fillan soon notices Edan becoming more restless while still tired from the journey. Resting for a moment, Fillan awakes from the sound of swords clashing. While the sound ends, Fillan arms himself with a branch only to see Kyle escort a captured English soldier forward. She states that three of them were tracking them. Sören interrogates the soldier, who, after a moment with a dagger, admits to tracking the boy after being told a description. After talking with the other mercenaries, Sören quickly kills the soldier, much to Fillan's horror.

Chapter 6 — Captivity[]

An injured person wakes up in a camp of English soldiers and notices their injuries. Within the tent, she notices three other injured people and then a captain named Bradley checks up on her wounds. He warns her not to move and rest for her injuries, however the captive distrusts the captain. Realizing they need to escape, they leave but barely makes it to a stream. Soon, a commander finds them but not before Bradley comes to excuse the captive as an English soldier hallucinating. Outranking the commander, Bradley hurries the captive back but the commander comes back for a report and notices the truth of the captive. Instantly, Bradley slits the commander's throat and hides the body. Hurrying the young captive back into the tent, Bradley tells them to be careful as he cannot save them again.

Chapter 7 — Cranshaws[]

For the next two days, Fillan drifts in and out of consciousness until he wakes up to see Moira tending to him. Before long, both he and Moira walk to the river as he realizes a wound across his face. Moira reveals that they all decided to hide Fillan's appearance with a scar, which happens to be superficial. Sören enters and asks Fillan why the English are after him. Fillan admits that the English may think that he killed a captain but admits it was a blacksmith. Calm, Sören tells Fillan to clean up while he states their venture towards Cranshaws. Moira has Fillan ride with her as they ride towards the village. Within a day, they arrive at Cranshaws but notice a bleak atmosphere around the village.

Craig scouts the area while the rest of the group waits. However, an alarm is raised, which makes the group ride into the town. They soon see Craig having killed two English soldiers while they see the bodies around the houses. Realizing it is a trap, Sören orders his mercenaries to fight while Fergus stays with Fillan. Within seconds, the mercenaries fight off seven soldiers, two of whom fight Sören. However, although one of English soldiers remain, a battalion enters from the other side of the town. Fillan recognizes the leader as the antler leader of the red capes and readies a sword. Ignoring Sören and Fergus' orders, Fillan runs towards the captain, who stares back with his black eyes. Terrorized, Fillan freezes on the spot.

Chapter 8 — Lann Fala[]

A fire begins to grow and take over the whole village while the antlered-helmet man winds up his sword. Sören yells for Craig, who defends Fillan from the man's attack. Instantly, Craig fights the man while Moira angrily grabs a frozen Fillan and scolds him for his idiocy. Moira and Fillan are jumped by a soldier, but Moira quickly kills him and they rush towards the horses next to Fergus. With more Englishmen coming, they all retreat while Craig sacrificed himself and is beheaded by the leader. Despite Edan's desire to fight, they all escape by twelve miles. While they wonder if they are safe, Sören immediately grabs Fillan by the neck and demands answers from him.

Fillan states that the man killed Alastair and how the English are after him over a dead captain. However, Sören divulges that the man is called Cornavii, a leader of a group of trackers called the Lann Fala. The mercenaries talk about abandoning the mission but Sören disagrees. Angry, Sören throws a sword in front of Fillan and orders him to fight. Shaky, Fillan is able to block a sword attack from Sören but loses the sword. Sören immediately breaks Fillan's nose but not before Moira steps in to stop. However, right before Sören is going to backhand Fillan, he notices a birthmark on Fillan's wrist. Walking off, he orders the rest to set up camp while Kyle helps Fillan up. Confused, Fillan wonders why Sören left in such a state.

Chapter 9 — Trust[]

At camp, Fillan has not seen Sören the full morning while Moira tends to his dislocated nose. However, he sees everyone looking at him and judging him for having Craig sacrifice himself. Kyle moves towards him and tries to console him about his part in Craig's part. She also reveals that Fergus is feeling the worse with Craig having been his cousin. Kyle asks why Fillan tried to attack Cornavii and he explains that the man killed his mentor Alastair and indirectly killed his twin sister. Kyle soon asks where he is from and Fillan admits that he only remembers his clan dying when he was eight but not anymore where he came from, sadly. Kyle soon asks about Ailéas, to which Fillan remembers how alike they look but how different they were to each other.

Happy, Fillan recalls his memories with Ailéas in Berwick while talking with Kyle. Kyle admits how she was an only child and how her father named her Kyle over wanting one boy. Fillan soon turns sour over recalling how unfair he treated Ailéas and asks Kyle why she wants to know. Kyle wonders why they drifted apart and Fillan knows that it was mostly because of his attitude and actions towards her. Kyle explains that when they arrive in Dalkeith, he must somber less and grow up. Initially mad, Fillan realizes that Kyle wants to advise him to be someone new.

Chapter 10 — Training[]

Fillan wakes up to a sheathed sword in his face and Kyle over him. Together, they slip out of the tent while Kyle tells him that she is going to train him how to fight. After chastizing him, Kyle leads him to a clearing and starts to help him on how to properly grasp a sword. Embarassed, Fillan holds his tongue as he knows that he was not the fighter like Ailéas. After a moment, he learns how to hold a sword but then Kyle points out his amateurish stance. Time passes and Fillan stops fighting and just listens to Kyle. Although she still corrects him, Fillan asks if the rest still hates him. Kyle retorts that she figures that he grew up in the south due to his interest in what others think of him.

