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Assassin's Creed: Forsaken is a novel written by Oliver Bowden, which was released on 4 December 2012. The novel is presented as the in-universe journal of Haytham Kenway, showing the story of how he became a Templar and the events of Assassin's Creed III from his perspective. The date of release was also the date that Haytham was born.

Unlike the other Assassin's Creed novelizations written by Bowden, Forsaken does not follow the same story as Assassin's Creed III. Instead, it details Haytham's story throughout the same time period, showing a mirrored perspective to what the game portrays.


"I am an expert swordsman. And I am skilled in the business of death. I take no pleasure in my skill. Simply, I am good at it."
―Haytham Kenway

1735 – London, Haytham Kenway has been taught to use a sword from the age he was able to hold one. When his family's house is attacked – his father murdered and his sister taken by armed men, Haytham defends his home the only way he can: he kills.

With no family, he is taken in by a mysterious tutor who trains him to become a deadly killer. Consumed by his thirst for revenge, Haytham begins a quest for retribution, trusting no one and questioning everything he has ever known.

Conspiracy and betrayal surround him as he is drawn into the centuries-old battle between the Assassins and the Templars.[1]

Plot summary[]


Connor expressed that he did not truly know his father until he had read his journal, and regretted that he had been forced to kill him.

Part I: Extracts from the Journal of Haytham E. Kenway[]

6 December 1735[]

Two days after his tenth birthday and the night of his father's death, Haytham began a new journal at one of his father's properties in Bloomsbury. He introduced himself as the son of Edward and Tessa Kenway, and the half-brother of Jenny Kenway.

He recalled his lonely life thus far at Queen Anne's Square, tutored at home by Old Mr. Fayling, and how he was kept by nursemaids like Edith away from the neighbors, the Dawsons and the Barretts. Mr. Dawson was a Member of Parliament and had four daughters, while the Barrett family had eight children.

One day, shortly before he was eight, Tom Barrett, the youngest member of the latter family, approached Haytham through a padlocked passage between their homes. Tom asked Haytham if the rumors about his father were true, but Haytham did not understand. Before he could explain, Tom's father called him away, but leaving Haytham to realize that his family were not considered normal.

7 December 1735[]

Haytham informed Edith's assistant Betty of her death: as she was single, the Kenways and their staff organized her funeral. Afterwards, Haytham resumed writing about the events two years before. He asked Jenny what Tom meant and what their father did before he was born, but she only responded that he would later find out. She added he was probably the only boy in London to practice sword training with his father.

For his eighth birthday, Haytham was taken to White's Chocolate House. There, Edward introduced his son to Reginald Birch, one of his senior property managers, whom he learned was courting Jenny. On the way back, a thief attempted to steal Tessa's necklace, and Birch pulled a dagger to the thief's throat. Edward coerced Birch into letting the thief go, and the two smiled and put aside the incident as the Kenways got into their carriage.

After arriving home, Edward beckoned his son to follow him to the games room. He asked Haytham for his thoughts on whether it was right of Birch to try and kill the thief, or to let him go. The boy responded he felt vengeful at first, but that he would have offered mercy to the thief and was glad to see him be forgiven through his father's intervention. Edward then rewarded his son by presenting him with a steel short sword from a secret compartment behind the bookshelves, which he would train with from then on. He then put the sword away, though he failed to hide from his son that the mechanism was triggered by pulling the King James Bible.

8 December 1735[]

Haytham noted there were two more funerals, with his father's gentleman Mr. Digweed attending the first one for a captain, and then continued his story. He recalled Birch became a regular guest while courting Jenny, but she was bitter about the arrangement.

Meanwhile, Edward taught his son to question his tutor and what he read in books, encouraging him to reason morality and ethics for himself. When he was nine, Haytham began practising with the bow and arrow, but he longed for a friend and hoped to speak with Tom again. Unfortunately, that would not happen, as Tom's funeral was tomorrow.

9 December 1735[]

Digweed came to inform Haytham that the Barretts would not allow any of the Kenways at Tom's service. Haytham noted Digweed felt guilty as he was away attending to his family in Herefordshire during the attack, and mentioned he was the only one Edward entrusted with the key to the valuables in the plate room.

While playing in the nearby corridor with tin soldiers, Birch came to Haytham and expressed interest in his learning and his training. Haytham mentioned that he was to begin his true training when he turned ten, including learning about a "creed", before excitedly mentioning his sword that was safely kept in the games room. Birch deduced that the sword was hidden in a secret compartment, and then left to discuss business with Digweed.

