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Assassin's Creed: Forgotten Temple is a comic that was released on the Webtoon platform. Written by ARC, adapted by SHYATAN and NOHT, and with art by Tabii, the comic serves as a sequel to Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, focusing on Edward Kenway's search for Pieces of Eden in Southeast Asia in 1725.[1][2]

The modern-day segments of the story follow Edward's descendant Noa Kim, a Korean-American college student who is abducted by Abstergo Industries during a trip to Macau, China. Once captured, Dr. Shimazu Sei forces Noa to relive Edward's genetic memories to further the Templars' goals, and in the process Noa learns more about his Assassin heritage.[3]


Edward Kenway returns to take the leap of faith in an all-new adventure. The high-seas hunt is on for a long-lost treasure left by Those Who Came Before. But this time, the Templars aren't the only ones after the prize. Join history's most cunning pirate in an epic journey around the Chinese Sea.[4]


In April 2021, the new webtoon was announced alongside eight other future Assassin's Creed projects. Game Informer reported that the comic would expand on the story of Edward Kenway following the events of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. It would also be part of the new Ubisoft collection of 'Chronicles', new adventures featuring familiar faces.[2] Ubisoft's official site notes that the webtoon will contain 3 seasons of 50 episodes.[3]

On 12 April 2023, the webtoon's title was officially revealed to be Assassin's Creed: Forgotten Temple and the first 6 episodes out of 150 were announced to release on 24 April.[5] While users could gain early access to read episodes 2–6 by paying a 50¢ fee for each installment, the issues would also release for free to the public every Tuesday.


Season 1[]

Picture Episode Original Release Summary
AC FT E001
001 25 April 2023 In February 1725, Edward Kenway escapes pursuers in the port of Macau. In 2023, Noa Kim wins a trip to Macau with all expenses paid for by Abstergo Industries after using their website WhyYou to learn more about his ancestry. However, the trip does not go according to Noa's plan and he is kidnapped on the evening of his first day.
AC FT E002
002 2 May 2023 Following his abduction by Abstergo, Noa is forced to relive Edward's memories in the Animus. After receiving information about a potential new Isu site, Edward travels to Macau to find John Young, a navigator who claims to have discovered the ruins of Angkor, the lost city of the Khmer Empire. Edward interrogates John, only to learn that he stole the story from his friend Hendrik.
AC FT E003
003 9 May 2023 After protecting John from a group of attacking ninja, Edward has John take him to Hendrik, only to find the man mortally wounded. Before dying, Hendrik tells Edward about the location of a "piece" in Angkor and gives him a letter to deliver to his family. This triggers an intense emotional reaction from Noa in the present, resulting in a synchronization error.
AC FT E004
004 16 May 2023 After escaping from Hendrik's Dutch East India Company colleagues, who mistook him for Hendrik's killer, Edward runs into more ninja who chase him to the port, where he saves an innocent man named Zhang from being killed. In the present, Doctor Shimazu Sei informs Mitsuko Nakamura of Noa's progress reliving Edward's memories.
AC FT E005
005 23 May 2023 Edward and Zhang are rescued by John using a stolen ship. With the port on high alert, Zhang offers to help Edward and John hide in his home village. Edward hunts two alligators to return the villagers' favor of hospitality, but the feast is interrupted by a female villager's worsening health. Noa realizes the illness is cholera and wishes to help, but causes another synchronization error.
AC FT E006
006 30 May 2023 Noa is pulled from the Animus after it reacts violently to the error. He is later visited by Sei, who tells him the truth about the Animus, the Assassin-Templar War, and Abstergo's efforts to locate a Piece of Eden found by Edward in Indochina. Noa refuses to cooperate at first, but soon changes his mind and decides to strike a deal with Sei.
AC FT E007
007 6 June 2023 Noa goes back into the Animus willingly in the hopes of learning more about his ancestors and after being promised his freedom by Sei in exchange for helping her. To help the sick people of Zhang's village, Edward infiltrates a warehouse owned by the merchant Lee Huiyin to steal salt and sugar for a remedy. While there, he overhears Lee's guards talk about her recent purchase of Hendrik's sea log.
AC FT E008
008 13 June 2023 Edward escapes from Lee's warehouse after it is set on fire by ninja, whom he proceeds to defeat. However, the last ninja kills himself before he can be interrogated. As guards arrive on the scene, Edward flees with the resources he managed to acquire. In the present, Noa recalls how he decided to learn the truth about the Assassins by reliving Edward's memories, without Sei's bias against them.