Fillan then asks about the Lann Fala but Kyle shoots him with a dark look as she explains the danger they represent. She explains they are a part of another group but stops herself when Fillan asks who. Instantly, Kyle swings her sword at him and practices once more. Soon, after Kyle calms down Fillan's worries, Sören appears and takes Kyle to talk. Kyle and Sören talk about Fillan's training while Kyle worries over the Lann Fala tracking them. She soon asks why, which Sören admits that he believes Fillan to be a Child of Fal. Shocked, Kyle realizes they are in more danger than expected.

Chapter 11 — Meeting[]

Whilst riding to Dalkeith, Fillan continues his training with Kyle and earns bruises for every time Kyle lands a "fatal" blow. On the seventh day, Fillan sees the towers of the fort and grows worried. Sören notices and tells him that the village and the land is held by the Patrick of the Graham clan, a purebred Scotsman who rather fight than let the English in willingly. When they enter the village, the mercenaries pull their hoods down while Fillan is amazed at the oblivion of the townspeople. Moira states that they are readying for Bealltainn. Sören tells the group to wait while he and Fillan head to the contact.

Entering an inn, Sören speaks to the bartender, who goes to the back. Within moments, they meet with an equally tall man named Deorsa, who asked why they all took so long. Stern, Sören admits that they hit some snags, including Cornavii. Deorsa remains stalwart and Sören grows enraged that the Brotherhood kept this from him. Deorsa tells that this happens when you leave and Sören grabs the man by the neck while Fillan watches intensely. After a brief spat, Sören releases Deorsa. Deorsa soon looks at Fillan and wonders why he is scarred. Sören states to evade capture and notice by the English and the Lann Fala. Deorsa soon informs Sören that they must take him to Scone, much to Sören's dismay. Deorsa promises to double the price, which calms Sören's anger and the Norwegian accepts. Joyful, Deorsa asks them to stay for Bealltainn. While Deorsa left, Fillan feels uneased as he knows less of what has happened and why he is in the middle of all of this.

Chapter 12 — Trust[]

After battling through an infection and staying silent with Bradley, the injured captive reveals herself to be Ailéas. Through time and silence, she breaks down her defenses and talks with Bradley. After a while, she plays chance with him as the other injured died earlier. She finally asks him why he saved her, to which he initially stated because of honor. However, she prods him for the truth and thus he points to her wrist and her birthmark. Bradley reveals that before he became a soldier, he was a traveler and spent time in the Highlands. One instance after a bear attack, he was found and healed by a clan with the same birthmark. As a request, he was told to protect those with the same birthmark.

Afterwards, while Bradley dealt with a small matter, Ailéas feels at ease. When he returned, they continue their game of chance. However, Ailéas asks what happens now. Bradley states the battalion is moving forward and Ailéas is healed enough to walk. Ailéas asks why he would stay but Bradley admits that the Lann Fala is hunting her from the Massacre of Berwick. He continues to reveal that they are part of a group called the Templars, who have allied with King Edward. Bradley also informs her of Fillan's survival, much to Ailéas' satisfaction. Ailéas wonders why she is joining them but Bradley surmises that under the enemy's nose is better and how she can seen as a healer for her cover. Ailéas tries to protest but Bradley makes a point of the Lann Fala using her to find him. Scared for her brother, the dice roll from Bradley's hands. Unsure of the future of the war, they both continue while Ailéas fears for hers and Fillan's survival.

Chapter 13 — Uncertainty[]

With Deorsa's lies, Fillan and the mercenaries are able to find sleep in the inn in Dalkeith. Fillan is unable to garner a conversation with Deorsa while he learns from Sören that the Graham clan and other Scottish chiefs were planning to hold the English off at Dunbar. Meanwhile, Fergus and Edan frequent a promisicious establishment within the village while Kyle and Fillan continue to train together. After four days, Fillan's training comes to a new turn when Sören comes to take a turn with Fillan. Making good progress, Fillan begins to duel with Sören while asking him about Deorsa's involvement. Sören explains that Deorsa is part of the Brotherhood as a spy while putting Fillan on his feet. He also explains what the Brotherhood is but grows annoyed at Fillan's questioning.

Fillan asks more about the Children of Fal and the Lann Fala but Sören grows more rageful and starts to beat on the boy further. Disarmed, Fillan tries to fight back but Sören manages to hold him and calls him a coward and a child. However, Fillan expresses that he is not, which leads Sören to add him to a small raid on an English party near the village with him and Kyle. Sören states that the plan is to eliminate the English soldiers before leaving Fillan on the ground. Afraid, Fillan is terrified over the thought of his first fight, let alone the prospect of his first kill.

Chapter 14 — Raid[]

Sören leads his group to the English camp and has Fillan armored well for their task. Fillan recalls of Deorsa's worry but was stopped by Kyle, who gave him a pendant of Ogme, a god of the Tuatha Dé Danann. At the encampment, Sören signals his group to ready their swords while he disappears into the shadows. Fillan is tasked to kill a sleeping guard while the rest deal with the other soldiers. Left alone, Fillan approaches the camp while hiding among the trees and bushes. He waits to make sure any noises are left alone and ignores Sören's signal while he overhears the soldiers talking about how Cornavii's men returned back to Berwick. While nearing the tent, Fillan hears the most slightest sound of Sören and the group taking out the soldiers Fillan heard earlier. In the tent, he sees the soldier asleep and notices their age resemblance. However, Sören comes in and takes the blade to kill the English guard in his sleep. Sören explains to Fillan on how to act quick and solve what inner turmoil he has. After Sören leaves, Fillan cannot stop thinking and hallucinating about Ailéas.