Later, Haytham overheard a row between Birch and his father. Birch stormed out, turned to the boy and told him that he "tried to warn him." A day or so afterwards, two soldiers arrived at the Kenways, and were ordered to guard the drawing and plate rooms. When the young boy asked, Edward told his son that they were there because of "information."

Excited for his tenth birthday, Haytham was up at night looking outside his window, when he noticed a light signal, which he assumed was coming from Tom. Tom assumed likewise, and both boys got dressed to investigate. Meanwhile, Edward's dog Thatch began barking, only to be silenced as the intruders slit his throat.

Once he arrived, Haytham found the passage open and discovered Tom's body. Hearing the sound of breaking glass and a voice screaming "Run!", Haytham quickly made his way back into the kitchen and found one of the soldiers dead. Running up the stairs, Haytham saw his father, dressed in his trousers, fending a masked assassin away from his wife. The assassin turned towards Haytham, and as the boy ran back down, he was blocked by another assassin with pointed ears.

Edward gave chase, knocking his initial opponent over the banister, and ran after the second man to the games room. Another man emerged behind Tessa, and without hesitating, Haytham grabbed the first man's sword and plunged it into the eye of Tessa's attacker.

Descending downstairs, Tessa and Haytham found that Edith had been killed. Hearing his father fighting, Haytham had to leave her to grieve alone while he ran to assist him. In the games room, Haytham discovered his father kneeling, as a fourth man protruded his sword through Edward's chest, while the pointy eared man watched. Distraught, Haytham lunged forward, but the pointy eared man struck him down with the pommel of his blade. The fourth man then retrieved his sword from Edward's body, and was about to end Haytham's life when Birch appeared, driving his sword up between the man's legs, maneuvering him away from the boy.

Following this, Birch and Haytham turned to "Pointy Ears", who was holding Jenny hostage. A fifth man appeared brandishing a torch, having set fire to the drawing room. Jenny was dragged out of the entrance hall into a carriage, while Birch, Haytham and Tessa were forced to flee the burning house in the other direction.

10 December 1735[]

On the day of Edward's funeral, Haytham awoke to the freezing cold and went downstairs to Betty's room to inquire as to why his hearth was unlit. After peering through the keyhole, he opted to just let her sleep.

Birch greeted Haytham, and gave him his father's sword, which he had retrieved from the rubble of the house on the square. Birch asked how he felt about killing the man, and then revealed he was planning to search for Jenny in Europe. He explained he was a member of the Templars, and that through his contacts he had learned of the imminent attack on the Kenway household, hence the argument between him and Edward, as he was too stubborn to accept the threat. Instead, he had to convince Tessa to hire the soldiers, though seeing what happened, he now wished he'd sent fellow Templars.

Birch then told Haytham he was coming with him to find Jenny, adding he could not stay to comfort his mother as she was traumatized seeing her boy kill a man: Haytham acknowledged she only allowed Emily and Miss Davy to see her since the attack. Birch explained she could not longer bear to look at her son, now a killer.

Before the funeral, Tessa finally called her son to her bedroom, explaining she felt too weak to go. She stated Birch was now the family controller and his guardian, and expressed approval of his plans to take him to Europe, adding Emily and Miss Davy would look after her. Her cold attitude caused Haytham to realize that Birch was correct.

After a small service with the household, Fayling and Edward's colleagues in attendance, Birch introduced Haytham to Mr. Simpkin, who would handle the family affairs. Afterwards, Haytham bid goodbye to Betty, for whom Digweed had found new employers.

11 December 1735[]

Before dozing off for the journey ahead, Emily came into Haytham's bedroom and informed him that Violet, her sister and maid for the Barretts, had heard Jenny scream "traitor" as she was dragged into the kidnappers' carriage. The next day, a man with a West Country accent wielding a knife questioned her as to what she heard. She kept quiet, but told Emily. Emily then suggested Birch may be the traitor, which Haytham snorted at, before realizing Digweed had been absent.

The following morning, Haytham informed Birch, who came to the same conclusion about Digweed. Birch introduced him to Edward Braddock, a fellow Templar, who was to be in charge of the search. As Haytham prepared for the journey and recorded his final entry in London, Birch came informing him Digweed had fled, but nevertheless they would find him.