AC FT E009
009 20 June 2023 Edward is again rescued by John and his ship and returns to Zhang's village with the resources. After his remedy saves most of the sick villagers, Zhang and his fellow laborers offer to repay the favor by becoming Edward's informants in Macau. After a week, they manage to confirm Lee has Hendrik's log and inform Edward and John. In the present, Sei is concerned to see Noa share the Assassins' stubborn belief that they can always help everyone.
AC FT E010
010 27 June 2023 Edward infiltrates the Mandarin's House, Lee's private residence, to steal Hendrik's log. However, he is caught red-handed by Lee, who reveals she is aware of his identity, before both are caught off-guard by an attack by Shimazu clan ninja. In the present, Noa retorts Sei's earlier remarks about the Assassins being criminals due to Edward not killing anyone during his infiltration.
AC FT E011
011 4 July 2023 Edward helps Lee's guards to fight off the attacking ninja and engages their masked leader in a duel. Despite coming out on top, the masked leader retreats alongside their ninja, though not before revealing their name: Shimazu Saito. Edward realizes that Saito took Hendrik's log from him during their duel, but not a document that Edward had found inside the log earlier.
AC FT E012
012 11 July 2023 Lee explains to Edward that the Templars have been working with her business rivals to sabotage her company, that she turned down Hendrik's offer to sponsor an expedition to Angkor, and that she refused to hand over Hendrik's log to the Templars. Realizing they share a common enemy, Edward and Lee strike an alliance. Meanwhile, Saito discovers Hendrik's log is encrypted and deduces Edward has the cipher needed to decode it.
AC FT E013
013 18 July 2023 Following a tip-off from Zhang, Edward infiltrates a meeting held between three of Lee's business rivals: Alan Jacob, Jan van Aert, and Sun. There, he learns that the three are behind the attack on the Mandarin's House, and suspects one of them of being a Templar. In the present, Sei decides to teach Noa more about the Assassins and uses the Animus to tell him about Ezio Auditore.
AC FT E014
014 25 July 2023 Alan shows Jan and Sun a "treasure" he has acquired to convince them to join forces to drive Lee out of Macau. Edward goes to warn Lee, but becomes angry when she shows more concern for her business than the lives of her workers. When news come that both the market and Lee's fleet are under attack, Edward decides to go and protect the ships.
AC FT E015
015 1 August 2023 Edward and John sail towards one of Lee's ships that is being raided by pirates. After boarding the ship, Edward dispatches half of the crew and takes hostage the captain, Rupiya, scaring the remaining pirates into returning to their ship and fleeing. He then interrogates Rupiya and learns that his crew was hired by Sun to replace his previous associates: a crew of Japanese pirates.
AC FT E016
016 8 August 2023 After locking up Rupiya in Zhang's village, Edward goes to inform Lee of what he learned. Lee blames Edward for not being there to defend the market, but Edward retorts that he has learned to live with the consequences of his choices. After one of her ships is detained by the Dutch Navy, Lee discovers it to be another plot by her enemies. Edward offers a solution and, at night, follows one of Alan Jacob's convoys to an opium den.
AC FT E017
017 15 August 2023 Edward recovers an opium package and presents it to Lee, who wishes to start trading drugs as well, but is forbidden from doing so by Edward. With John's help, Edward then stages a raid on a Far East Company ship and recovers several opium packages, exposing the company's drug trafficking to the public. However, Lee secretly goes back on their agreement and orders her men to salvage any product they can from the ship.
AC FT E018
018 22 August 2023 Edward decides to investigate his lead on Sun and heads to a tavern and Sun's ceramic shop. However, he has little success until spotting some ninja in disguise and decides to follow them. Meanwhile, John takes Rupiya to his former crew so that he can recruit them to Edward's cause. In the present, Noa reluctantly asks for Sei's help after running into an issue while synchronizing with Edward's memories.
AC FT E019
019 29 August 2023 Edward follows the ninja to a temple, which he infiltrates after stealing a ninja's disguise. Learning that Sun has ordered Shimazu Saito to recover the Far East Company's confiscated opium shipment, Edward infiltrates Saito's team as they prepare to raid the company's detained ship. During the attack, Edward sneaks away to try and destroy the ship by igniting several barrels of gunpowder, but is caught by Saito.