Chapter 15 — Bealltainn[]

In Dalkeith, the festival of Bealltainn has commenced with great fervor as the people celebrate and rouse each other, especially Fergus and his playing. However, the fires and commotion make Fillan relive the massacre again. While sulking around, he meets a seemingly drunk Deorsa who congratulates him on his "first" kill. Admitting Sören helped him, Fillan soon asks Deorsa what the Brotherhood wants with him. However, Deorsa sobers up and tells Fillan to remain quiet and find time to himself away from the mercenaries. While Deorsa leaves, Kyle comes to check in on Fillan. Soon, they watch a druid perform her ritual and then meet with the druidess. Kyle introduces her as Tilda and asks her to read Fillan before the other people. Reluctant, Fillan agrees while Tilda takes them into her cottage. Reading Fillan, Tilda tells him how his guilt weighs him down and he must face his emotions in order to grow.

Tilda also reminds him that he must address it sooner rather than later. Leaving the cottage, Kyle begins to cheer up Fillan and starts to enjoy the festival together. Dancing and drinking the night away, they return back to their training ground where Kyle kisses him. Before he can respond, Fillan is suddenly blinded with a hood and taken away. Hitting his head, he becomes unconsciousness after hearing stones scraping each other.

Chapter 16 — Rite[]

Fillan wakes up, only to find himself alone in a dolmen, an ancient chamber where bodies were placed for eternal rest. Cutting himself on the sharp stones around him, he soon envisions a younger Ailéas and finds himself screaming. Believing it may be the power of Bealltainn, he stops screaming and talks to the young Ailéas. Calling her by her nickname "Ale," Fillan begins to cry and ask for forgiveness, which she states "It's no use," before disappearing. Overwrought with a multitude of emotions, Fillan hears her voice, which states he must forgive himself not her.

The voice soon changes to Tilda's and he begins to understand that he must protect himself. Soon, he recalls a memory of him and Ailéas and builds up his determination to move forward. Calming down, Fillan looks around to find his way out and finds a boulder blocking his way. Finding a broken femur, Fillan looks and finds a small opening. Budging the bone through it, he manages to create an opening and cool air blows against him. Narrowly escaping, he breathes and feels relieved at being somewhat reborn. Walking from the mound, he finds Sören smiling.

Chapter 17 — Leith[]

Fillan has gone through the Bealltainn rite of confinement while Sören explains it is an old practice that the Scottish Brotherhood and his own group still do. Fillan walks off silently and went towards Kyle, to whom he practiced his anger onto during their sparring. After the festival ends, Deorsa tells the mercenaries to leave the town after noon to go to Leith and then to Scone. After a day of riding, they all arrive in Leith but still silent with each other. However, they wore off their welcome in Dalkeith after Edan tried to seduce the baker's and the blacksmith's wives. Sören, Fergus, and Edan plan to go find a captain to sail them while Fillan and the women stay at the Shor'O Forth inn.

While Fillan, Moira, and Kyle make their way past the merchants, the druidess senses tension and has Kyle and Fillan talk about the rite. Fillan finally breaks and insults Kyle for using his feelings while Kyle retorts back with kicking him. Moira stops them and states they both have feelings for each other but they are acting immature about it. Entering the inn, they sit down before Moira leaves them to talk out their feelings. Kyle states that she wanted to kiss him and it was just unfortunate that the rite happened after, before calling him a simpleton again. Before he can say anything, Kyle leaves to find Moira. Remembering the taverns in Derwick, he soon catches glimpse of a red-haired woman and believes her to be Ailéas.

Chasing after her, Fillan catches up to her, only to see her to be a stranger. Distraught, he goes back to the inn, only to find a Lann Fala soldier apparently attacking him. Having left his sword in the inn, he dodges the man's dagger and manages to disarm him. Before the man could run, Fillan kills him in a rage and is found and stopped by Sören, who readies the group to leave quickly. Climbing to the roofs, Sören and Fillan escape while the group go to a captain's group to escape the soldiers nearby. Inside the boat, he calms down while Kyle sits besides him. Kyle tells him that he protected himself and that he did not kill an innocent before leaving him with a kiss on the cheek. Sailing away from Leith, Fillan washes his hand on the Forth while containing his vengeful unsubsided rage.

Chapter 18 — Hold[]

Ailéas is distraught and enraged at the fact of what Bradley allows his soldiers to commit to the women of Scotland. She hears everything they have done and questions Bradley's integrity. Initially silent, Bradley admits that the war is a reluctant but necessary evil to much greater danger of civil war within Scotland. Ailéas believes that the massacre of her people and her home in Berwick speak to the contrary. He states that this will lead to negotiations of a new ruler for Scotland. Several days pass while Ailéas speak very sparcely with Bradley. She learns that the soldiers head to Dunbar, an important stronghold. She recalls a visit there years ago with Alastair but now her heart sinks over its impending demise.

Ailéas overhears Bradley in his tent talking with two of his commanders on how they must prepare for Sir Patrick de Graham's resistance at Dunbar. Before they can continue, Cornavii walks in unannounced. Cornavii asks why the assault has not started but Bradley states he is staging a flawless strategy for the King. However, he states that he and his men will not be on the battlefield and will take care of more important matters. Bradley waits and bows to Cornavii while Ailéas sees a glance from Cornavii to her and wants revenge. She stays still in the bushes. Cornavii and Bradley talk alone and Cornavii tells him that he will take over his militia once they arrive in Perth and in Scone. Much to his dismay, Bradley holds back his anger and shows worry over Cornavii and the Lann Fala's presences.

