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Arpinon (left) with Sivert

Arpinon (died 4 January 1791) was a member of the French Rite of the Templar Order and an associate of Charles Gabriel Sivert. He was part of a group of Templars which aimed to gain recognition from the new Grand Master, François-Thomas Germain, by procuring funds from the nobility and the clergy.

Having made disadvantageous deals and subsequently extorted money from imprisoned and desperate aristocrats on the orders of Sivert, Arpinon met with his accomplice at the Conciergerie in January 1791. There, Arpinon inquired about their progress and then received further instructions, following which Sivert left. Not a moment later, Arpinon was assassinated by Pierre Bellec from above, the latter acting on orders from the Assassin Council.

Shocked by Arpinon's death, Sivert's other accomplice, Duchesneau, increased security around the Notre-Dame for a meeting with him.




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