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For the achievements of other Assassin's Creed games, see Achievements.

The following are achievements that can be earned in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.[1]


Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Icon Name How to obtain Points Trophy
ACBH-JuliusCaesar Julius Caesar Earn every Trophy. N/A PS3Platinum
ACBH-TechnicalDifficulties Technical Difficulties Attempt to access DNA Sequence 9 for the first time. 10 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-BattleWounds Battle Wounds Complete DNA Sequence 1. 20 G PS3Silver
ACBH-SanctuarySanctuary Sanctuary! Sanctuary! Find a secure place to hide and re-enter the Animus. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-RomeInRuins Rome in Ruins Complete DNA Sequence 2. 20 G PS3Silver
ACBH-FixerUpper Fixer-Upper Complete DNA Sequence 3. 20 G PS3Silver
ACBH-PrincipessaInAnotherCastello Principessa in Another Castello Complete DNA Sequence 4. 20 G PS3Silver
ACBH-Fundraiser Fundraiser Complete DNA Sequence 5. 20 G PS3Silver
ACBH-ForgetParis Forget Paris Complete DNA Sequence 6. 20 G PS3Silver
ACBH-BloodySunday Bloody Sunday Complete DNA Sequence 7. 20 G PS3Silver
ACBH-VittoriaAgliAssassini Vittoria Agli Assassini Complete DNA Sequence 8. 20 G PS3Silver
ACBH-RequiescatInPace Requiescat in Pace Complete DNA Sequence 9. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-AKnifeToTheHeart A Knife to the Heart Secure the Apple of Eden. 50 G PS3Gold
ACBH-PerfectRecall Perfect Recall Achieve 100% Synchronization with a Sequence other than Sequence 1. 30 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-DéjàVu Déjà Vu Replay a Memory. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-Undertaker2.0 Undertaker 2.0 Discover the Shrine in the Catacombe di Roma. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-GoldenBoy Golden Boy Discover the Shrine in the Terme di Traiano. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-Gladiator Gladiator Discover the Shrine in Il Colosseo. 20 G PS3Silver
ACBH-Plumber Plumber Discover the Shrine in the Cloaca Maxima. 20 G PS3Silver
ACBH-OneManWreckingCrew One-Man Wrecking Crew Discover the Shrine in the Palazzo Laterano. 20 G PS3Silver
ACBH-Amen Amen Discover the Shrine in the Basilica di San Pietro. 20 G PS3Silver
ACBH-Bang Bang! Destroy the Machine Gun. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-Splash Splash! Destroy the Naval Cannon. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-Boom Boom! Destroy the Bomber. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-Kaboom Kaboom! Destroy the Tank. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-HomeImprovement Home Improvement Upgrade 5 buildings in the Antico district. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-TowerOffense Tower Offense Burn All Borgia Towers. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-ShowOff Show Off Complete 10 Guild Challenges. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-IAmAlive .. .- -- .- .-.. .. ...- . Solve all of Subject 16's Puzzles. 20 G PS3Silver
ACBH-Perfectionist Perfectionist Earn 3 gold medals from the Animus Virtual Training Program. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-Brotherhood Brotherhood Recruit 3 Assassins. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-WelcomeToTheBrotherhood Welcome to the Brotherhood Train a recruit up to the Rank of Assassin. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-CaptureTheFlag Capture the Flag Remove All Borgia Flags in Rome. 30 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-InMemoriam In Memoriam Collect All Feathers. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-DustToDust Dust to Dust Find 1 Artifact in the Present. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-SerialKiller Serial Killer Perform a Speed Kill Streak of 10. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-SpringCleaning Spring Cleaning Kill a guard with a broom. 10 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-YourWishIsGranted Your Wish Is Granted Throw money in a well. 10 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-FlyLikeAnEagle Fly Like an Eagle Jump with the parachute off the top of Castel Sant'Angelo. 10 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-TheGlovesComeOff The Gloves Come Off Win the highest bet at the Fights. 10 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-MailerDaemon Mailer Daemon Access your email in 2012. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-RomeGlobalEconomyBronzeMedal Rome Global Economy Bronze Medal Earn 1,000 florins in Rome Global Economy. PC version exclusive
ACBH-RomeGlobalEconomySilverMedal Rome Global Economy Silver Medal Earn 5,000 florins in Rome Global Economy. PC version exclusive
ACBH-RomeGlobalEconomyGoldMedal Rome Global Economy Gold Medal Earn 100,000 florins in Rome Global Economy. PC version exclusive


Note: The following are not included in Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection due to this version not including the Multiplayer mode.

