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Assassin's Creed: Blade of Shao Jun, known in Japan as Assassin's Creed: China, is a manga adaptation of Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China first serialized in Monthly Sunday Gene-X in October 2019. Penned by Minoji Kurata, the manga follows Chinese Assassin Shao Jun during the time of the Ming dynasty as she returns to her homeland to exact revenge on the Eight Tigers and rebuild her Brotherhood.[1]


The manga will center on Shao Jun, the protagonist of the Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China game, and the last Assassin in China. Set in Ming dynasty China, the emperor enacts political purges that begin to blow the winds of unrest. After her comrades are all killed, Shao Jun flees to Europe to train, and then returns to China to exact her revenge.[2]


Announced in September 2019 via the Sunday-GX Twitter account with art by Minoji Kurata based on story treatment by Ubisoft, the manga debuted in the magazine's November issue on October 19.[2] The first tankōbon volume was released in Japanese on 19 February 2020 by Shogakukan.[3] The cover and two preview pages of the first volume were released on 16 February 2020.[4] English and French language translations were confirmed to come later,[5] with the French version published by Mana Books released on 11 June 2020[6], the German version published by Tokyopop released on 1 September 2020[7] and the English version by Viz Media released on 16 February 2021.[8] On 6 June, Mana Books released a trailer[9] and preview of the first chapter online.[10] On June 9, Mana Books released a documentary dedicated to Minoji Kurara on the production of the book. [11]

The release of Chapter 14, "Dear Friend", originally scheduled to release in January 2021, was delayed a month,[12] Kurata cited the underestimated workload as the reason.[13] On 19 May, Kurata confirmed that Blade of Shao Jun would end serialization the following month, making the total number of chapters in the series 18.[14]

List of chapters[]

# Volumes
Release date ISBN
Vol. 1 19 February 2020 (Japanese)
16 February 2021 (English)
ISBN 978-4091575890 (Japanese)
ISBN 978-1974721238 (English)
AC China Cover Vol 1
Vol. 2 17 July 2020 (Japanese)
17 August 2021 (English)
ISBN 978-4091575906 (Japanese)
ISBN 978-1974721245 (English)
AC Blade of Shao Jun Cover Vol 2
Vol. 3 19 February 2021 (Japanese)
18 January 2022 (English)
ISBN 978-4091576262 (Japanese)
ISBN 978-1974726516 (English)
BoSJ Vol3 JP
Vol. 4 19 August 2021 (Japanese)
21 June 2022 (English)
ISBN 978-4091576415 (Japanese)
ISBN 978-1974732227 (English)
BoSJ Vol4 JP

Continuity issues[]

Doctor Kaori Kagami's overarching goal to find Shao Jun's Precursor box for the Templars is seemingly nonsensical. Although Ellen Kaye, Abstergo Industries' chairwoman on its Board of Directors and leader of the Templars' governing Council of Elders, directly tasks the Japanese Templar with finding the box, Ellen neglects to mention that the company had already acquired the box in 2014,[15] that Inner Sanctum member Laetitia England had kept it for a year before directing the Master Templar Juhani Otso Berg with delivering it to her Sanctum colleague Álvaro Gramática,[16] and that it was later destroyed in August 2018 along with the Abstergo Industries Australia facility following Resurrection Day.[17]



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