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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is the direct sequel of 2009's Assassin's Creed II, picking up right at the end of the last game. The story once again features the titular character of Ezio Auditore da Firenze, now a legendary Master Assassin, as you are taken through his time in the Italian capital of Rome. It is here that he discovers new and old allies alike, founding a new Assassin's brotherhood in order to battle the tyranical Templar family, the Borgia, and helps the city experience the true wealth and wonder of the Renaissance. It also continues the modern day Assassin's journey, where Desmond Miles and the team look through Ezio's memories in order to discover the location of a Piece of Eden.


Using the Animus 2.0, Desmond attempted to relive one of the late memories of his ancestor, Ezio Auditore, hoping that it would reveal the location of the Apple. However, instead of entering the 1507 memory, he was forced into a different one, occurring during a battle in Viana. From there, as Ezio looked upon the besieged Viana Castle, he recalled the similar events of the siege of Monteriggioni, subsequently forcing Desmond back further, into a memory from 1499.

Fall of Monteriggioni

Main article: Fall of Monteriggioni

As Ezio left the Vault beneath the Vatican after listening to Minerva's message, he discovered Rodrigo Borgia gone. Noticing too that the Staff had been left behind, he attempted to extract it from where it had been impaled into the floor; however, it descended and was sealed away.

Mario Auditore then called down to him from the entrance, and he and Ezio fought their way out of the Vatican. Ezio, unable to decide whether or not to cast the Apple into the river, gave it to Mario for safe keeping. The two then rode back to Monteriggioni on horseback.

However, Ezio soon learned that the Templar threat had diminished little, when Cesare Borgia, son of Rodrigo Borgia, laid siege to Monteriggioni. Cesare's army of soldiers, towers, and cannons attacked in full force, destroying much of the city and villa. The attack ended with Monteriggioni in ruins, Ezio wounded badly by arquebusiers, and Mario killed by Cesare himself. Though Ezio attempted to follow his uncle's murderer on horseback, he passed out on the road to Rome from his injuries.

At that point, Desmond woke from the Animus stationed in the back of the Assassins' van, they having arrived at the Villa Auditore in modern Monteriggioni, their last safehouse in Italy. Lucy Stillman explained that they need to recover Ezio's Apple of Eden, as she suspected that Minerva had altered it somehow when she had touched it in the Vault. Rebecca Crane added that, when Desmond tried to access the corresponding memory, it had resulted in him remembering what Ezio had been thinking of at the time; an anomaly which she referred to as a "memory within a memory."

Desmond, Lucy, Shaun and Rebecca then headed for the Villa, seeking the safety of the underground Sanctuary, which would keep them hidden from Abstergo's cell towers. However, as the door was locked, Desmond and Lucy left to discover another way in. After making their way through the secret passage that Ezio and the citizens had used to flee the Borgia attack, they opened the way for Shaun and Rebecca.

Inside the Sanctuary, Desmond saw an aged Ezio due to the Bleeding Effect, and deduced that he must have returned to the villa many years after the attack, though for an unknown purpose. He also found a symbol Ezio had drawn on the wall and, using Eagle Vision, saw a series of numbers hidden underneath.

The four of them then set up the Animus 2.0, and Desmond returned to Ezio's memories, with Lucy believing that improving his synchronization with Ezio would allow Desmond to access the memory revealing the location of the Apple.

War in Rome

Main article: Liberation of Rome

Ezio regained consciousness up in a small house in Rome, where the woman who had been tending to him told him that a man had brought him there, and had supplied him with new armor and clothing. After leaving the house and receiving medicine from a doctor, Ezio met Niccolò Machiavelli. Through Machiavelli, he discovered that Rome was in disrepair, and that the citizens were being oppressed by the Borgia. Later, he would also stumble across the Followers of Romulus, and explore one of their lairs, the Hall of Nero.

Basing himself on Tiber Island in the center of the city, Ezio rebuilt the complex, and began his mission to rid the city of Cesare Borgia and his father. To do so, Ezio reestablished relationships between his Assassins Guild and the other guilds in the city, namely that of the Courtesans (led by Madonna Solari, and later Claudia Auditore), the Thieves (led by La Volpe) and the Mercenaries (led by Bartolomeo d'Alviano).