Icon Name How to obtain Points Trophy
ACBH-SynchronizationEstablished Synchronization Established Complete an entire Session with at least one kill. 10 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-NeedleInAHaystack Needle in a Haystack Kill your target while hidden in a hay bale. 5 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-StrongCloser Strong Closer Take the lead 10 seconds before the end of the session and go on to win. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-FastLearner Fast Learner Kill your target and escape your pursuer in less than 10 seconds. 25 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-JobSkills Job Skills During Open Conflict, kill your target and escape. 20 G PS3Silver
ACBH-DownloadComplete Download Complete Reach Level 50. 40 G PS3Silver
ACBH-RoleModel Role Model Get all the Co-op bonuses in 1 session. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-Overachiever Overachiever Score 750 points or more on a single kill. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-AbstergoEmployeeOfTheMonth Abstergo Employee of the Month Get every bonus at least once. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-AheadOfTheCurve Ahead of the Curve Perform a double or a triple escape. 20 G PS3Bronze

The Da Vinci Disappearance

Icon Name How to obtain Points Trophy
ACBH-StrongArm Strong Arm Throw a Long weapon, Heavy weapon and Smoke bomb more than 10m at a guard. 10 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-HighRoller High Roller Win 10,000 florins playing Hazard. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-IlPrincipe Il Principe Receive 100% synch in ACB and full synch in all missions of The Da Vinci Disappearance. 100 G PS3Silver
ACBH-Airstrike Airstrike Kill 10 guards with a single arrow storm. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-GPS GPS Complete The Da Vinci Disappearance. 20 G PS3Silver
ACBH-ClowningAround Clowning Around Beat up the 5 thirsty Harlequins. 30 G PS3Silver
ACBH-SpecialDelivery Special Delivery Double Assassinate from a parachute. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-GrandTheftDressage Grand Theft Dressage Steal 5 horses from their riders while remaining on horseback. 20 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-GoingUp Going Up Kill a guard with a bag that drops from a lift. 5 G PS3Bronze
ACBH-EasyComeEasyGo Easy Come, Easy Go Pay 500 florins to an orator, then pickpocket him afterwards. 5 G PS3Bronze


  • The achievements Principessa in Another Castello, Plumber, and One-Man Wrecking Crew are all references to the video game series Super Mario:
    • Principessa in Another Castello is a reference to the famous quote by the character Toad, "Thank you, Mario! But our princess is in another castle!".
    • Plumber is a reference to the fact that Mario is a plumber, while the achievement icon is one of the Warp Pipes that Mario uses.
    • One-Man Wrecking Crew is a reference to the game Wrecking Crew that features Mario as the protagonist, while the achievement's icon is the hammer that Mario uses.
  • The achievement Tower Offense appears to be a reference to the real-time strategy game genre Tower defense, in which players position towers along a set path to block or attack oncoming enemy units.
  • The achievement In Memoriam is a reference to the feathers Ezio collected in Assassin's Creed II in memory of his younger brother Petruccio, who had requested help in retrieving eagle feathers.
  • The achievement Dust to Dust is a reference to a line from a prayer in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer typically delivered at funeral services.[2]
  • The achievement Il Principe is a reference to the political treatise of the same name written by Niccolò Machiavelli in 1532.
  • The achievement Grand Theft Dressage is a reference to the video game series Grand Theft Auto.
  • The achievement ".. .- -- .- .-.. .. ...- ." is Morse code for "I AM ALIVE". The image for it consists of the Morse code ".---- -....", which means "16".
  • In the PS3 version, the Multiplayer trophies must be obtained in order to unlock the Platinum Trophy. The trophies linked to The Da Vinci Disappearance are not required for the Platinum Trophy however.


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