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This article is about the memory of Kassandra. For other uses, see Ashes to Ashes.

Ashes to Ashes was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Having learned what she needed to hunt down the treacherous priestess Chrysis, Kassandra made her way to the Altar of Apollo Maleatas on Mount Kynortion.


Kassandra found the altar, and approached it.

  • Kassandra: There's the statue of Apollo—and the altar. Chrysis will find a lot more than a helpless infant waiting for her.

On top of the altar laid a dead eagle.

  • Kassandra: A warning. Must be getting close.

In the distance, she heard a crying infant. Rushing to the nearby shrine, Kassandra was attacked by Cultist guards.

  • Kassandra: All you Cultists will die here!
ACOD Ashes to Ashes - Chrysis Kassandra

Chrysis confronted by Kassandra

Once the cultists were dealt with, she entered the shrine, finding Chrysis cradling a swaddled baby.

  • Chrysis: Killing seems to run in your bloodline, oh mighty Eagle Bearer.
  • Kassandra: Don't you dare speak of my family, snake.
  • Chrysis: I still remember the night your mother brought me my child. The sad, pathetic thing, crying in the rain. Had I known then that Myrrine had two children... but, here you are. My family is complete.

  • Kassandra: You take children from their mothers and silence anyone who gets in your way.
  • Chrysis: If you're referring to Mydon, it was he who chose to slice off his cursed tongue.
  • Kassandra: I'm talking about the farmer you had killed in Epidauros.
  • Chrysis: I should have killed that idiot son of mine years ago.
  • Kassandra: Your own son!
  • Chrysis: Dolops turned his back on me the night I rescued your brother. He was too stupid to see the child's destiny was intertwined with my own.

  • Kassandra: You speak of family, yet you send Cult puppets to silence your own son. They're dead, by the way.
  • Chrysis: Dolops ceased being my son when he turned his back on the gods.
  • Kassandra: You mean turned his back on you.
  • Chrysis: The baby was destined to be mine! He was too stupid to understand that.

  • Kassandra: You let my mother believe her baby was dead.
  • Chrysis: But he was. Oh, how she wept when his little heart stopped beating. But then I took care of him. Placed him on this very altar. Screamed for the gods to spare his life. And they listened.
ACOD Ashes to Ashes - Chrysis Explaing Her Actions

Chrysis explained what she had done

  • Kassandra: I'll run my spear through your throat for the pain you've caused.
  • Chrysis: [laughing] This world is pain. I gave Deimos strength to cope. Your mater was a weakling who whined to the gods like a pig on an altar. I am more a mother to her child than she will ever be. I can be a mother to you, too, Eagle Bearer.
  • Kassandra: This goes beyond my family. You and your Cult are going to destroy the Greek world. You bring nothing but suffering.
  • Chrysis: You talk of suffering and yet you come drenched in blood and threaten my life. You are a killer, just like your brother. Here, let me show you.

Chrysis hurled an explosive at the altar, and the room erupted in flames. She made her escape, leaving Kassandra with the crying infant.

  • Kassandra: What did you do with my brother?
  • Chrysis: I saved his life. By teaching him to suffer. To know pain so well that he would learn to welcome it like an old friend. And now, he will teach all of the Greek world to know that pain.
  • Kassandra: You... tortured him! He was just a baby.
  • Chrysis: I taught him to survive! This world is cruel. It demands strength, or death. So I gave him strength.

  • Kassandra: Where did my mother go that night?
  • Chrysis: That weakling crawled to the hills of Korinth. The Monger was supposed to deliver her back to me. But she can't hide forever. She will give us more children.
ACOD Ashes to Ashes - Kassandra Threatened Chrysis

Kassandra threatening Chrysis

As Chrysis fled, Kassandra was left in the burning shrine with the crying baby.

ACOD Ashes to Ashes - Kassandra Baby

Kassandra handing over the baby

Kassandra grabbed the infant and carried it out, as the infant's mother ran up to them and took the baby from Kassandra.

  • Civilian: My child!
  • Kassandra: This baby is yours?
  • Civilian: He was dying. Chrysis had me bring a gift to Hera, so that he might be protected.
  • Kassandra: Chrysis lit the temple on fire with the boy and me inside.
  • Civilian: Chrysis is a servant of Hera. She does what needs to be done.
  • Kassandra: What needs to be done? She left your baby to burn alive!
ACOD Ashes to Ashes - Woman Thanking Kassandra

The woman thanking Kassandra

  • Civilian: And you saved him. Gods bless you, Eagle Bearer. Sleep now sweet child, mater is here.

The mother walked away with her infant safe and sound while Chrysis successfully eluded Kassandra.

  • Kassandra: I'm not sure saving that baby was the right thing to do. Chrysis's reign of terror must end. If what Chrysis said was true, Myrrine believes my brother died long ago. I can't let Chrysis walk free. I'll kill that malákas.

Kassandra chased after Chrysis and knocked her to the ground. She pinned her down with one hand and held her spear against her throat with the other.

  • Kassandra: You fucking snake!
  • Chrysis: [laughing] You call me snake, yet you took two lives tonight. The infant's, and now mine. I'm proud of you, my child.

  • Kassandra: I am not your child. I will find mother, and we will be together again. I will make this right.

  • Kassandra: I will not stop until every last Cultist has met my spear. You will be erased from history. I will erase you.

  • Kassandra: This is for my mother and every family you destroyed.

Kassandra slashed the Spear of Leonidas across Chrysis' throat. As Chrysis died, Kassandra pondered.

  • Kassandra: If what Chrysis said was true, Myrrine believes my brother died long ago.


Kassandra learned how her brother Alexios was separated from their mother Myrrine, and that she fled to Korinth after being led to believe he died.


  • If Chrysis is not killed here, the player will be able to hunt her down later during the side quest Death Comes For Us All.
  • Saving the baby triggers the Impact Quest Infantile Revenge.
  • The dialogue where the player kills Chrysis is the same as in 'Death Comes For Us All,' with the exception that Chrysis laughs in place of her line about how she is "proud" of the protagonist for leaving the infant to die.
  • In the novel, Chrysis was killed by her son Dolops.



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