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In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, several cheats can be activated after achieving 100% synchronization for all of the memories in any given sequence. They can only be used while replaying a memory and will disable progress from being recorded.


Cheat Name How To Unlock Cheat Effect
Ride The Unicorn Complete Sequence 1. All horses are turned into unicorns and lightning effect is put on all weapons.
Buns of Steel Complete Sequence 2. Makes Ezio Auditore immune to damage.
Killing Spree Complete Sequence 3. During fights, Ezio can execute enemies instantly.
Sisterhood Complete Sequence 4. Makes all Assassins Guild Recruits female.
Ultimate Guild Complete Sequence 5. Raises all Assassin Recruits to the rank of Assassin.
Calling All Assassins Complete Sequence 6. No cooldown timer when calling Assassin Recruits.


  • It is possible to ride a unicorn outside of a replay, even if the cheat is not available or active. This can be done by riding a unicorn with the cheat active, then returning to the current memory and calling for a horse. By default, this summons the last mount ridden.
  • A rare bug can occur when activating either "Sisterhood" or "Ultimate Guild", in that one or both of the cheats will be permanently activated outside of a memory replay. If this occurs with the latter cheat before at least 5 Assassin recruits obtain rank 10, it makes it impossible to acquire the "Raise 5 Assassins Recruits to Assassino Rank" guild challenge without some of them needing to be killed, as the Assassins created by the glitch would not be registered by the guild challenge.
  • When "Ride the Unicorn" is activated, some weapons may not always glow.