Ezio then began to rebuild the Brotherhood by recruiting Apprentices, who were made up of both distressed citizens who wished to liberate their city, and young novice Assassins, such as Francesco Vecellio. After the recruits had completed their training, he placed them in teams and sent them on missions across Europe.

Ezio then began to break down the Borgia influence in Rome by destroying several Borgia towers and their captains. He also sabotaged Cesare's forces by striking at their arsenal, their military funding, and their support from the French forces. To do so, he destroyed the war machines of Leonardo da Vinci, and assassinated two of Cesare's key generals, his Banker, Juan Borgia, and the French general, Octavian de Valois.

Afterwards, he was informed that Pietro Rossi, an actor and Lucrezia Borgia's plaything, possessed a key to the Castel Sant'Angelo. Knowing that he would need it in order to assassinate Cesare and Rodrigo successfully, Ezio tailed after Micheletto, Cesare's personal assassin, who had been sent to kill Pietro. After Ezio had rescued him, both from being stabbed with a spear during his play, and from the ailments of poison, Pietro handed the Assassin the key to the Castello.

Upon completion of these tasks, Ezio inducted Claudia into the Assassin Order, and was also elected by Machiavelli to be Il Mentore of the Brotherhood.

The Fall

Main article: Fall of Cesare Borgia

Ezio infiltrated the Castel, where he witnessed the murder of Rodrigo Borgia by his son, Cesare. Cesare forced the location of the Apple of Eden from Lucrezia, and hurried to retrieve in from Basilica di San Pietro. However, Ezio successfully reached the Apple before Cesare and subsequently used it to demilitarize the remnants of Cesare's army. In one last battle, Ezio and his fellow Assassins fought Cesare and his surviving men at the gates of Rome. Cesare was arrested by Fabio Orsini by order of the new Pope, though not before commenting that he would not be in chains for long and that he would never be killed by any man.

Sometime later, Ezio, troubled by Cesare's comments, discussed them with Leonardo, who suggested using the Apple to find out if what he said was true. Ezio was hesitant, but decided to take his advice, and discovered that Cesare would indeed free himself from prison. Ezio declared that he needed leave at once, reassuring Leonardo's concern for the Assassin Guild he was leaving behind by saying, "I built this Brotherhood to last, with or without me."


Main article: Siege of Viana

In 1507, Ezio finally tracked Cesare down at the Siege of Viana, Spain. Ezio fought through the infantry, and finally managed to corner Cesare on the castle wall. There, in a climactic battle, Ezio managed to destroy Cesare's armor and ultimately defeat him. Though Cesare insisted that he would not die in the hands of man, Ezio then left him to the "hands of fate," and threw him from the battlements to his death.

Afterwards, Ezio took the Apple of Eden into the Vault under the Santa Maria Aracoeli, within The Temple of Juno.

Recovering the Apple

Desmond emerged from the Animus shortly after reliving this memory, listening to his teammates deducing a way to get into the vault. Just as Rebecca mentioned that they needed a spoken password to enter it, a blackout occurred, cutting them off from using the Animus to find out. However, Desmond realized that the symbol he had seen on the door of the Vault was the same one he had seen drawn on the villa wall. Shaun discovered that the sequence of numbers referred to the seventy-two names of God, setting the password to be 72.

The Assassins then drove to the Colosseo in Rome, and Desmond separated from the others to find a way into the Vault. As he travelled the underground passageway, he encountered another of Those Who Came Before, Juno, who spoke at length of the downfall of humankind.

Arriving inside the Santa Maria Aracoeli, Desmond unlocked the door for his teammates and, shortly afterwards, witnessed a memory of Ezio free-running through the church, thanks to the bleeding effect. He followed him and activated a system of bars and levers, finally causing a small pedestal to emerge from the floor. Placing his hand on it, Desmond activated the floor, lowering the four of them down into the Temple of Juno, and the door of the Vault.

Desmond spoke the password, and the door opened to reveal a large empty chamber, with a tall pedestal raised in the middle, upon which the Apple awaited. Desmond activated the staircase up to it by jumping across a series of pillars; while Juno's voice echoed through the cavern as she spoke cryptically of humans, the Pieces of Eden and a "sixth sense." However, Desmond was apparently the only one who could hear her.