Part II: 1747, Twelve Years Later[]

10 June 1747[]

While tracking Juan Vedomir, a Templar traitor, in Altea, Spain, Haytham recounted how he and Birch spent five years searching for Jenny. They discovered she had fallen into the hands of Turkish slavers, and bought a chateau near Troyes, France after Simpkin ran out of money for their travels. Haytham found solace under Birch's Templar instruction, as they appeared to be the answer to Edward's philosophy of questioning.

The outbreak of the War of the Austrian Succession forced them to turn their attentions away from Jenny and Digweed. In 1744, Haytham was inducted into the Order, and his skills were put to use when he was sent to assassinate a greedy merchant in Liverpool, and then an Austrian prince, protecting Templar interests.

He visited London, where reconstruction work on the house in the square was continuing, but his mother was too ill to see him. He also attempted to locate Digweed's family, but to no avail.

11 June 1747[]

Haytham entered Vedomir's home by posing as a Genoese cheesemaker. Vedomir noticed he had an English accent, but Haytham lied that he did so due to the ongoing conflict. Just as Vedomir tasted the cheese and realized it was from a local cheesemaker, Haytham strangled him with his scarf, and, as instructed, obtained his journal.

18 June 1747[]

Haytham came to the Templar headquarters in Celetná, Prague, handing Birch Vedomir's journal, which was mostly coded. Birch explained he had suspected Vedomir of collaborating with the Assassins. After much coercion, he revealed the journal contained information on the whereabouts of a First Civilization temple, to which Haytham laughed, as he was a skeptic. Birch also informed Haytham that his mother had died of injuries sustained from a fall the week before.

20 June 1747[]

En route to London, Haytham reread the entry of his childhood journal dated 10 December 1735, and his description of a man's boots he saw while peering through Betty's keyhole. He realized what he had to do.

2–3 July 1747[]

After Tessa's memorial, Haytham left to track Betty, who had attended. Entering her bedroom at her new residence, he threatened her with a sword and demanded information on Digweed, whom he had realized was Betty's lover.

Betty explained a man had threatened Digweed's children, who were being cared for by his sister in Herefordshire after the death of his wife. Haytham correctly guessed the man had a West Country accent, recounting the information Violet passed to him via Emily. Betty revealed Violet had soon died in a street robbery.

14 July 1747[]

The following morning, Haytham followed Betty to the General Post Office on Lombard Street, and intercepted a courier from a letter from her addressed to Digweed in the Black Forest town of St. Peter, not far from Freiburg.

Haytham and Birch arrived there two weeks later. They asked a shopkeeper for information, but he was reluctant, so Haytham threatened his son. The shopkeeper revealed two British soldiers had asked for Digweed's location. He had responded that Digweed lived in a cabin fifteen miles north, and they ordered him to deny anyone else the information on pain of death.

Haytham and Birch dashed out and rode eight miles north. While their horses rested, Haytham scouted the area with a spyglass, and spotted one of the soldiers, who had pointed ears, and the two resumed their ride to the cabin.

There, they found the soldier about to slit Digweed's throat. Haytham threw his sword at his arm, and pursued and confronted him into the forest, while Birch attended to Digweed. In the ensuing fight, Haytham brutally defeated the soldier, who turned out to be the man with the West Country accent. Haytham demanded to know why his father was killed, and before he died, the soldier revealed that Edward was an Assassin, and was killed for something in his possession.

Haytham went to inform Birch, only to discover Digweed had died of his wounds. Disappointed, he gave Birch a paper from the knifeman's body, revealing he was a member of the Coldstream Guards, who were fighting under Braddock in the Dutch Republic. After a disagreement over Haytham's suspicions of Braddock, Haytham rode off to find the pointy eared man.

15 July 1747[]

Haytham chronicled his day pursuing the pointy eared man on the horse, whom he had christened Scratch for the way she nuzzled him for an apple.

16 July 1747[]

Haytham and Scratch came to the corpse strewn site of a battle, and spotted the pointy eared man riding back to the rejoin the army. Both men left their tired horses and ran, but Haytham became stuck in a thick pool of mud, and the killer attacked him. Haytham managed to strike his knee and stabbed his sword into his thigh, wrenching himself out of the mud. The British troops came across the two men struggling: Haytham explained he was an associate of Braddock and demanded the man be taken into his custody. The commanding officer ignored him and struck him unconscious with the hilt of his sword.