AC FT E020
020 5 September 2023 Edward fights and unmasks Saito, discovering she is a woman. Meanwhile, part of Saito's ninja who are unhappy with their treatment decide to desert, just as Lee arrives with her workers to seize the opium shipment. Outnumbered, Saito orders a retreat, while Edward attempts to stop Lee from stealing the opium. When Lee refuses to back down, Edward ignites a firework and leaps off the ship before it is hit by a cannonball.
AC FT E021
021 12 September 2023 After the ship is destroyed by John and Rupiya, Edward, having lost Lee's support, decides to start his own organization in Macau. In the present, Noa is pulled out of the Animus and experiences the Bleeding Effect. While Noa is excited by the prospect of becoming as powerful as Edward, Sei warns him about its dangers. Noa then requests that he be taken to Macau.
AC FT E022
022 19 September 2023 Noa and Sei begin to bond as they discuss their different backgrounds. Once they arrive at Macau's A-Ma Cultural Village, Sei and her guards get into a fight with security after they are denied entrance, while Noa runs off to investigate alone. He finds a secret entrance into the old Zhang residence, where he recovers a ledger containing information on Edward's activities. However, he then hears gunshots outside and goes to investigate.
AC FT E023
023 26 September 2023 While Sei and her guards are surrounded by armed thugs, Noa is approached by two men who claim to have come to his rescue. However, Noa refuses to leave with them and goes to defend Sei. After returning to Abstergo, Noa continues to relive Edward's memories using information from the ledger he found. Upon witnessing Edward form the Zhang Wei Union, he realizes that the men who approached him are from the same organization.
AC FT E024
024 3 October 2023 Edward, John, and Zhang struggle to find any clients for the Zhang Wei Union until a merchant hires them to escort his ship to Manila. There, Edward and John learn that the Templars have already begun preparing for their expedition to find Angkor. While sailing back to Macau, Edward spots a pirate ship attacking a Dutch East India Company vessel, and decides to intervene.
AC FT E025
025 10 October 2023 Intending to capture the pirates' ship, Edward orders his crew to attack it as a diversion for him to board it. After killing the pirate captain, Edward persuades the crew to surrender, but is surprised when the ship catches fire from the damages it sustained.
AC FT E026
026 17 October 2023 Edward rescues the pirates' prisoners from the sinking ship, including a Korean scholar and engineer named Yun Pyeong-Gyu, who impresses him with his skills. After escorting the Dutch East India Company vessel to Macau, Edward invites Yun to join the Zhang Wei Union and is approached by Jan van Aert with a proposition. Meanwhile, Lee receives a surprise visit from a Shimazu clan ninja.
AC FT E027
027 24 October 2023 Edward accepts a job from Jan to rid the Paracel Islands of pirates, hoping to secure the Dutch East India Company as a partner for the Zhang Wei Union. After having Yun build them advanced weaponry to give them an advantage, Edward and his crew set sail for the islands. Meanwhile, Lee secures an alliance with the Shimazu clan.
AC FT E028
028 31 October 2023 Edward devises a plan to infiltrate the pirates' stronghold and destroy it. While Rupiya distracts the pirates by getting them drunk and Zhang poses as his prisoner, Edward and John plant explosives around the base. However, when Edward frees the pirates' prisoners, the resulting commotion attracts the pirates' attention, initating a gunfight. As the group runs back to their ship, their explosives detonate, destroying the pirate compound.
AC FT E029
029 7 November 2023 Edward and his crew manage to flee the Paracel Islands, but Rupiya accidentally sails them to a rough patch of the sea where he is forced to slow down the ship. As the pirates catch up with them, Edward devises a plan to lure their pursuers into a trap and orders the crew to fire the hwachas built by Yun. This kills all of the pirates and leaves their ships open for the taking.
AC FT E030
030 14 November 2023 After securing a partnership between the Zhang Wei Union and the Dutch East India Company, Edward decides to resume his search for Angkor and sets out to recover Hendrik's log from Shimazu Saito. Learning of a war between Saito's ninja and a faction of mainland Japanese ninja, Edward intervines in a fight between the two groups. However, he is then confronted by Sun, who reveals that the log is in his possession.
AC FT E031
031 21 November 2023 Edward becomes caught in a three-way standoff between Sun, Lee, and the Dutch East India Company. After both Sun and Lee retreat, Edward is approached by Fuma Sukuna, the leader of the Japanese ninja, who asks him to assassinate Saito. Accepting the mission, Edward goes to meet with Yun, who has upgraded the Zhang Wei Union's new flagship, the Fenghuang, and modified his Hidden Blade to include a miniature crossbow.