Once the Assassins had access to the platform, Desmond asked the Apple where the other Temples were, and a series of holographic symbols appeared. Shaun mentioned that two of the most distinct ones, the Phrygian Cap and the Masonic Eye, only came together in one place; however, when Desmond picked up the Apple, time seemed to stop and he found himself controlled by Juno. Though he struggled, she forced him to draw his hidden blade and stab Lucy in the abdomen. The two then fell to the ground unconscious, blood pooling around Lucy.

Later, two unknown male voices are heard, describing that Desmond has gone into shock. One orders the other to put Desmond back into the Animus, but the other protests, seeing how the Animus has affected him. Sternly, the first orders him to be put back in, and Desmond feebly pleads "no" and presumably becomes unconscious.



Below is a list of known characters to appear in-game:

Renaissance Assassins

Modern-age Assassins




Multiplayer characters

Main article: AC: Brotherhood multiplayer characters

Note: Ubisoft stated that some of the multiplayer characters will make an appearance in the Single-player game as targets for Ezio to kill. These targets are marked with asteriks (*) after their name.


The harlequin striking at the executioner, with several other characters in the background.

Each character in Multiplayer will also have several options for customizable appearances that can be unlocked.






The weapon wheel in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood remains largely the same as in Assassin's Creed II, but with several new features, such as the addition of the Crossbow. Another new feature is that players can manually choose shortcuts from the weapon wheel, for example, the Hidden Blade is initially located by pressing Up on the D-pad for the Xbox 360 and PS3 but by opening the wheel, highlighting Smoke Bombs and pressing Up with the D-pad, they will instantly be assigned to that shortcut. This allows greater customisation and freedom for the individuals play style whether you are an all-rounder, weapon-focused or ranged-focused player. Also, there are smaller symbols added to the set weapon symbols, such as the Hidden Gun paired with the Longsword, the Throwing Knives with the Short Blade , and the Poison Darts with the Poison Blade . These symbols represent the weapon that can be combined with the current weapon, and used by holding in the Attack function. This combination allows for more fluid combat, whereby the player does not need to, for example, open the weapon wheel when facing a horseman to switch from having the Sword equipped and change to the Hidden Gun to shoot the guard, instead this can be done without any interruptions in battle by simply holding in the Attack function to fire the Hidden Gun.

Note: Weapons with an asterisk (*) next to them are introduced in Brotherhood as usable items.

Ezio's Weapons

File:New weapon wheel.png

Enemy Weapons

Assassin Apprentice Weapons

Multiplayer Weapons

Multiplayer Abilities

Multiplayer Perks

Multiplayer Streak Bonuses



Other Tools

Other than the weapons, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood will include some old and new tools available to Ezio Auditore.


Ubisoft claims (through conferences, videos and announcements) that Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood will include new features, especially small, "exotic" gameplay add-ons (i.e.: the flying

Shaun Hastings, Lucy Stillman and the new Hideout in Brotherhood

sequence in Assassin's Creed II, different from the rest of the gameplay). New weapons such as the crossbow will be introduced, as well as new combat elements that reward those who take the offensive and strike first, for example. Additionally, enemies will more likely attack together, instead of just one or two at a time, as seen in previous installments. Ezio will also make use of a parachute throughout the game, most likely designed by Leonardo da Vinci himself. [1]. They are maneuverable enough to land on horses and other specific spots. Unlike in Assassin's Creed II, you can re-play to a previous memory. While possible in Assassin's Creed II, it was only available for secondary memories such as courier assignments or Assassin Tombs.[2] The player will be able to see how Ezio actually completed the missions and then can try and replicate his actions exactly to try to achieve 100% synchronization with that memory. Interrogation missions return in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, along with stalking targets and burning important information. This implies that the genres from Assassin's Creed have returned to the gameplay.

Ezio enlisted aid by recruiting rebellious citizens who were being bullied by Templars. Upon being saved, each knelt before him and swore their allegiance. Twelve Borgia Towers tyrannized Rome, and Ezio found more allies with their destruction. [3]