Chapter 19 — Brotherhood[]

Fillan follows Sören and the mercenaries across the Forth and to a port at Burnisland and after two weeks, they arrive at Scone Abbey and meet with Thomas de Balmerino. Sören leaves to speak with Thomas while Fillan continues to ask why he is brought here, but is met with no response. He looks around the abbey and feels guilt over the life he took in Leith. Soon, Deorsa surprises him and informs him of learning of his killing of a thief and how Cornavii has not made the connection yet. Fillan shouts back at the spy while a Highlander comes to address Deorsa to make sure he has all the information they need. While Deorsa walks away, the Highlander introduces himself to be William Wallace, a member of the Brotherhood, to Fillan.

Fillan and William talk about his arrival and William relates his plight to his own and how Sören brought him to be part of the Assassins. He continues to explain that a meeting will take a place and answer any question Fillan may have. He also explains how Alastair was an ally to them and will be missed. They soon come upon the Stone of Destiny, where William details its legend and how from the time of the Gaels, the King of Scotland went through a rite of passage for their coronation at the stone. He also admits that another name is the Stone of Fal, which makes Fillan find a connection to the Children of Fal. William assures him that all will be revealed soon enough.

Chapter 20 — Child of Fal[]

Sören and Fillan walk to the council meeting despite Fillan being tired. After going below the abbey through a secret passage, Fillan notices the structure change as the surroundings were not of dirt or rock. Sören explains that it was built from before and advises to watch his steps. Making their way across a bridge, they enter a large circular room, where five armchairs are set up. There, Fillan finds Thomas, Deorsa, William Wallace and another member, Amy of the Comyn clan. Thomas asks Fillan of his knowledge but Fillan responds only knowing of their existence. Thomas explains that this is the case as they wanted the mercenaries only know of him and his sister, but nothing more.

Thomas continues to talk about the war between the Assassins and Templars and their differences. He also explains about certain artifacts that the Templars seek to control the populace under their rule. He tries to explain that they were gifts from before, especially from the Tuatha Dé Danann. Fillan asks why he is involved until he remembers about the Children of Fal. Thomas explains that the Assassins and Children of Fal were allies and been together against the Templars and the Lann Fala. However, due to the king's death, the Lann Fala nearly tried to kill both the Children and the Assassins. Looking at his wrist, Fillan shows his mark while the council explains that is proof of being a Child of Fal.

Deorsa explains that he is meant to be part of their Brotherhood, much to Sören's chagrin. William tells Fillan to come closer and hands him the Claidheamh Fal, the Sword of Fal, which is part of his legacy. Thomas holds onto an identical sword meant for Ailéas while Fillan asks if he has a choice. They all agreed that he has a choice to choose whatever path he wants while Fillan states he wants revenge against Cornavii. Thomas explains he must think of his next steps when he achieves his revenge. Asking what being an Assassin entails, Fillan asks if he can leave later. They all look to Sören, who keeps to himself, and state it is possible. Thomas tells the boy that he has time and that another meeting will happen tomorrow evening. While leaving, he looks for Sören for any advice, but notices him looking away.

Chapter 21 — Apprentice[]

With the two swords, Fillan asks himself if he is ready to be Assassin and wonders why Sören left the Brotherhood. After walking alone by the abbey, he soon encounters James of Crannach, Thomas' apprentice. Soon, Fillan questions and learns of what is like to be an Assassin apprentice, while James reveals how killing is a last resort and not desired. They soon begin to talk and laugh the day away until midnight. Soon, Fillan joins Sören back underneath the abbey and meet with the council members again. Thomas asks Fillan again about his choice of joining the Brotherhood. Fillan, realizing what he promised his sister and the path this may lead, agrees while the council asks him to stay. Deorsa begins to relay the war's current events, with towns being sacked and taken and lives, like Patrick Graham, being lost. With Scotland overrun and the Templars gaining traction, the Assassins agree to safeguard the artifacts especially the Stone of Destiny.

Nevertheless, Thomas wants Fillan to receive the proper training and thus assigns Sören to be his mentor, despite him being unaffiliated. Sören demands why and accuses them for setting up this farce. However, both William and Thomas admit that he is the best fighter out of all of them. Sören agrees and demands no payment as he wants Fillan to receive all the help he needs for the Brotherhood and not from a growling Deorsa. His price is that they ask no more of him again, to which all but Deorsa agree. While Sören and Fillan leave the meeting, the mercenary tells him that they are leaving for the Highlands as early as possible. Soon, Fillan and Kyle catch up and Fillan tells her of his Assassin training. Elated, she hugs and plants a kiss on him. Instinctively, he returns one with the same passion and they spend the night together.

Chapter 22 — Wood[]

Fillan awakes with Kyle's hand over him while she states they are shouts coming from the abbey. They soon join back with the group, where Edan smirks at them coming back together and flustered. Yet, Sören orders both of them to leave immediately and travel to Luncarty by themselves if needed. Both he and Kyle run through the forest but stop once they see torches. Climbing the trees, they overhear the English soldiers discuss how their targets were in the forest, confirming a betrayal in the Brotherhood. Soon, a English scout admits that the fire from the abbey is spreading across the forest. While the soldiers leave, Kyle tells Fillan to follow and move slowly by the branches. However, Kyle slips and the soldiers set their eyes in the trees. They begin shooting fire arrows, which create fires around them. Fortunately, Sören comes and fights back the soldiers while telling Kyle and Fillan to go.

