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Ashigaru Kashira was an altered representation of one of Hattori Hanzō's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


First dialogue

  • Hanzō: Why have you asked me here, Kiyonobu?
  • Kiyonobu: Ah, Hanzo. Thank you for coming. I would ask a small favor of you.
  • Hanzō: Why should I?
  • Kiyonobu: Hear me out. It could be for your benefit as well.
  • Hanzō: Speak, then.
  • Kiyonobu: Even though it pained me to do so, I was forced to pledge my loyalty to Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The man is an inept fool.
  • Hanzō: So you are perfect for one another.
  • Kiyonobu: Ha! I suppose I opened myself to that. In all honesty, this arrangement would not be so troublesome if I wasn't trying to route my supplies to Tokugawa Ieyasu in secret.
  • Hanzō: Does Hideyoshi suspect anything?
  • Kiyonobu: My head would have already been taken from me if he did. But in recent weeks his Ashigaru guardsmen have been sniffing about more often than usual.
  • Hanzō: So you want me to deal with them, so that you might have some freedom in your operation.
  • Kiyonobu: Yes. Precisely. I think if the Ashigaru Kashira were to, I don't know, disappear, then my business would improve significantly.
  • Hanzō: And how does that benefit me?
  • Kiyonobu: Oh, it doesn't. I only said that so you would stay and listen to my request.
  • Hanzō: What a dishonest man you are.
  • Kiyonobu: How else do you think I make a profit as a merchant?
  • Hanzō: Apparently not with honor or integrity.
  • Kiyonobu: I was never good at either of those. So, will you help me?
  • Hanzō: Despite the protests of my conscience, I will.
  • Kiyonobu: Excellent! You have my utmost gratitude, dear ninja.
  • Hanzō: I shall return when it is done.


  • Hanzō: I have failed. The Kashira saw my approach and fled.
  • Kiyonobu: Even the great Hanzō is not without his flaws, it would seem.
  • Hanzō: I will not fail next time.
  • Kiyonobu: They are certain to increase their patrols now. You will have to be patient, and wait for another opportunity.


  • Hanzō: I have done as you asked, Kiyonobu.
  • Kiyonobu: Marvelous! Here; a cup of sake for your efforts.
  • Hanzō: I trust that this will allow you to better aid Ieyasu.
  • Kiyonobu: Of course, of course. I think.
  • Hanzō: You aren't sure?
  • Kiyonobu: It may only aid me for a time. But every little bit counts, yes?
  • Hanzō: I suppose.
  • Kiyonobu: Cheer up, Hanzo! It is only a matter of time before the fool Hideyoshi is no longer. Then we can dispense with this cloak and dagger nonsense.
  • Hanzō: There is still much work to be done before then.
  • Kiyonobu: Yes, yes. Of course. You are as serious, and boring, as ever.


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