Ezio's ability to train and send other Assassins on jobs and missions may have a key gameplay element, in such that their success may have a small impact of the storyline, much like the progression of the game through upgrading Rome. This success will depend on abilities of the Assassins sent, where less experienced assassins will have a higher failure rate than more experienced ones. If your Assassins die on a mission, they will not return. Ezio also has the ability to call a group of Assassins to assist in his missions, wherein Ubisoft has said that, in Brotherhood, leadership is as vital a skill as the ability to use a sword. Also mentioned was the ability to select an Assassin as Ezio's "personal Assassin," though no further information about this was given. Ezio will also be able to visit Spain according to the Dev Diary 3. From a singleplayer gameplay video when Ezio is speaking to Machiavelli he buys some things from a Blacksmith, in the menu there is an option "Sell Items", although it was discovered in playing the game that this is merely for shop quests and making a little bit of cash on the side. Items that are found in treasure chests, such as: Tomatoes, Elephant Ivory, Buddhist Prayer Beads, Totems, and other trinkets, can be sold to tailors, doctors, artists, and blacksmiths for money, or saved up to contribute to shop quests.


Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is the first Assassin's Creed game to feature a multiplayer mode. The players are Templars in training at the Abstergo facility. They use the Animus and the Bleeding Effect to train in combat, stealth and free running. The simulation consists of stalking and killing one another. The area in which the Templar assassins train is selected manually, as pre-set maps all set in the Renaissance period of Italy.

Currently, there are 4 available modes in multiplayer already as part of the game, which are Wanted, Manhunt, Alliance and Advanced Wanted. Also, 2 extra modes have been released as downloadable content, called Advanced Alliance and Chest Capture. More modes are expected to become available over time.

The first announced multiplayer game mode, called Wanted, was shown in the July edition of PlayStation magazine. Here, six to eight players are dropped on a map where they must find and kill each other. Each player is given another player as a target, and the goal is to find and kill them without being seen or killed by the player's own hunter. If you break cover and your hunter sees you, a chase sequence will commence, wherein they will try to catch and kill you, until you are able to hide or until your hunter assassinates you. This mode is intially open to all players at the beginning.

Manhunt is an additional mode in the Brotherhood multiplayer. It places players in two teams of three or four, in which one team hunts the other. Each round lasts five minutes, during which the sole goal of the hunted team is to hide and survive the hunter's onslaught. For the second round, the roles are reversed, and the hunter becomes the hunted. It is also initially available for all players.

Another mode is Alliance. In this mode players are assigned a double (both players have the same character) and both work together to kill their targets, whilst being hunted by a seperate pair of agents.

A fourth mode, Advanced Wanted, is the same as basic Wanted, apart from the fact that the compass to locate targets is reduced in effectiveness, such as not being told whether a target is above or below you and adds a greater emphasis on stealth gameplay as it will make your target harder to find you.

Advanced Alliance is the first free downlaodable mode added. It has the same basic concept in the regular alliance, where three teams of two players team up to both kill and evade a nother team at the same time, however in this mode, the compass does not show if the target is above or below your current position creating greater tension in discovering where your targets may be, emphasising stealth gameplay in order to surprise your targets and hide from your hunters.

Chest Capture is the second free downloadable mode available. THis new mode features two teams consisting of three members each, with one group tasked with capturing chests scattered around the map whislt the other group attempts to stop them from doing so.

Hunter mode was a rumoured mode that officially never ended up in the final edition of the game.

Players are able to customize their persona multiplayer characters using a menu and with more customizability available as players rise in level, with the main two catergories being: Gears, with which additional details are placed upon the personas, and Colors, which alter and add new shades to different parts fo the perona's clothing.

Physics and effects

After some criticism from PC gamers about the ragdoll physics in previous installments, Ubisoft had stated that the physics would be improved upon in Brotherhood, as well as several graphical effects in the game.

Ragdolls fall much more realistically due to the new, edited "Havok" engine. In previous games, ragdolls sometimes would convulse when hitting the floor after being thrown off a building. Although the new game has not completely fixed the issue, there are notable improvements on the realism of the death poses.

Controlling the Assassins

Main article: Apprentices

During the game, you will have the option of sending Assassins to different areas to complete tasks. Ezio manages The Assassins Guild by using the pigeon coop communication system set up by Machiavelli, to send messages to his apprentices. The Borgian Towers you destroy become Assassin Towers where you can also manage your assassins. You will have the ability to send new assassins to other European countries and complete missions to gain status. The cities you can send Assassins are Florence, Venice, Barcelona, Rome, London, Calicut, Lisbon, Constantinople, Cologne and Moscow. Once an Assassin has proven themselves effectively, they can accompany you on missions in Rome. The new Assassins are recruited when Ezio rescues them from harassing guards, which inspires them to join the Assassins. Before rescuing and recruiting the novice assassin's Ezio has to blow up an observation tower where a Borgia commander along with a bunch of soldiers rule and make sure the local area remains under their influence and power. Once the deed is done and the tower is destroyed "save missions" will be unlocked and shops will be available for purchase in that area.


