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This article is about the graphic novel. You may be looking for the entertainment product by MysoreTech.

Assassin's Creed: Brahman is a graphic novel published by Ubiworkshop on 30 October 2013. Writer Brenden Fletcher joined artists Cameron Stewart and Karl Kerschl, who previously worked on Assassin's Creed: The Fall and Assassin's Creed: The Chain, to work on the graphic novel.

Assassin's Creed: Brahman takes place in India in 1839 and focuses on Arbaaz Mir, an Assassin, as he battles a lifelong foe who has subjugated Mir's land and people, and his modern-day counterpart, Monima Das.


Who is Jot Soora? Devoted fiancé of movie star Monima Das, gifted programmer at software giant MysoreTech, or deadly Assassin with a secret?

When Jot stumbles into a layer of code deep in his company's new device, the discovery threatens his relationship, his job and his life. it also reveals shocking links to an ancestral past that cause him to question everything he knows about himself. As he delves further into memories stored in his genetic makeup, he uncovers an age-old battle between The Templar Order and The Assassin Brotherhood, both of whom are racing to find a mysterious artifact buried in the past that has the power to alter the fate of all mankind.

Karl Kerschl (Superman, The Flash) and Cameron Stewart (Batman & Robin, Catwoman), the award-winning creators of the critically acclaimed Assassin's Creed: The Fall and Assassin's Creed: The Chain, are joined by writer Brenden Fletcher (Wednesday Comics: The Flash) on Assassin's Creed: Brahman – the latest generation-spanning graphic novel companion to the blockbuster video game series.


Jot Soora is a programmer in MysoreTech located in Bangalore. He is also the fiance of Monima Das, a famous actress in India. It was revealed that Monima is the descendant of Arbaaz Mir. Arbaaz had courted with the princess Pyara Kaur, granddaughter of Ranjit Singh, the founder of Sikh Empire.

MysoreTech has been assigned by Abstergo Industries to distribute Animus consoles across India in an attempt to access the genetic memories of the descendants of Arbaaz Mir and Pyara Kaur living in India in order to find a Piece of Eden. Jot was found to be a descendant of Raza Soora, the mute servant and apprentice of Arbaaz, for which the Assassin had hired and accompanied him on the latter's adventures.

One day when Jot brought the Animus console home, Monima tried it on while Jot was sleeping and she was able to access her genetic memories, where she found that she was a descendant of Arbaaz Mir and Pyara Kaur. Jot later found out that the machine could also extract memories from the operator's DNA and upload it to the Abstergo Cloud server. Through the cloud server, Jot relived some specific memories of Arbaaz Mir.

Jot learned that Mir was on the trail of the Koh-i-Noor diamond, a Piece of Eden. The diamond is told to hold an immense source of energy with the power to bind the fate of all Pieces of Eden together as one. It is also known that only women can hold the power it contains. Mir finds out through his fellow Assassins that it was being held by Ranjit Singh. Eventually, Mir retrieved the diamond, but it was reluctantly surrendered to Singh's granddaughter, Pyara Kaur, who attempted to escape the palace with it, following her grandfather's death at the hands of the Templars. Discovered and threatened by the Templars, Pyara takes out the diamond, upon which a member of the First Civilization – an Indian goddess – possesses her and speaks through time to tell Jot Soora that the Templars and Assassins must stay of the same heart and unite to defeat Juno, but upon the diamond shattering with a stray bullet, the ensuing release of energy vaporizes everyone in the area except Pyara Kaur, Arbaaz Mir and Raza Soora.


  • In Hinduism, "Brahman" is the name used for God when not addressing him without any form (not his avatars or representations). It is also defined as the ultimate unchanging reality, that is uncreated, eternal, infinite, transcendent, the cause, the foundation, the source and the goal of all existence.



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