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Assassin's Creed: Dynasty (刺客信条:王朝, Cìkè Xìntiáo: Wángcháo) is a manhua published in collaboration between Ubisoft and Xinmanhua. It was first serialized in August 2020 via the Tencent-owned online platform AC.QQ. Written by Xu Xianzhe with art by Zhang Xiao, the manhua is set in 755 during the Tang dynasty and follows the journey of Li E as he joins the Hidden Ones and eventually becomes a Master Assassin.[1]

Publisher's summary[]

In the 14th year of the Tianbao Era (CE 755) An Lushan, a military governor with ties to the Knights Templar, leads his elite corps to rebel against the Tang dynasty, and the ill-prepared Tang empire falters under the threat. As the Tang dynasty starts to crumble, Li E, a shady Assassin trained by the Hidden Ones in the far West, teams up with Tang loyalists to turn the tide and save both the dynasty and the country from this crisis.[2]


Development on the manhua started in 2018,[3] the creative team behind the manhua researched extensively, examining historical facts, customs, human conditions, military equipment, clothing, and even traveled to Xi'an for inspiration. Professor Meng Xianshi was invited to work as a historical consultant on the manhua due to his specialization on the Tang dynasty.[4]

Existence of the manhua was leaked in July 2020 and was officially announced at the 2020 ChinaJoy Ubisoft booth.[5] It was later confirmed by fan site Access the Animus.[6] The first chapter was published online on 26 August on the AC.QQ platform and will continue bi-weekly.[3] The manhua is written by Xu Xianzhe and illustrated by Zhang Xiao.[4] From Chapter 8 onwards, three assistants have been hired; Zhou Peican, Lin Dong, and Yuan Yuan.

List of chapters[]

# Volumes
Release date ISBN
Vol. 1 1 April 2021 (French)
1 July 2021 (Chinese)
11 January 2022 (English)
979-1035502324 (French)
978-7521730555 (Chinese)
978-1427868824 (English)
ACDynasty Vol1 Cover
Vol. 2 1 July 2021 (Chinese)
8 July 2021 (French)
19 April 2022 (English)
978-7521732023 (Chinese)
979-1035502485 (French)
978-1427868862 (English)
AC Dynasty Volume 2 English
Vol. 3 3 February 2022 (French)
14 June 2022 (English)
1 December 2022 (Chinese)
979-1035502638 (French)
978-1427869043 (English)
978-7521748703 (Chinese)
AC Dynasty Volume 3 English
Vol. 4 15 September 2022 (French)
29 September 2022 (English)
1 December 2022 (Chinese)
979-1035503154 (French)
978-1427869203 (English)
978-7521748710 (Chinese)
AC Dynasty Volume 4 English
Vol. 5 1 December 2022 (Chinese)
2 February 2023 (French (Chapters 33-36))
21 March 2023 (English)
6 April 2023 (French (Chapters 37-38))
978-7521748727 (Chinese)
979-1035503901 (French (Chapters 33-36))
978-1427871510 (English)
979-1035504601 (French (Chapters 37-38))
  • French release is split into 2 Volumes - Vol. 5 (Chapters 33-36) and Vol. 6 (Chapters 37-38)
AC Dynasty Volume 5 English


Originally, Li Linfu's picture in the character flowchart used as promotional media Dynasty was an empty silhouette, with the image above labelled as that of his successor Yang Guozhong. Gouzhong made his first appearance when Chapter 3 was released in late September 2020, but his face did not match his depiction in the flowchart. This discrepancy remained until late February 2022 in the issue "The Last Stand of Justice (Special)", which retconned Guozhong's previous image as that of Linfu instead. To date, there has been no explanation from Ubisoft for whether there was an error in the promotional material or if editors changed their mind in the final draft about who Guozhong was.



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