Haytham was woken with cold water and found himself in the hangman's noose with four other men, including the pointy eared officer, who was executed for desertion. Haytham protested, demanding Braddock's presence, but the executioner ignored him, so Haytham knocked off his stool and wrapped his legs around the assistant's throat. The executioner, who was checking the pointy eared man's body, realized what was happening and ran back up the platform. Haytham maneuvered the assistant's body into the executioner, breaking the assistant's neck, and the platform collapsed.

17 July 1747[]

After being treated for his injuries by Doctor Tennant, Haytham was greeted by Braddock, who explained he was being executed as they assumed he was the pointy eared man's accomplice. He sneered over the death of Edward's killer, whom he identified as Tom Smith, and was unconcerned that he had been in his regiment all along. Braddock granted Haytham permission to continue looking for any associates he could have, and requested his fellow Templar aid him in the defence of the fortress of Bergen op Zoom.

Part III: 1753, Six Years Later[]

7 June 1753[]

Haytham met with Birch at White's, who explained he was holding hostage an Italian Assassin's associate who could decode Vedomir's journal, but that she needed her missing son. Birch ordered Haytham to retrieve him from Corsica, and also asked him about Braddock's activities. Haytham told Birch of when Braddock's executioner Slater and his new assistant murdered a family during the retreat from Bergen op Zoom, and that he believed he was moving away from the Templars.

Haytham went into his carriage, driven by Jim Holden, a soldier who had befriended him in the Dutch Republic. Holden had been the only man forthcoming with information regarding Tom Smith, as his brother had been hanged by Braddock's mercenaries for stealing stew, an offense normally punishable by flogging. Holden took up the job of Haytham's driver.

25 June 1753[]

In Corsica, Haytham spent two days observing a group of rebel encampment, where Miko, an Assassin guarded Lucio Albertine, the 21-year old Birch had sent him to find. The Genoese came to attack, and in the confusion Haytham pretended to be an Assassin sent to retrieve Lucio, while Miko fended off the attackers. Lucio wanted to aid his people, so Haytham claimed he had been sent by his mother, but this caused a negative reaction, prompting Haytham to simply render him unconscious.

After lowering Lucio and himself down a ravine into a cave, Miko confronted Haytham, knocking aside his father's sword, but Haytham tackled him onto the edge's ravine, and unfastened his Hidden Blade bracer to make lose his left grip and slide down the rope with his right hand. After Haytham threatened to cut the rope if he tried to climb back up, Miko took up his suggestion to flee and fight another day. Afterwards, Haytham had Birch's associates transport Lucio to France, while he chartered a ship to Italy to distract the Assassins.

12 August 1753[]

Haytham came to Birch's chateau to check on Monica and Lucio, who were chained in the cellar, greatly disturbing him. Haytham promptly threatened Birch into ensuring they would not be harmed once their work was done.

18 April 1754[]

Invited to a performance of The Beggar's Opera at the Royal Opera House by Birch, Haytham was surprised to see Miko was to be his next assassination target: the journal identified him as possessing an amulet around his neck as what the Templars needed.

After assassinating Miko with his Hidden Blade and obtaining the amulet, Haytham was ordered to locate a precursor storehouse in the region of New York and Massachusetts, and was informed that passage had been booked for him on a ship bound for Boston.

8 July 1754[]

Haytham mentioned that the journey on the Providence had been an eventful one, as an Assassin had tried to kill him and recover the amulet. During the voyage, he read Vedomir's journal, and admittedly became as obsessed with Those Who Came Before as Birch.

Greeted in Boston by Charles Lee, a young man whose army commission was with Braddock, Haytham came to the Green Dragon Tavern and met with William Johnson. Johnson's research had been stolen by mercenaries hired by the Colonial Assassins, so Haytham, Lee and Thomas Hickey attacked the bandit compound to retrieve it. Johnson also identified the amulet as appearing Kanien'kehá:ka in origin.

10 July 1754[]

Hickey suggested gaining the Kanien'kehá:ka's trust by liberating a man enslaving natives: Lee noted Benjamin Church could help them identify the slaver. Discovering the Church residence was ransacked, Haytham and Lee spoke to witnesses, who revealed Silas Thatcher's men had taken Church to the waterfront houses. There, Haytham and Lee rescued Church from Silas's torturer Cutter, and brought him to the Green Dragon Tavern.

