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"The Creed of the Assassin Brotherhood teaches us that nothing is forbidden to us. Once, I thought that meant we were free to do as we would. To pursue our ideals, no matter the cost. I understand now. Not a grant of permission. The Creed is a warning."
―Arno Dorian, reflecting on his perception of the Creed.[src]

Arno Victor Dorian (1768 – unknown) was a French-Austrian Assassin active during the time of the French Revolution. The son of the Assassin Charles Dorian, who was killed by Shay Cormac, Arno was adopted by François de la Serre, the Grand Master of the Templar Order in France. He was subsequently raised alongside de la Serre's daughter, Élise.

In 1789, de la Serre was murdered as part of a coup within the Templar Order, and Arno was framed for his death. Imprisoned at the Bastille, he met the Assassin Pierre Bellec, who told Arno of his Assassin heritage. Wracked with guilt for his past failures, Arno started upon a path of redemption and thus joined the Brotherhood, working to uncover the true instigators of the revolution, while also avenging his father and adoptive father in the process.

Throughout his journey, Arno gained various allies, including Antoine Lavoisier, Marquis de Sade, Georges Danton, Napoleon Bonaparte and Élise, who was now a Templar opposing the radical faction within her Order. When the Assassin Mentor Honoré Mirabeau accepted an alliance with her on behalf of the Brotherhood, Bellec poisoned him, and Arno was forced to kill Bellec in turn.

Arno and Élise later discovered that François-Thomas Germain had orchestrated de la Serre's death and was manipulating the revolution in the Templars' favor. After killing his subordinates, they tracked him down to the Temple in July 1794. During a final confrontation, both Élise and Germain were killed, leaving Arno depressed and cynical.

After accepting a mission from de Sade in Franciade, Arno met a young boy named Léon. Together, they discovered that Napoleon planned to use an artifact buried underneath the town to take control over France. Initially hesitant to take action, Arno eventually regained his sense of duty and decided to stop Napoleon's plans, recovering the artifact, which turned out to be an Apple of Eden, and sending it to Egypt.

In 2014, his genetic memories were studied by both Abstergo Entertainment and an unidentified member of the Initiates hacker group.


Early life

Born to Marie and Charles Dorian, Arno was raised in a noble household in Versailles. Due to his upbringing, he was well educated, having access to tutors and various books. At some point, Marie, having discovered the Assassin activities of her husband, abandoned her family, leaving Charles to raise their son alone. Following this, Arno traveled with his father, visiting places around Europe and North Africa.[1]

In 1776, Arno accompanied his father in the Palace of Versailles, where Charles was attending a meeting with his fellow Assassins regarding the safety of the Precursor box, a First Civilization artifact recovered from the Colonial Templars years ago. In the palace, Arno met and befriended Élise de la Serre, a young noble girl who also accompanied her father to a meeting with King Louis XVI. During his absence, Arno's father was assassinated by Shay Cormac, who recovered the Precursor box from him.[2]

Memories of Versailles 2

Arno and his father

Following the assassination, Arno was adopted by François de la Serre, the Grand Master of the Parisian Rite of the Templar Order, who kept his allegiance secret from the boy, out of respect for his father and suggestion of her daughter and wife, Julie. Arno was raised alongside Élise, with whom he bonded over the years. However, he remained distraught after the loss of his father, and wrote letters to him upon François' suggestion, in order to cope with his grief.[1]

When Julie fell ill, Élise stopped playing with him and spent her time at her mother's bedside. Arno, who barely knew Julie and was forbidden to enter her room, spent his days alone. François, distraught with his wife, found comfort in being Arno's guardian. He began training the boy, sparring with him and teaching him how to hunt. The Grand Master found hope for the boy to join the Order, and arranged Arno's timetable so he could train with the governor.[3]

Julie's death hardly gave Arno a thought, and was only a mere inconvenience to him since François and Élise stopped playing with him. When Élise was sent to Maison Royale de Saint-Louis school at Saint-Cyr to continue her education, she sent letters to Arno regarding her negative feelings for the students and teachers.[3]