AC FT E032
032 28 November 2023 Edward infiltrates Sun's floating gambling hall to assassinate Saito and recover Hendrik's log. He has John serve as his decoy, but Saito sees through his ploy and decides to search for Edward. While Sun awaits the arrival of several guests, Saito confronts Edward and the two prepare to clash.
AC FT E033
033 5 December 2023 Edward fights Saito and manages to tackle her into the water, where he attempts to drown her. Meanwhile, Fuma Sukuna and his ninja deal with Saito's men and prepare to assassinate Sun and recover Hendrik's log on Lee's orders. Sun's guests arrive and one of them is revealed to be Sun's nephew, Xiao Han.
AC FT E034
034 12 December 2023 Edward saves Saito because she reminds him of his late friend Mary Read, and proposes an alliance to recover Hendrik's log and find Angkor. Meanwhile, John falls in love with the waitress Xialun Qing, but is forced to intervene when the Japanese ninja attack Sun's ship. As Sun reveals to Xiao Han his plan to gift Angkor's treasure to the Qing Emperor, his nephew denounces him and prepares to kill him, revealing himself to be an Assassin.
AC FT E035
035 19 December 2023 While Xiao Han and his fellow Assassins, Liu Qing and Xue Yan, battle Sun's guards, Edward and Saito race to Sun's ship. After witnessing her men being massacred by the Japanese ninja, Saito goes into a frenzy and kills the ninja with Edward's help. Once they arrive on the ship, Saito goes to confront Liu Qing, who killed her second-in-command, while Edward stops Xiao Han from executing Sun.
AC FT E036
036 26 December 2023 Edward and Xiao Han fight until they each deduce the other's Assassin affiliations. After Xiao Han reveals his plan to use Angkor's treasure to overthrow the oppressive Qing dynasty, Edward opposes him due to disagreeing with the use of Isu artifacts for personal gain. Meanwhile, Saito is defeated by Liu Qing, but is saved by Edward, before the Chinese Assassins set off in pursuit of Sun, who has fled with Hendrik's log.
AC FT E037
037 2 January 2024 Saito's backstory is explored, revealing that she was the illegitimate daughter of the Shimazu clan's leader, brought to Japan to be trained in the clan's ways alongside her friends. Looked down upon by most clan members due to their mixed blood, the quest for Angkor was Saito and her friends' chance to prove their worth, but now that all of her friends are dead, Saito has lost her purpose. Urged by Edward to find a new reason to live, Saito decides to seek revenge for her friends' death.
AC FT E038
038 9 January 2024 Xiao Han kills Sun and recovers Hendrik's log, but it is stolen by Edward. Unable to make Edward sympathize with his cause, Xiao Han declares him an enemy of the Chinese Brotherhood. Meanwhile, Saito fights Fuma Sukuna, revealed to be her former mentor, but the latter retreats when Sun's ship begins to be bombarded with cannon fire by Admiral Jeong, who was hired by Lee.
AC FT E039
039 16 January 2024 After losing Hendrik's log to Xiao Han, Edward escapes the sinking gambling ship with Saito by boarding a gunboat stolen by John, who has also rescued Xialun Qing. Jeong spots the group and attempts to kill them, but is forced back by the Fenghuang. As Edward welcomes Saito into the Zhang Wei Union, the Chinese Assassins approach Jeong to demand an audience with Lee.
AC FT E040
040 23 January 2024 The Chinese Assassins form an alliance with Lee to find Angkor's treasure. Meanwhile, Yun opposes Saito's recruitment into the Zhang Wei Union, though he eventually warms up to her following an archery contest. The members of the Union work together to decipher the contents of Hendrik's log, memorized by Saito, and find a message telling them to follow in the footsteps of Ferdinand Magellan.
AC FT E041
041 30 January 2024 Hendrik's log reveals that he investigated the legend of Ferdinand Magellan, who in 1521 found a Piece of Eden on Cebu, which was part of a set. While attempting to retrieve another artifact from Mactan, Magellan was killed by the island's chief Lapu-Lapu. Deducing they need to follow in Magellan's footsteps, the Zhang Wei Union members set sail for the Philippines, unknowingly followed by Alan Jacob. In the present, Noa is removed from the Animus after seemingly succumbing to the Bleeding Effect.
AC FT E042
042 6 February 2024 After Noa reveals he played a prank, an upset Sei takes him back to his room, where Noa converses with a hallucination of Edward. Meanwhile, Sei contacts her superior, who reminds her that she will not receive another chance to prove the Shimazu family's value to the Templars. As the Exitus ship, which both Noa and Sei are on, leaves Macau, it is secretly tailed by Nathan Zhang and his criminal organization, Doom Eagle.