13 July 1754[]

While Church recovered from his wounds, Haytham and Lee went to recruit John Pitcairn, but his commander, Braddock, refused to give him leave for his Templar duties. Not giving up, Haytham stalked Braddock's regiment as he recruited civilians to fight in the French and Indian War. When Slater walked off to relieve himself, Haytham killed him and took his uniform, so he could blend in and speak to Pitcairn.

Meanwhile, Lee disguised himself as a disgruntled civilian and threw horse dung at Braddock, enraging him. Haytham seized the opportunity to attack Braddock, humiliating him as he left with Pitcairn.

14 July 1754[]

The Templars infiltrated Silas's compound at Southgate Fort by seizing a slave convoy and disguising themselves as soldiers. While driving the wagon, Haytham sat next to a beautiful woman. During the attack, where Benjamin killed Silas, she helped her fellow natives to safety, and Haytham found himself entranced.

15 November 1754[]

Lee tracked the woman to Lexington, where she was stirring trouble with Braddock's troops. She introduced herself as Kaniehtí:io, or simply "Ziio", and Haytham showed her the amulet. He guided her to Braddock's troops at Concord, and he proposed an alliance to kill him.

In the town's tavern, Haytham eavesdropped on the troops, and overheard George Washington and John Fraser discuss Braddock's plans to capture Fort Duquesne.

8 July 1755[]

The Templars met Ziio in the Ohio Country, where she had gathered men from the Abenaki, Lenape and Shawnee Nations to ambush Braddock.

9 July 1755[]

Haytham disguised himself as a British soldier and rode to Braddock. He saw him ordering his mercenaries to spare no one, claiming the Native Americans were little more than animals who ate their own dead. When an officer corrected him by noting those were just stories, Braddock shot him in the face. Haytham pulled his pistol on Braddock, but unfortunately the French launched their attack.

Saved at the last minute from a shot by Lee, who was serving under Braddock, Haytham gave chase. Braddock's horse reared, causing him to fall off, but before he could be killed, Washington shot Haytham's horse beneath him. Ziio knocked Washington off his own horse, allowing Haytham to chase Braddock.

Braddock lost his breath, and turned to face Haytham, who stabbed him in the heart. Before he could watch him die, Washington's troops showed up to recover the general. Haytham fled, but opted to inform Ziio he had upheld his bargain.

10 July 1755[]

Ziio showed Haytham her people's sacred site, but to Haytham's disappointment, the key did not open it. Regardless, he thanked her, and she embraced him with a kiss.

13 July 1755[]

Haytham returned to the Green Dragon Tavern, informing his comrades he did not find what he sought, and would instead turn their attentions to establishing a permanent presence in the colonies. He also inducted Lee into the Order.

1 August 1755[]

Haytham pondered whether he was in love with Ziio, having spent a few weeks camping with her.

4 August 1755[]

Lee greeted Haytham with a letter from Holden, and informed him Braddock had died of his wounds. Lee also stated the other Templars were interested in camping at the sanctuary, but Haytham objected. Overhearing their conversation, Ziio believed Haytham was manipulating her, and demanded he leave.

17 September 1757[]

Holden's letter simply stated, "I have found her." Returning to London, Haytham returned the journal to Birch and lied that his search in America had directed him to the Ottoman Empire. Meeting with Holden there, Haytham was informed that Jenny had been sold into slavery. They tracked her to Constantinople and then Damascus, where she was held in the governor's palace.

The duo entered a trapdoor into the baths beneath the haremlik, and after a struggle, obtained a pair of eunuchs' outfits. They found her serving a concubine in the courtyard, and on recognizing Haytham, she raised her voice, demanding to know if Birch was dead. Guards came, and Holden declared he would stay behind to fend them off while Haytham and Jenny escaped.

21 September 1757[]

Haytham learned that Holden had been taken to the Abou Gerbe monastery on Mount Ghebel Eter in Egypt, to be turned into a eunuch. Finding him already castrated and buried in the sand, Haytham pulled him out and placed him on his horse. He armed himself, entered the monastery, and savored every moment as he slaughtered the priests and set fire to the building.

25 September 1757[]

While Holden recovered in a cottage, Haytham and Jenny spoke. She was disturbed that Haytham had become a Templar under Birch, and confirmed that Birch's mercenaries - the ones who also worked for Braddock - killed Edward for his journal, which was the one Haytham retrieved from Vedomir.

