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Art Leading Life was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Phidias told Kassandra the locations of the statues from the deciphered message to uncover the remaining symbols.


  • Kassandra: Well, don't keep me waiting. What did it say?
  • Phidias: It's a list of statues, and... there's something else, but it's not complete.
  • Kassandra: Do you think the complete message will be revealed once all the statues have been visited?
  • Phidias: I would assume so.
  • Kassandra: Someone's gone to a lot of trouble to ensure this remains a secret.
  • Phidias: Maybe it will reveal the identity of the ones who want to dispose of me... Will you help?

(Accept – Tell me more.)

  • Kassandra: Tell me what I need to do.
  • Phidias: There are three locations listed. Each region has a statue of some renown placed there.
  • Kassandra: So it's safe to say that at each of these statues, there'll be a clue
  • Phidias: Yes, it'll be quite a journey, the statues are scattered all over. There's one near Kythera , another at Thasos , and also Samos .

(If players choose "Tell me about the statue near Kythera.")

  • Kassandra: What statue should I be looking for in Kythera?
  • Phidias: Oh, what an island! The birthplace of the goddess of love. How I wish I could go with you...
  • Kassandra: It is a fitting place then to look for Aphrodite .
  • Phidias: Exactly! The island lies at the southeastern tip of the Peloponnese . You will find what we seek at Aphrodite's feet.

(If players choose "Tell me about the statue near Thasos.")

  • Kassandra: What's in Thasos?
  • Phidias: Ah, a controversial statue indeed. It can only be the one of Theagenes from this northern isle.
  • Kassandra: Theagenes?
  • Phidias: The Olympic hero! It's even rumored that Herakles himself was his father. He was exquisitely immortalized by the sculptor Glaukias of Aegina .

(If players choose "Tell me about the statue near Samos.")

  • Kassandra: What statue should I seek in Samos?
  • Phidias: Well, it's not exactly Samos or Lesbos , but a small island nestled between. In the bosom of the ocean, one might say.

Kassandra gets slightly impatient.

  • Kassandra: Stick to the statue. What is it?
  • Phidias: Why Poseidon, of course! It is as if you are watching the god himself holding back the waves.
  • Kassandra: I should be on my way. This will take some time.
  • Phidias: Of course, but I am excited to see where this will lead.
  • Kassandra: As am I. Stay safe, Phidias.
  • Phidias: You too, and return to me as soon as you have all the clues.
  • Kassandra: Don't worry, I will.

Kassandra left the workshop and prepared for her journey.

  • Kassandra: This won't be an easy task, but whatever the messages reveal must be important...

She eventually got all the symbols and returned to the workshop.

(Monologue continued on Pieces of the Puzzle)


Looking to decipher the rest of the cryptic intended for Phidias, Kassandra tried to help him by acquiring the other symbols all across the Greek islands. However, when she returned, she found him murdered by a marble block he started working on.


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