AC FT E043
043 13 February 2024 The Exitus arrives in Cebu, where Noa and Sei, joined by the latter's bodyguard Yuki, search for leads to help them trace Edward's footsteps. During their investigation, the group is spied on by members of Doom Eagle, who plan to rescue Noa. Manipulating the traffic, the gang members are able to lead the Abstergo convoy containing Noa, Sei and Yuki into an ambush.
AC FT E044
044 20 February 2024 Noa, Sei and Yuki escape Doom Eagle's ambush and head to a shopping mall, only to be trapped by Nathan Zhang and his men again. An injured Yuki gives Noa her bracer, which contains an electric shock baton akin to a Hidden Blade, before he and Sei flee into the mall. Nathan and his men follow the two and prepare to hunt them down.
AC FT E045
045 27 February 2024 After disguising themselves, Noa uses his stealth skills to dispatch several Doom Eagle thugs who were following Sei. As they reach the top floor of the mall, Noa and Sei are confronted by Nathan, who offers to spare Sei if Noa willingly comes with him. Noa refuses and pushes Sei off the balcony and onto an inflatable castle below, then gets ready to fight Nathan.
AC FT E046
046 5 March 2024 Noa fights Nathan, who reveals that Noa's father, who abandoned him during his childhood, was an Assassin and had done so to protect him from the Templars. Despite defeating Noa, Nathan decides to respect his wishes to follow his own path and lets him go after giving him Rupiya's sea log. Nathan then leaves after reminding Noa that the Zhang Wei Union will always be at his service, just as Sigma Team arrives and secures Noa.
AC FT E047
047 12 March 2024 Noa and Sei return to the Exitus to continue tracking Edward's memories using the information from Rupiya's log. Noa asks Sei if what Nathan said about his father is true, and she informs him of the Templars' worldwide purge against the Assassins. Meanwhile, Nathan calls Claire Zhang and tells her that, when the time comes, Noa will help them acquire the Piece of Eden sought by Abstergo. In the Animus, the Zhang Wei Union members are ambushed by Jeong at sea.
AC FT E048
048 19 March 2024 The Fenghuang manages to escape from Jeong's fleet, only to be boarded by the Chinese Assassins using gliders. Yun recognizes the bombs dropped by the Assassins to be filled with Greek fire, and instructs the crew to put out the flames with sand. While Edward stops Xiao Han from killing Yun, John and the crew manage to surround Liu Qing, holding him at gunpoint, and a vengeful Saito prepares to face off against Xue Yan.
AC FT E049
049 26 March 2024 Edward fights Xiao Han while Saito defeats Xue Yan. With a storm approaching, Xiao Han decides to abandon the battle and the Chinese Assassins retreat back to Jeong's ship. Edward orders his crew to sail into the storm to lose Jeong's fleet, but one ship manages to follow them. Before they can engage it, the enemy ship is sunk by a Dutch East India Company vessel commanded by Jan van Aert.
AC FT E050
050 2 April 2024 Jan reveals that he knows about Angkor's treasure because Hendrik reported all his findings to him, forcing Edward to reluctantly allow Jan to join the expedition. Yun plans to create more Greek fire using petroleum, but the Fenghuang and Jan's ship both come under attack by a Spanish fleet. Forced to surrender, the two groups are taken to Manila, where Jan is accused of orchestrating the preceding Governor-General's assassination six years prior.
AC FT E051
051 9 April 2024 The Fenghuang's crew escape confinement and retrieve their confiscated weapons, before Edward goes to rescue Jan and his men from Fort Santiago. Meanwhile, Saito notices a monk who is using an amulet to influence the masses and lead a riot against the Governor-General's rule. She informs Edward, who realizes the amulet is one of the Pieces of Eden they are looking for.

Season 2[]

Picture Episode Original Release Summary
AC FT E052
052 16 April 2024 Saito asks Edward why the Assassins are so interested in acquiring the Pieces of Eden, prompting Edward to tell her about the artifacts' history and the Brotherhood's efforts to keep them out of the wrong hands over the centuries. The two then go to confront the monk and kill his followers, but the monk uses his amulet to resurrect them. Elsewhere, a group of Visayan warriors plan to retrieve the amulet for their own ends.
AC FT E053
053 23 April 2024 The Fenghuang's crew battle the Spanish soldiers at the harbor to retrieve their confiscated supplies, and Yun stumbles upon a warehouse filled with barrels of petroleum, which he decides to take for himself. Meanwhile, Edward and Saito dismember the monk's acolytes to prevent them from being resurrected, but the monk then uses the amulet on Saito.
