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Assassin's Creed: Dynasty is a manhua first serialized in August 2020 via the Tencent owned online platform AC.QQ in collaboration with Ubisoft, it is also hosted on Bilibili. Written by Xu Xianzhe with art by Zhang Xiao, the manhua is set in 755 during the Tang dynasty, and follows the journey of Li E as he joins the Hidden Ones and eventually becomes a Master Assassin.[1] Aymar Azaïzia, Ubisoft's Transmedia Director, has confirmed the comic's release.[2]

Publisher's summary

It is the High Tang of China, and an ancient war between freedom and order presents itself. In 755 CE, a civil war erupts within the dynasty. With his influence among the Golden Turtles, Jiedushi An Lushan develops a splinter faction, the Yeluohe. To seize leadership, he raises an army and rebels. The court, controlled by the head of the Golden Turtles, Yang Guozhong, has no power to pacify the rebellion. The common people, their world in turmoil, wander the lands as refugees. Assassin Li E forms an alliance with the family of loyal official Yan Zhenqing to resist, hoping to reel back the storm. They ultimately become a generation of Master Assassins, establishing the forerunner of the Chinese Brotherhood of Assassins: the Hidden Ones.[3]


Development on the manhua started in 2018,[4] the creative team behind the manhua researched extensively, examining historical facts, customs, human conditions, military equipment, clothing, and even traveled to Xi'an for inspiration. Professor Meng Xianshi was invited to work as a historical consultant on the manhua due to his specialization on the Tang dynasty.[5]

Existence of the manhua was leaked in July 2020 and was officially announced at the 2020 ChinaJoy Ubisoft booth.[6] It was later confirmed by Ubisoft Transmedia Director, Aymar Azaïzia.[7][2] The first chapter was published online on 26 August on the AC.QQ platform and will continue bi-weekly.[4] The manhua is written by Xu Xianzhe and illustrated by Zhang Xiao.[5] From Chapter 8 onwards, three assistants have been hired; Zhou Peican, Lin Dong, and Yuan Yuan. Physical volumes and English translations have yet to be announced.

List of chapters

# Volumes
Release date ISBN
Vol. 1 FR: March 11, 2021 979-1035502324 (French)
AC Dynasty Volume 1 French.jpg

Chapters not yet in volumes


As of September 2020, Assassin's Creed: Dynasty maintains a score of 9.6 in Tencent Animation APP. It has so far been well-received by Chinese fans of the series for more accurately depicting the culture than the western-made media.[6]



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