8 October 1757[]

The trio arrived at Birch's chateau and killed his head guard, but deferred to attack at night, just as Birch did. Meanwhile, Jenny clarified to Haytham that she was the one who told their father Birch was a Templar, hence their argument before his death. Haytham realized he indirectly told Birch of the journal's hiding place in the billiards room, having threatened Digweed only to learn he did not know where the journal was located, and that Birch killed him in Germany to stop him from exposing the truth.

9 October 1757[]

Haytham, Jenny and Holden launched their attack, taking out Birch's men including Harrison. As he entered Birch's chamber, Haytham plunged his sword into the door and the guard behind it. After Haytham admonished Birch for inducting him into the Order with lies, Jenny attacked him with a knife. Birch countered her and held the knife to her throat, but she continued to struggle, claiming she would be fine with dying if it allowed her half-brother to kill him.

She finally thrashed Birch onto the sword stuck in the door, ending his life. Meanwhile, Holden checked on Monica and Lucio, and brought them upstairs. Monica thanked him for freeing them, and said she and her son would take some food and the horses from the stables as they departed. Haytham picked up the guard's sword, and gave it to Lucio to defend his mother from potential bandits. He responded by plunging the sword into Haytham.

27 January 1758[]

Thankfully, Lucio missed Haytham's vital organs, enabling him to survive and recover over the following months. Holden tended to him, and explained per his instructions, he spared Lucio and allowed them to leave. Haytham overheard Jenny make plans to return to Queen Anne's Square.

28 January 1758[]

Haytham awoke to hear Jenny screaming: as Haytham was now fine, Holden opted to hang himself on a clothes line, unable to live with what the Coptic priests had done to him.

Part IV: 1774, Sixteen Years Later[]

12 January 1774[]

Haytham recounted Holden's burial, Jenny's return to London and his return to America, where he bought a plantation in Virginia. As the American Revolution culminated into the Boston Tea Party, Haytham met with his Templar brothers in a tavern named Restless Ghost in Boston to discuss how they could take advantage of the conflict.

There, Lee claimed Kaniehtí:io had died during an attack on her village ordered by George Washington in 1760, and the topic turned to a boy, roughly five-years old, whom they had encountered on their way to the village before the attack. They then explained he had encountered a native boy in Martha's Vineyard in 1770, wearing Ziio's necklace, and again at the Tea Party, now wearing the robes of an Assassin.

27 June 1776[]

Haytham recounted the Assassin killing Johnson and Pitcairn as the war broke out, while he plotted to kill George Washington and replace him with Lee. The Assassin targeted Hickey's counterfeiting operation in New York, causing both of them to be arrested and thrown into Bridewell Prison. Haytham visited Hickey, and after glimpsing the Assassin in his cell, confirmed that he was his son. Despite this, Haytham permitted Lee to go ahead with having the Assassin framed for plotting to kill Washington and to be executed, giving Hickey the opportunity to assassinate the Commander-in-Chief.

28 June 1776[]

Regretting his decision to have his son killed, Haytham came disguised to Connor's execution at the City Hall. He saw the Mentor Achilles Davenport in attendance, and that one of the other Colonial Assassins was aiming a bow at the hangman's rope. The arrow loosed was unable to break the rope as Connor fell through the trapdoor, forcing Haytham to throw a knife at it, releasing him. Afterwards, Haytham kept quiet about betraying the Templars as Lee explained that Connor had promptly killed Hickey and foiled the assassination plot.

7 January 1778[]

Church had betrayed the Continental Army, and stole supplies from Valley Forge, so Haytham judged him a traitor to the Templars too for placing personal gain over the Revolution. While tracking Church to an abandoned church (something not lost on Haytham), he encountered Connor, who was also searching for the supplies. After agreeing to an alliance, they encountered Church's mercenaries and learned of his location in New York.

26 January 1778[]

As they travelled to the abandoned Smith and Company Brewery in New York, Haytham asked Connor how his mother was, but was shocked on hearing that she had died in an attack on the village. He insisted that the Templars were not responsible, though Connor remained unmoved. Inside, they confronted a decoy, who revealed Church had fled with the supplies to Martinique. Haytham and Connor escaped when Church's mercenaries set fire to the building.