AC FT E054
054 30 April 2024 Edward and Saito are forced to battle illusions conjured by the monk, including a large oni apparition. Although managing to defeat the oni after overcoming her own inner demons, Saito can not bring herself to attack an apparition of her late friends and is knocked unconscious. Meanwhile, Edward experiences an illusion of losing his right arm, causing a synchronization error for Noa, but is eventually able to overcome all of the monk's tricks.
AC FT E055
055 7 May 2024 The monk tries to escape from Edward, using the amulet's powers to command several civilians to attack the Assassin and tamper with his Eagle Vision. Despite this, Edward is able to corner the monk and tries to take the amulet from him. However, the monk uses the artifact on Edward, causing him to awaken in a strange void.
AC FT E056
056 14 May 2024 Edward experiences several visions of the past and the future, including one of Hendrik concealing something within a wooden cross. Meanwhile, Rajah, the leader of the Visayan warriors, kills the monk and takes the amulet, intending to use it to end Spain's colonial rule over the Philippines. Edward fights Rajah, who is aware of his ties to the "Hidden Ones", but is soon forced to escape.
AC FT E057
057 21 May 2024 As a result of Edward's contact with the amulet, Noa relives a memory from the Assassin's earlier life, learning how his greed ruined his marriage to Caroline Scott. After experiencing a hallucination of multiple versions of Edward, Noa wakes up and returns to the Animus, despite Sei's warnings that another encounter with a Piece of Eden could kill him. In the Animus, the Zhang Wei Union members escape Manila, parting ways with Jan for the time being.
AC FT E058
058 28 May 2024 The Union members stop at a village to resupply ahead of their voyage to Cebu, only to learn of unsettling rumours concerning the nearby Monkey Island. Meanwhile, Lee Huiyin arrives in Manila and negotiates a deal with the Spanish officials to grant Jeong's fleet passage to the Southern Seas. The Chinese Assassins learn about the events of the Manila riot, and Xiao Han decides to retrieve the amulet from Rajah.
AC FT E059
059 4 June 2024 After adopting a baby monkey, John tells Edward about his thoughts of settling down with Qing. Edward recounts his experiences as a husband and a father, making John realize that he wants to start a family of his own. As the Fenghuang approaches Monkey Island, Rajah, who has occupied the island's fort, has his men trap the ship in the bay. Needing to find the fort without exposing their location, Qing and Yun come up with a solution: a hot air balloon.
AC FT E060
060 11 June 2024 Qing volunteers to fly in the balloon, dubbed the Celestial Chariot, and survey Monkey Island from above. After she marks the locations of enemy encampments, the Fenghaung's crew fire on them, clearing the path ahead. However, the Celestial Chariot then suffers a malfunction mid-flight and catches fire, with Qing still inside.
AC FT E061
061 18 June 2024 After Qing parachutes to safety and lands on Monkey Island, the Fenghuang's crew go looking for her. As they approach the island's fort, they split into two groups: one led by Edward, which will go in search of Qing, and another led by Saito, which remains on the Fenghuang. After engaging the fort as a distraction to allow Edward's group to reach the island, Saito's group goes into hiding in a swamp, but is unknownigly followed by Rajah's men.
AC FT E062
062 25 June 2024 Rajah's warriors, some whom are disguised as Manananggals, board the Fenghuang, forcing Saito and the others to fight them off. Meanwhile, Edward's group tracks Qing to a village and, assuming its inhabitants have kidnapped her, prepare to attack it. To their surprise, they find Qing treating the sick villagers, making them realize the natives are harmless.
AC FT E063
063 2 July 2024 The Fenghuang sails into the open sea to escape from Rajah's men after Saito realizes the warriors are empowered by the crescent amulet. Meanwhile, Edward learns that Rajah has been forcefully conscripting villagers to strengthen his army, using the amulet to place them under mind control. Disagreeing with Rajah's tactics, Edward sets out to rescue the brainwashed warriors.
AC FT E064
064 9 July 2024 Edward captures several brainwashed warriors and brings them back to the village, where the chief informs him of the conflict between Rajah's resistance and a faction of Japanese settlers seeking the amulet. After Rajah and most of his men leave Monkey Island upon acquiring a fleet, Edward and the villagers storm the resistance's fort to rescue the prisoners held there, while John plants explosives to destroy the stronghold.


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