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ACOD Statue of Artemis

Statue of Artemis Agrotera on Mykonos

Artemis is a Greek goddess of the hunt, wilderness, virginity, and the Moon. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. Her Roman counterpart is Diana.

Artemis is also regarded as one of the Twelve Gods, the major deities of the Greek pantheon.



According to Greek mythology, during the 12th century BCE when the Trojan War was starting, Artemis stopped the wind so that King Agamemnon's ships could not cross the sea from Boeotia to Troy. The Mycenaean king had reportedly angered the goddess, and so she requested that he sacrifice his beloved daughter Iphigenia. However, when Iphigenia's sacrifice was about to happen, the goddess suddenly had a change of heart, pitied the young princess, and replaced her with a doe.[1]

Around the 8th or 9th century BCE, story rose about the Artemis killing the Kretan princess Ariadne for defiling a place sacred to Artemis on Naxos Island.[2]

Artemis was also said to have sent a wild boar to terrorize the region of Kalydon,[3] and that the Hind of Keryneia which Herakles captured was sacred to Artemis. [citation needed]


Her symbols included a golden bow and arrow, the hunting dog, the stag, and the Moon. At least one of these inspired a temple located in Malis.[4]


By the 5th century BCE, Artemis had a large statue raised on the island of Mykonos, and several temples dedicated to her all around Greece.[4] She had also inspired a cult which begun on Chios, emulating her roles as huntress and protector of the wild, and then spread out into rest of the Greece. In addition, an armor set was attributed to her.[5]

On Delos, the 'sister island' of Mykonos, the northern region was regarded as lands sacred to Artemis. The eastern region of Mykonos was known as Artemis Hills.[4]

The woman-shaped columns of Erechtheion on the Akropolis Sanctuary in Athens were sometimes attributed to Artemis Karyatis.[6]





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