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Aspasia (c. 470 BCE – c. 400 BCE) was an Athenian hetaera who became the lover and partner of Perikles and, as a result, wield considerable political influence during the early part of the Peloponnesian War. She also held the position of the Ghost of Kosmos, the leader of the Cult of Kosmos.


With Perikles as the de facto ruler of Athens, Aspasia planted herself at the heart of the Athenian intellectual community. As a socialite, she actively fostered a culture of diverse thought by hosting parties and events for renowned politicians, artists, and philosophers of the age. Far from being a passive actor, she was a tantalizing speaker who contributed to this high point of Athenian philosophy with her own brilliance.[1]

Personality and characteristics

Aspasia was considered one of the wisest women of the Greek world, considering herself a symbol of progress for Athens. But as the shadowy leader of the Cult of Kosmos, she was an ambitious and populist woman openly obsessed with the progress of humanity, believing that the people are the true owners of the world, Aspasia herself defended her freedom, unlike the modern-day Templars, against democracy

Aspasia believed in the advancement of humanity, willing to make humanity abandon the construes of the past, giving a more correct approach to humanity, sacrificing any person who threatens the future of humanity, including their own loved ones such as Perikles. However, after Deimos came into his own in the Cult, he began to gain more and more influence and became the unofficial leader of the cult, making Aspasia's leadership more of a position then an actual leader. Under Deimos' control she watched helplessly as the Cult became more and more violent and when the opportunity presented itself, she opted to use Kassandra to assist in destroying the Cult so she could get back to her own agenda, ushering humanity into its next era.


  • In "A Fresh Start", the player can choose to either spare or kill Aspasia. Additionally, if the player chooses romantic dialogues, the player can kiss Aspasia, who can still be spared.[2]
  • According to The Art of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Aspasia was not merely Perikles' companion, but his wife.