7 March 1778[]

After a month pursuing Church on Connor's ship the Aquila, "trapped" with Robert Faulkner, Haytham grabbed the wheel and collided the ship with Church's schooner. Jumping aboard, Haytham confronted Church below deck, dodging a shot from his pistol and proceeding to beat him profusely. Connor arrived and learned of the supplies' location from Church before ending his life.

16 June 1778[]

In New York, Haytham spoke to an informant nicknamed Twitch, who explained the soldiers of the British Army were not informed of any plans anymore, only to await orders from Jaegers commanded by the officers. Haytham and Connor killed a group of Redcoats to draw the Jaegers, and took out one of them, retrieving a letter indicating a meeting at the ruins of Trinity Church.

After capturing the officers there, Haytham interrogated them at his hideout in Fort George, and learned the British planned to march from Philadelphia and regroup in New York within two days. Haytham then killed the officers, which Connor objected to.

Although Haytham regretted how corrupt he had become, he countered that the officers would have warned the Loyalists, and argued the British treated their prisoners no better on prison ships like the HMS Jersey. He placed further doubt in Connor by explaining the Patriots aboard suffered because Washington refused to exchange his prisoners for them.

17 June 1778[]

The Templar and Assassin came to Valley Forge, where conditions had greatly improved due to their efforts. Connor informed Washington of what they learned, while Haytham found a letter on the commander's desk ordering an attack on Connor's village, as they had sided with the British. Reading it out and denouncing Washington, Haytham believed he had turned his son against him, only for Connor to denounce him in turn, believing he had known all along and only informed him when it was opportune. As he set off to stop the destruction of his village, Connor warned Haytham or Washington he would kill them should they choose to follow or oppose him.

16 September 1781[]

While waiting for Connor to launch an attack on Fort George, Haytham wrote about why Lee had been dismissed after the Battle of Monmouth, and his decision to spare Washington after their encounter at Valley Forge. Although Lee blamed Haytham for creating the Assassin, Haytham had no intention of letting Connor kill them, and opted to stay at the fort to stop him. Lee apologized for doubting him, and left.

Haytham wrote his final entry, recognizing he ought to present the truth to Connor, just as his own father was the one man in his life to never lie to him, hoping in time, he would understand and forgive him.


16 September 1781[]

Connor described his battle with Haytham during the attack on Fort George, which ended with him killing his father.

2 October 1782[]

Connor caught up with Lee at a tavern and killed him, taking Haytham's amulet from him.

15 November 1783[]

Connor discovered his village was deserted and resolved to bury his father's amulet. As he did so, he spoke to the spirits of his parents, apologizing for failing his people to his mother, while agreeing to compromise with his father's beliefs by hoping people would become better as he strived for the future.


Behind the scenes[]

Despite Assassin's Creed III showing Haytham playing a role in orchestrating the Boston Massacre on 7 March 1770, he does not discuss or mention the event at all in Assassin's Creed: Forsaken.

Connor's epilogue speech was planned to be included in Assassin's Creed III, as an audio file of it was found in the game's files, though it ultimately was cut from the final release.[2] Haytham's voice actor Adrian Hough later recorded the character's final journal entry in a fan podcast.[3]

Copies of the book could be found on bookshelves and desks around the Abstergo Entertainment offices in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Assassin's Creed: Rogue. In Rogue, Violet da Costa references Haytham's diary in his database entry, questioning why he never mentioned Shay Cormac in it.[4]

Differences from the game
  • In the novel, Edward Kenway is described as having dark hair. However, in all subsequent Assassin's Creed media, he would be depicted with blonde hair.
  • Jim Holden is described as a young man in "his late twenties, with close-cropped, gingery hair". However, in Assassin's Creed III, his character model is that of an elderly man with white hair.
  • The chest containing William Johnson's research was located inside is a room described as a boudoir filled with prostitutes.
  • French snipers are described as hiding in the trees alongside the Natives before the attack on the Braddock Expedition.
  • Unlike the game, Haytham does not leave Connor to deal with Church's men in the Frontier.
  • Connor and Haytham begin their final confrontation in a passageway inside Fort George, rather than the courtyard. Connor ends the fight by stabbing his Hidden Blade into Haytham's heart instead of the side of his neck.
  • Connor assassinates Lee at the Conestoga Inn, whereas the tavern he dies at in the game is called the Last Drink tavern.
  • Connor buries the amulet in a clearing in the forest, not in the grave of Connor Davenport.