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Assassin's Creed: Fragments – Aizu's Blade (French: Assassin's Creed: Fragments - La lame d'Aizu) is a upcoming French novel. It will be released in France on April 15, 2021.[1] It is part of a new trilogy of Assassin's Creed young adult books known as the Fragments series.


The fate of Japan is about to change...

1868. The Boshin War is about to break out.

The Templars, infiltrated among the Emperor's closest advisors, push the sovereign to launch a campaign against the Tokugawa Shogun, himself supported by the Brotherhood of Assassins. Is the glorious era of the samurai coming to an end?

Atsuko, a 16-year-old Japanese girl, has grown up in the wealthy neighborhoods of Aizu, in the shadow of her brother Ibuka. Promised an arranged marriage, the young girl hides a secret: she is as good with weapons as her brother, whose talent with a sword masks an insurmountable fear of combat.

When war is declared, Ibuka must fight alongside their father for the family's honour. Defying the tradition forbidding women to take part in battles and wanting to protect her brother, Atsuko secretly enlists as a simple soldier, eager to show the extent of her talents.

But in the face of manipulations and plots that go beyond the two teenagers, will brotherly love be stronger? Stronger than convictions and honour?

Discover the breathtaking first novel of
Assassin's Creed: Fragments, set in the final days of medieval Japan.[2][1]


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