However, while running, Fillan is shot in the arm by an arrow and falls to the ground. Fillan grabs his sword and blocks an incoming attack but begins to falter quickly. Luckily, Kyle throws her sword and kills the soldier before coming to Fillan's aid. However, Kyle faces off five soldiers but rushes them away from Fillan, who is bleeding profusely. While Kyle kills two, the flames grow bigger and brighter. From the flames, Cornavii appears and grabs Fillan by the neck. After eight years, Cornavii remembers him from Cranshaws and states that he will die like his mother. Yet, Sören and his mercenaries come to aid Kyle while Sören himself fights off Cornavii. Almost evenly matched, Sören lands a harsh blow onto Cornavii's back while the Lann Fala captain sees his men either dead or fled. Pushing Sören off away, he disappears into the flames. Wanting to go after him, Sören follows Moira and his group to flee from the burning flames. Fillan drops into unconsciousness while thinking about what Cornavii said about his mother.

Chapter 23 — Order[]

Ailéas and Bradley spar with each other, with the mentor teasing her by calling her a "turkey." Bradley informs that she must use her anger resourcesfully but she notes to herself of her strength in comparison to his own. It has been a month since her last outburst and how she reluctantly accepted Bradley's offer to train. Although strong and capable enough to keep the bullies off her in Berwick, she knows that she is outmatched by Bradley, who is still formidable at his age. Nevertheless, she continued to learn and improve her combat skills, impressing Bradley. However, he bests her again but grows uneasy. Wanting to improve, Ailéas hears an apology from Bradley.

Last night, Bradley had come back from a night of drinking and starts to reveal how he feels sorry about being drunk in front of her. He explains that he does not remember any of it but she knows that he is lying. She asks why the change of heart of his stance on the war. She concludes and states that it is the Templars, to which Bradley admits that he has let them go alongside the English for too long. What the Templars want is not only the twins but an artifact. Ailéas admits of overhearing of the Stone of Destiny from the soldiers at camp. Ailéas continues to ask when she can leave. Bradley is surprised and states that he wonders why she has not already, but advises her to leave by winter, where everything freezes including military campaigns. Angered, she agrees and hopes to find Fillan one day.

Chapter 24 — Beinn Eallair[]

Fillan wakes up in a cart while Kyle and Moira comforts him. Kyle explains that he was gagged as he was moaning loudly and Sören demanded it. Moira explains that she mended his wound after taking out the head of the arrow. They explain that they could not go far due to an infection he had and then a fever, but Moira explains he was strong enough to withstand it. However, Moira explains that damage may be some reduced mobility and a scar, to which Fillan tries to move. Moira and Kyle hold him back from moving and tell him to rest to heal. Edan starts to tease the younglings until the rest of the group teases him right back. Soon, they arrive in the Highlands while Moira states they are almost at Beinn Eallair, Sören's clan stronghold.

Moira explains that they escaped from Cornavii with the fire taking the whole forest and that Sören is fine. However, with Cornavii's failure, they know he has more dangerous. Fortunately, the highlands are stronger and further away from the war. Asking about the Brotherhood, Fillan learns they have survived. Passing Loch Ericht, they soon catch sight of the fort. Stunned by its beauty and ruggedness, Fillan soon finds Sören waiting for them. Looking around, Fillan asks where the rest of the people are but Sören explains the Templars came and decimated most of the clan years ago. Although the attackers were all killed, Sören points to his group as his new clan. Fillan soon understands why Sören acts the way he does and sees how he has gone through his own trials.

Chapter 25 — Assassin[]

Within the stronghold, Fillan is amazed at the wonders of how structured and luxurious the interior of the clan despite the attacks it has endured. Sören explained that his clan had been tied with Brotherhood for centuries and it had served as a center for the Assassins, due to its location. However, a battle ensued between his clan and the Templars, who found the fort. After days of battle, Sören's clan was decimated, which led him to find and kill the Templar survivors to keep the fort a secret. As a consolation, the Assassins returned the fort back to him. Now, all that remains is an old couple Mairead and Ruadh, who keep the fort warm for Sören when he is away. While Fillan recuperates, he continues to explore the fort with Kyle and dive into the waters below the fort.

There, they find themselves immersed in romance but Kyle is reserved as she states she has no intentions to being "owned." However, Fillan wonders and begins to grow jealous over her recluse and possible past with Fergus. However, after asking her about it, she scolds him aloud and states she is free to do what she wants before walking out of the fort with pain-filled eyes. Worried, Fillan is told by Edan that Kyle works out her anger in the wilderness and to give her time. Meanwhile, Moira is astounded that Fillan has healed well and nearly his mobility is all but regained. With this news, Sören begins training with Fillan. With the training, Fillan is made to climb to the fort's peak twice a day and swim in the icy waters of Lock Ericht. After becoming fit again, Fillan begins to learn how to be an Assassin.

One of the first lessons is discretion, of which Fillan trains by stealing Mairead's pies secretly. The next lesson is hiding in the shadows, which he practiced by doing hide-and-seek with the mercenaries. The last and important lesson is combat. Throughout their time together, they bond over their familiar emotions and fears while Fillan learns and then begins to match Sören. By October, Fillan has grown stronger and smarter. Kyle also returns and eventually reconciles with Fillan. However, secret from the others, Fillan begins to find solace at the old Assassin statue and feels the weight of the Brotherhood. One winter morning, Fillan is found by Sören, who asks what he has been doing. Fillan admits whether he is worthy of the Brotherhood. Calm, Sören explains that he is asking the wrong questions and that there is no need to worry and do what is right. Sören tells him that he must ask on whether the Brotherhood is worthy of him before leaving. Realizing how low his confidence has been, Fillan picks himself up and goes back to training.

