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Arroyos was a fishing village located in a shallow bay on the southern coast of Cuba during the 18th century. Built entirely on stilts due to the lack of ground above water, it was protected against high tides and storm surges.

Like other such settlements, it proved to be a popular resting place for pirates, possessing a harbormaster's station, a general store and a tavern, the "Arroyos Arms". At some point during his time in the West Indies, the pirate Edward Kenway would visit the village to accept two assassination contracts via pigeon coop.[1]

One of the targets was a Templar associate named Arispe, who traveled to Arroyos to rendezvous with a local rum trader called Tom. After killing him for his insubordination, Arispe fled the village, but was eventually assassinated by Edward aboard his ship.[1]


  • Arroyo is Spanish for "brook", but can also be more used more specifically to refer to a dry creek or stream bed that temporarily or seasonally fills and flows after sufficient rain.