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Assassin's Creed: Conspiracies (French: Assassin's Creed: Conspirations), also known as Assassin's Creed - Cycle 2, is a two-part story published in French by Les Deux Royaumes. Following the end of the first cycle by Corbeyran and Defali, this new story was written by Guillaume Dorison and illustrated by Jean-Baptiste Hostache (Volume 1) and Patrick Pion (Volume 2). The first of the two volumes saw a release in October 2016.

Conspiracies is set during World War II, featuring the race for the Atomic Bomb, follows a new Assassin hero who influences the course of history in 1943.


An English language version was announced on May 18, 2018 and will be published by Titan Comics.[1] The first issue was released on 1st August 2018.[2] The second issue was released on 5th September 2018.[3] An English collected edition was released on December 18, 2018.[4]


Title Publication date Trade paperback
Conspiracies Vol. 1 Die Glocke October 21, 2016 (FR)
August 1, 2018 (US)
ACConspiracies Collection.jpg
Assassin's Creed: Conspiracies – The Complete Collection
December 19, 2018[5]
Conspiracies Vol. 2 Project Rainbow December 1, 2017 (FR)
September 5, 2018 (US)



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