Chapter 26 — Destinies[]

Months pass as Fillan hustles through a tough winter storm in the middle of December. Tested by Sören, he makes his way back and the results have been beneficial. With a massive change in his physique and mentality, Fillan manages to best his group except Sören. One day, Sören takes him to the peak of the fortress and admits how well he has progressed. He soon admits how proud he was of him and tells him that he is willing to admit the truth of why he left the Brotherhood. After the massacre at his fort, Sören continued his work with the Brotherhood but found that he was losing himself, due to giving and losing so much already. After leaving, the Brotherhood indirectly blamed him for letting the Lann Fala decimate the clans and the Children of Fal.

Fillan asks what this means while Sören unwraps his blade around his wrist and shows a past burn mark. While Fillan was lost, Sören admits that he was once a Child of Fal. Sören states that after he left the Brotherhood, he burned it and tried his best to stray away only to be brought back by fate. He continues to state that it happened again after seeing Fillan's mark. Sören reminds Fillan that his free will is more important than his mark, the Brotherhood, and even him. When Fillan is about ask about Sören's twin, Sören states that his twin died during the attack. Commending him on succeeding on his trials, Sören climbs to an edge and leaps into the storm. Below, Sören states to perform a Leap of Faith to his apprentice. Scared but relentless, Fillan opens his arms and jumps into the void.

Chapter 27 — Revolt[]

Deorsa arrives at the fort in the afternoon, much to Sören's disdain. After accommodating his room, Sören asks why Deorsa has come. The spy admits he wants to know how Fillan's training is coming along, due to his own envy of not being his mentor. However, Deorsa admits that he has come from both Thomas and Wallace's insistence as he wants to ask a favor from the mercenary. At dinner, Deorsa and Sören talk about the war stopping itself as the English have failed to intrude on the Highlands. He states the Lann Fala is still active, especially when the Templars figured the Stone of Destiny they obtained was fake. Deorsa soon sees Mairead, who spits at his feet after he makes an insult of her bread.

Deorsa states that Wallace has sent for both Sören and Fillan to join William's crusade to rally the remaining clans against the English by raiding Lanark. Although the Brotherhood supports the idea, they are reluctant at the preposition of the clans will join together due to their current inner disputes. Deorsa explains if Sören objects, he will take Fillan himself. Sören looks at Fillan and his group and asks them to come. Sören states he will go with Fillan and asks his group if they want to come. They all agree but Deorsa ruins the moment by saying they leave in a week. Yet, with icy glares from the group, he relents to leave when they want. After the feast, Sören tells Fillan to remember what he said and states William has another reason, which is to give Fillan his first assassination target. Feeling the rage he had from Bealltainn, Fillan understands the task at hand.

Chapter 28 — Hope[]

Ailéas wakes up from a nightmare and calms herself before dressing up to tend to a sick Bradley. Thankful, Bradley asks her to be ready for the regular tour and a visit to the forest for a quiet talk. With the winter weather, they warm themselves with wool and fur attire. However, his staunch behavior makes him unrequited for aid, despite him coughing off blood. Worried, Ailéas tries to aid him and laments over losing him. Fortunatelty, his men also worry but the commander addresses them and how they are doing well without the Lann Fala's interference. With Ailéas, Bradley tells her that winter is near over and how he has been trying to find a way out for her. Telling her of how he made contact with the Assassin Brotherhood, he tells her how the Assassins and Templars are sworn enemies and how he has tried to see where Fillan is.

Bradley confirms that Fillan has joined the Brotherhood, much to Ailéas' surprise. He explains his contact will bring Fillan to them but Ailéas grows mad of not being told earlier of this news. Nevertheless, she asks what to do next. Bradley responds that they have to wait but Ailéas is cautious to trust a contact who does not identify himself to Bradley. Ailéas soon grabs his arm and thanks him for finding Fillan. Happy, Bradley smiles but continues to cough up more blood and tries to hide it.

Chapter 29 — Ignition[]

Sören, Fillan, and their group travel for two weeks to Lanark and find members of other clans readying their weapons. William Wallace welcomes them but notices a bound and silenced Deorsa atop a mule. Sören explains that it was for Deorsa's well-being. While William, Sören, and Deorsa argue over the mishap, Fillan meets with James and discuss Fillan's progress before meeting back with William and Sören's mercenaries. William explains that there are two targets, who are William Heselrig, English town sheriff of Lanark and ally to the Lann Fala and Commander Dacre, a captain of a nearby camp. Fillan is tasked to eliminate the commander. Sören asks if there is too risky. Wallace states that the Templars may believe these deaths to be the results of the revolt.

Wallace states he plans to start today to be ignite the revolt along with the rebels. Although Sören agrees and then debates with Deorsa, Wallace states that everything must go well and will not tolerate disruption over small quarrels. He soon orders James and Fillan to ready themselves and take in the terrain. Fillan climbs atop a tree and oversees the camp, which entails a grand amount of vegetation for cover. Climbing back down, Fillan and Sören discuss his entrance before Fillan leaves to infiltrate. While trying to go inside, he is nearly spotted by a patrolman but slits his throat immediately. Hiding the body, Fillan finds a way inside but becomes stuck by his belt. Nearly passing detection, he makes his way through the camp and finds Dacre's tent.