Ezio ordering apprentices to strike.

If an Assassin fails to pass a mission, he or she can't be used again. You can also customize the assassins' armor and weaponry, and each one has a different personality. Later on, you can use experience points they've gained to upgrade their fighting and free-running abilities.

  • Ezio is able to train up to 12 apprentices, male or female.
  • The number of assassins you can have in your brotherhood depends on the number of Borgia Towers that have been burned. Once there is an empty slot for a new recruit, many different locations for the rebels will appear all throughout Rome.
  • In Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Dev Diary #1, it shows how effectively Ezio can use his apprentices.

Limited Editions

Three special Editions have been revealed so far for the game. Europe will have the 'Codex' and 'Auditore' Edition. The Codex Edition will only be available through or, while the Auditore Edition will be available through other retailers. North America will have the 'Collector's Edition' with the exclusive Harlequin figure available at Gamestop, while the Collector's edition with the Doctor figure is available at other retailers[4] [5] [6]

The Codex Edition

150910 detail

The Codex Edition

The Auditore Edition


The Auditore Edition

The Collector's Edition

200894 ceLG

The Collector's Edition (Harlequin)

  • Collectible black package.
  • The Harlequin Jack-in-the-Box Collectible exclusive to GameStop customers only, or The Doctor Jack-in-the-Box if purchased at other participating retailers.
  • Harlequin multiplayer character (exclusive to GameStop)
  • Two exclusive single player maps (Aqua Gear & Trajan Market).
  • Hard Copy Strategy Map of Rome.
  • Exclusive Art Book.
  • Bonus Disc.
    • Exclusive Making-of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Video.
    • Digital Sneak Peak at the comic book series.
    • Trailers and Dev Diaries.
    • Game Soundtrack.
  • Helmschmied Drachen Armor ( pre-order only).

Special Edition

  • Exclusive Packaging.
    Ac brotherhood case

    The Special Edition

  • Trajan Market exclusive single player map.
  • The Officer Multiplayer Character.

HMV Exclusive Edition

  • Exclusive Packaging.
  • Aqua Gear exclusive single player map.
  • The Harlequin Multiplayer Character.


Assassin's Creed Brotherhood will have 51 Trophies and 50 Achievements; the full list can be found here,

One of the Trophies/Achievements for AC: Brotherhood which requires the player to "Solve all of Subject 16's puzzles" is titled in Morse Code ".. .- -- .- .-.. .. ...- ."; when translated spells "I AM ALIVE". It is unknown what relation this has to Subject 16, as he has long been thought to be dead.


Animuslogowhite An image gallery is available for
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
  • In the E3 2010 Single Player Walkthrough, the "Press Start/Enter" menu background keeps cycling every few seconds from the original Abstergo "blue" Animus (1.28) of Assassin's Creed to the "white" Animus 2.0 of Assassin's Creed II.
  • In the multiplayer mode, despite all the characters being Templars and using Abstergo's Animi, the desynchronization animation with the numerous white lines, and the blend animation with the white lines at the character's feet is from the Animus 2.0.
  • Nolan North, the voice actor of Desmond Miles, had admitted to be working on a new Assassin's Creed game before any officicial announcement, and game developers said that his story would "take an interesting turn."
  • The outfit of Ezio's apprentices look similar to that of the Assassin guards on the first game. Ezio's own outfit has also changed, being more plain and simple rather than flashier, nobility robes from Assassin's Creed II. And bears a resemblance to Altair's robes.
  • The covers of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game show Ezio with dual Hidden Blades in an "X" pointing upwards, while on the PC version cover, the Blades are facing downwards.
  • A list of the achievements can be found here: [1]
  • According to Eurogamer, once a player has achieved 100% synchronization with a sequence/memory, a "cheat" will be unlocked. [9]
  • Apples seem to be very significant in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, as many civilians are seen eating apples, Cesare was poisoned with an apple whilst Rodrigo was murdered by one. This may be a reference to The Apple of Eden.


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