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Artemis's Request was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra was given one last trial by Daphnae after proving her worth by completing the hunts for Artemis.


Having completed the legendary hunts, Kassandra met with Daphnae on the ridge overlooking the Huntress Village on Chios. As she approached, Daphnae called out to her.

  • Daphnae: Kassandra, join us!

Kassandra walked up to Daphnae and her sisters.

  • Kassandra: I'm here. Now are you going to tell me what's going on?

Daphnae turned to her sisters.

  • Daphnae: Sisters! As decreed by our law, as set down by Artemis herself, the time of my trial has arrived.

She gestured to Kassandra.

  • Daphnae: To that end, I present Kassandra!

  • Kassandra: By Hades! What's going on here?
  • Daphnae: It's all right. You have nothing to fear.

  • Kassandra: Should I be honored, or concerned?
  • Daphnae: To be safe, I'd go with a little of both.

  • Kassandra: Enough with the mysteries. I want the truth.
  • Daphnae: Every generation, Artemis sends her messengers into the wild. These creatures are a sign to her Daughters that a challenger walks the world. One worthy to lead.
  • Kassandra: Lead? What are you talking about?
  • Daphnae: Defeat me in mortal combat, and take up the mantle of leader of the Daughters of Artemis. Refuse, and you shall be nothing to us, as you were before.
  • Kassandra: Leader!
  • Daphnae: Yes. Kill me and the Daughters of Artemis will be your allies. The gods have brought us together for this moments. Whatever your choice, there is no turning back.

  • Kassandra: Who am I to deny the will of the gods?

Daphnae drew her sword. Her voice began to break.

  • Daphnae: Artemis, my fate is in your hands.
(If romanced)
  • Kassandra: Daphnae!
  • Daphnae: My heart may belong to you, but my duty is to Artemis.

(Only available if enough Flirt options were used.)

  • Kassandra: Daphnae, I can't kill you. I thought we'd become... friends.

Daphnae's voice began to break as she spoke.

  • Daphnae: This is the way of my people. I don't make the rules. I follow the will of the goddess. I cherish our friendship, but Artemis and tradition—
  • Kassandra: Malákes traditions! I will not take the life of someone I respect, I admire, I...
  • Daphnae: Would you spit in the eyes of the gods?

  • Kassandra: From the moment we first met, I felt a... kinship. Tell me you don't feel it, too.
  • Daphnae: Whatever you feel... I cannot reciprocate.
  • Kassandra: I... see.
  • Daphnae: I've lived my life as a servant of Artemis, and as a mother to her children. I cannot betray them.
  • Kassandra: Then I won't ask you to. If this is what you want, let's get it over with quickly.

The two women drew their weapons.

(This option can also lead to Kassandra being pushed away, without having to kill Daphnae)

  • Kassandra: From the moment we first met, I felt a... kinship. Tell me you don't feel it, too.
  • Daphnae: Why are you doing this? You're killing me!

Kassandra quickly kissed her.

  • Kassandra: Daphnae...

She was pushed away.

  • Daphnae: No! I will not defy Artemis, though it may break my heart. I pledged myself to her long ago.
  • Kassandra: But Daphnae!
  • Daphnae: I will not break my vow. I'm sorry...
  • Kassandra: But...
  • Daphnae: Go, and do not return. If we meet again, I will kill you.

  • Kassandra: If tradition is all you care about, I won't stand in its way.

The two women drew their weapons.

  • Kassandra: No. It's not my place to lead your people.
  • Daphnae: You coward. Then go, and do not look back on us. Your path is not ours.
(If romanced)
  • Kassandra: But I thought...
Daphnae's voice turned sad.
  • Daphnae: Another life, perhaps, but my body belongs to Artemis. Leave, and do not think of me again.

(If Kassandra and Daphnae fought)
Daphnae and Kassandra clashed. Kassandra defeated her with little effort compared to the beasts she had slain. Daphnae lay dying on the ground in a pool of her own blood. Kassandra knelt down to speak to her.

  • Daphnae: Please... Take care of my sisters. Whatever our differences, I have to know they're safe.

  • Kassandra: I'll lead them well.

  • Kassandra: I don't know how to live up to your legacy, but I'll try.


  • Daphnae: May Artemis guide your sight.


  • Daphnae: I'm glad to leave my sisters to someone I... love.

Daphnae collapsed backwards as the life faded from her.


Daphnae bid Kassandra, the Beast Slayer, to duel her to the death for leadership of the Daughters of Artemis. It is unclear if Kassandra accepted her request and killed Daphnae, becoming the Daughters' new leader, or refused and became anathema to the Daughters once more.


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