Seeing Dacre coughing, Fillan almost attacks until a soldier returned to inform Dacre of the patrolman's disappearance. After the man leaves, Fillan recognizes the man as the man from the alley during the massacre at Berwick. Losing focus, Dacre becomes aware and is also shocked at the boy. Yet, Fillan delivers a fatal blow and holds a dying Dacre. With his last words, Dacre states that he has "her" eyes. Soon, Fillan is attacked by a soldier and manages to block the following blows. In an instant, he overpowers and almost kills the warrior. But, the warrior calls him by his name and he sees his own eyes staring back at him.

Chapter 30 — Mirror[]

Staring at each other, Fillan and Ailéas are in shock yet elated at the other's survival. Disregarding everything around them, they embrace until they are interrupted by a Lann Fala soldier. While the soldier has his eyes on Fillan, Ailéas quickly takes her dagger and stabs the soldier in his neck. After the soldier fell, Ailéas says her last words to Bradley and drops a few tears before telling Fillan they have to go. Leaving the tent, they find the camp in total anarchy. Amidst the chaos, they look at each other as it has been a year since they were together. Noticing the changes and scars, Fillan apologizes for killing Bradley. Ailéas assures that the man was dying but asks why he had to die since he made contact with the Brotherhood.

Soon, they are found by Sören, the mercenaries, and Deorsa, who are all astonished by both twins there. The twins explain that Sir Bradley was an ally to the Assassins a while ago but Fillan also exclaims that Bradley's death is the work of a traitor. Deorsa admits that there is one since the Templars knew too much of Scone and Fillan's location. With chaos around them, they all hurry to aid Wallace spread news of the revolt. Fillan takes Ailéas aside and tries to tell to be careful. Immediately, Ailéas grabs a horse and yells out for freedom for the clans to hear.

Chapter 31 — Peril[]

Fillan and his allies ride to Dunstaffnage while being chased by archers and English riders gaining on them. Two weeks have passed since Fillan and Ailéas have reunited. With Deorsa's permission, Fillan gives her the second sword of Fal. Riding to the west, they all unsheathed their weapons and travel at full speed. While they are to rally the clan leaders, James and Wallace are leading the rebellion to Scone and then attack several English strongholds. While riding, they encounter an English ship but Sören tells them they must bypass the archers. However, while riding away from them, Edan and his horse is hit by an arrow. Fillan goes to help an injured Edan but soon sees an incoming English soldier. Fortunately, Ailéas takes the soldier down and they all continue to the fort.

They all arrive at Dunstaffnage while Moira treats Edan's wound. There, Sören is welcomed by Alexander Macdougall, who also welcomes back his daughter Kyle, his only heir. Kyle was trained like a warrior but she refused to be married off to a rival clan's suitor for an alliance. On the day of wedding, she runs off and stays away for a year until she met Sören. Fortunately, through time, Kyle and her father mended old wounds. While Alexander asks them to come in, Deorsa tells Sören that it is no coincidence. They must know where the Stone of Fal is. Soon, they all hear the English war horn and then the army starts to march to the fort.

Chapter 32 — Dunstaffnage[]

With the English incoming, Alexander Macdougall rallies his men as Sören, his mercenaries, the twins, and Deorsa stand alongside the clan. Meanwhile, Edan and Moira stay within the fort's enclosure. The twins ready their swords as the English attack the fort. While they face and successfully defeat their incoming adversaries, they feel their swords' energy aid them with their fighting. While their allies tend to their own fights, the twins are elated to see the other hold their own. Repelling the first wave, Macdougall calls back his forces back inside the fortress and prepares the defenses. While the twins worry about this siege being like Berwick, Kyle goes over and kisses Fillan to give him and herself courage.

However, Deorsa leaves the defense to secure the Stone of Fal while Sören berates him for leaving the clan's efforts but relents. Although Alexander asks them to ready themselves, Sören asks for a quiet passage to leave. Alexander states that he understands, promises to take care of Edan, and is grateful for their aid. Fergus and Kyle state that they will stay for their clan while the twins and Moira join Sören and Deorsa. Before leaving, Fillan and Kyle share a brief romantic moment despite their worries. They all move and make their way to Iona for the Stone of Fal. However, Fillan begins to wonder who is the traitor is and suspects Deorsa as one. At the boats, Sören tells the twins, Deorsa, and Moira to go to the Isle of Mull to secure Wallace's forces while he will go to Iona before the Templars. Torn, Sören leaves quickly while he goes with his sister, Moira, and Deorsa but feels ill for leaving Kyle.

Chapter 33 — Doubts[]

While they all sailed to Mull, Fillan continues to suspect Deorsa of being the traitor. Meanwhile, Moira explains how she became a druid while talking to Ailéas about one's fate. Although she is intrigued, Ailéas admits guilt of not favoring the Brotherhood's path. Moira states that she can be both if that is what she wants. Fate and destiny is interwoven to Moira, who explains that it will lead you back like Sören to Brotherhood and the Children of Fal. Ailéas admits that she feels out of place and compares herself to Fillan's journey.

Moira stops her and tells her that both journeys are different for their own reasons and she should have no qualms. However, she feels ice between her and Fillan and talks with him as they are nearing Mull. Ailéas soon asks how Moira came to be with Sören's group. Moira explains like Sören and the young twins, her family was killed by the newly formed Lann Fala and she was the only survivor. Arriving at Mull, they realize that the English has come and attacked the isle. Within thirty minutes, they scout the area and find no evidence of Wallace's men or Wallace himself. Readying their weapons, they are soon startled by a group of men behind them.

Chapter 34 — Iona[]

Fillan looks over and sees Wallace's men, being led by James. James explains that the Templars learned of the stone's location while the group missed Wallace's messages. However, the Templars and the Lann Fala had chased Wallace off and Wallace had left to face off an English garrison. He continues to state that the Templars are looking towards Iona while Fillan continues to suspect Deorsa. With James and the remaining three of Wallace's men ready their horses, Fillan confides with Ailéas and James about his suspicions on Deorsa. James stated that their leader investigated for a traitor and concluded that Amy was not the traitor but did not conclude on Deorsa.

Looking over the isle, Fillan sees the beauty fade with smoke and charred corpses the Templars left behind. Soon, they ride to see the Isle of Iona while soon hearing the clashes of swords. Riding forward before the English could go to Iona, they come across eight English soldiers. Deorsa leads the charge to eliminate any witnesses, with the others joining in as well. Cutting the English soldiers' number in half, the twins take down the colossus of the group before Ailéas single-handledly kills the remaining soldiers, shocking the rest of the group. James asks to be left behind due to his injuries but Fillan rejects his pleas. Grabbing the boats nearby, they travel to Iona. While rowing, they see bodies of the inhabitants, English soldiers, and even Lann Fala warriors. Worried about Sören, Fillan follows his group, but all are tired. While arriving at the monastery, they spot Cornavii and his men with the stone and killing the last of its guards.

Chapter 35 — Thunder[]

Fillan faces Cornavii, who insults Fillan's account of becoming an Assassin. The Lann Fala leader also notices Ailéas and begins to disrespect her mentor and states that Bradley deserved his fate. Ailéas soon goads Cornavii into boasting of killing their clan but laments of how he failed to kill the two of them. Grabbing the stone, he whispers "Lia Fáil" to it but Sören uses the thunder to almost assassinate Cornavii. However, a voice warns him fast enough to dodge the attack. Looking at Deorsa, Moira and the twins witness the traitor to be James, who slices Deorsa's throat almost instantly. Immediately, James attacks Ailéas, while Sören faces off Cornavii. Two Lann Fala soldiers attack both Fillan and Moira while Ailéas is nearly outplayed by James.

Caught offguard, Ailéas is taken hostage by James, while Fillan pushes off his attacker off him. Cornavii yells at James to finish her to keep his place as part of the Templars, only for Fillan to yell and warn him outright. In a second of confusion, James is blinded by Moira's potion thrown on the ground and Ailéas is free of his grasp. Instantly, she kill James with her sword and helps Fillan with his assailant. Meanwhile, Moira, although against a colossus, manages to best him with her potions and kill him with her dagger. However, Cornavii manages to best Sören and delivers a blow to him and then uses the stone again. With the stone, the energy from the stone emanates while Cornavii holds it. Although they go to attack, Moira and the twins are pushed back by Cornavii and the stone. On the ground, Fillan experiences nightmares and tries to overcome, especially looking at Ailéas experiencing the same. Soon enough, he experiences a nightmarish memory.

Chapter 36 — Lia Fáil[]

Feeling the rainfall, Fillan works his way to find his sister struggling with the stone's power. With his sword, he stands up and faces Cornavii, who is shocked at his resilence. With another emission of the stone, Fillan faces it head-on and begins to fight Cornavii. Cornavii drops the stone and thus its influence wanes. Ailéas wakes up from her nightmare and fights alongside Fillan. However, their fight grows tiresome due to Cornavii's skill and usage of the stone. Although Ailéas manages to land an attack damaging Cornavii's armor, she grows weaker. Moira, still in pain and barely l, tells them to use their swords against the stone. While Fillan keeps Cornavii busy, Ailéas takes her sword and strikes the stone.

The stone disintegrates the monastery's walls and knocks them all down and reveals Cornavii's bruised and scarred face. The twins attack and manages to disarm the Lann Fala. At Ailéas' blade, Cornavii staggers while Ailéas sees the true person behind the Lann Fala. While Cornavii promises retribution, Ailéas cuts him down while Fillan makes sure he is dead. Tired, they both go towards Moira, who asks to check on Sören. Despite an abdominal slash, Moira states the mercenary will live. With Ailéas helping Moira, Fillan takes a look at the stone while the twins thank Moira. Moira explains that the stone is not meant to be abused and how even Cornavii fell under its illusion. Moira explains that they must help her bring the stone into the monastery.

Walking towards the monastery, Fillan is still shocked that James was the traitor while Moira admits that his ambition had led him astray. Leading the way, Moira guides the twins through the monastery's maze and find themselves at a dead end. However, Ailéas touches the wall and the wall opens up for them. Up the stairs, Moira illuminates the path while the twins lay the stone in the center of a room similar to Scone's. While they leave the stone, the wall begins to close and reform backs into its original appearance.


At the shore of Iona, the twins sit down together while they see the sails of Clan MacDougall sailing closer. Fillan admits that although they won, the Assassins still lost some few good men. However, Fillan sees that these artifacts as an opportunity of abuse by the Templars and feels connected with the Assassins. Ailéas states how proud she is of him and how he is finally free of the hold he had. Fillan soon asks if Ailéas is going to become a druid like Moira. Ailéas admits that she would like to be both an Assassin and druid. With the ship coming closer and Kyle at its brow, Ailéas jests if Kyle would make a good Assassin. Fillan pushes his sister around teasingly while a raven flies over them, heading north.




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