By 1788, Arno moved away from the de la Serre household to the digs of the villages where he spent his days and nights drinking, playing cards and entertaining women. He still kept contact with his surrogate father François and Élise.[3]

One year later, having lost his father's watch in a card game to two brothers, Hugo and Victor, Arno endeavored to steal the memento back, but was discovered. When his pursuers chased him back to the de la Serre mansion, François attempted to mediate the situation, assigning Arno to assist his butler, Olivier, with chores, which entailed cleaning the horses for François' carriage ride to meet Élise.[1]

The Estates General 3

Arno agreeing to deliver the message

As François left, a Templar messenger, Perrault, arrived in an attempt to deliver a letter from Chrétien Lafrenière, which Arno volunteered to deliver. Unfortunately, Hugo and Victor cornered him before he could reach François. Though he bested his attackers, he was forced to flee from the guards. Returning to the mansion, Arno decided to slip the letter under the door to François' study, confident that it would be found upon his return.[1]


That evening, Arno infiltrated the Palace of Versailles in order to attend the party held in Élise's honor. After sharing a romantic moment with her, he forced to evade the guards upon being discovered. At the courtyard, Arno came upon a mortally wounded François de la Serre, mistaking his state for intoxication. As François collapsed and Arno rushed to help him, one of the attackers, Charles Gabriel Sivert, called out to the guards, who assumed Arno was responsible for François' death. They subdued the young noble and subsequently imprisoned him in the Bastille.[1]

High Society 13

Arno with the deceased François

After his first night in prison, Arno discovered that one of his fellow cellmates, Pierre Bellec, stole his watch and briefly dueled him for it, before drawing attention to the fact that Arno could see the mysterious drawings in Bellec's cell. Bellec then dragged him to the corner, realizing he possessed Eagle Vision. Once Arno introduced himself, Bellec revealed that his father was an Assassin, before returning the watch and offering to train Arno, which proceeded for the following two months of their imprisonment. When the Bastille came under attack from a civil uprising, Arno and Bellec escaped. Before parting ways, Bellec gave Arno a medallion, saying it would lead him to the Assassins, and performed a Leap of Faith from the fortress' battlements. Arno was skeptical to follow, but was forced to follow Bellec in the maneuver, having been cornered by several guards.[1]

Imprisoned 12

Arno and Bellec escaping the Bastille

Subsequent to his escape, Arno visited Élise, who assumed he was responsible for her father's death. Arno professed his innocence and told Élise about her father's Templar heritage, only to learn that she was aware of it, and was a member of the Templar Order herself. She then showed him the letter he was supposed to deliver at the night of François' murder, which warned him of betrayal from someone within the Parisian Rite. Realizing his negligence played a larger part in the events than he had previously believed, Arno left the mansion afterward.[1]

Joining the Brotherhood

"...The Assassins... They gave me a purpose. Something to believe in. To see that betrayed... I need to make it right myself. I need to know why."
―Arno Dorian, reflecting his thoughts to Élise, 1791.[src]

Wracked with guilt and blaming himself, Arno sought out the Assassins, discovering their headquarters underneath the Sainte-Chapelle. He was then inducted into the Brotherhood and vowed to hunt down François' murderers to redeem himself for his failures.[1]

Rebirth 29

Arno's induction to the Brotherhood

One of his earliest missions with the Brotherhood was to protect Théroigne de Méricourt during the Women's March on Versailles.[1]

Two years later, Arno joined Bellec in tracking down Sivert, but Bellec chose to acquire a ledger of Templar records rather than assassinate Sivert, since they were not assigned to kill him. When they reported to the Council, Bellec criticized the Mentor Mirabeau's truce with the Templars, and the rest of the Council agreed that the new Grand Master would not keep the truce. Arno managed to gain Bellec and the Council's blessing to assassinate Sivert after learning his secrets.[1]

Arno surveyed Sivert's meeting place at the Notre-Dame and determined weak points he could exploit. He proceeded to retrieve the building keys from the thieves who took them and assassinated Sivert's accomplice, Duchesneau, in order to take his place in the confessional booth where Duchesneau and Sivert was supposed to meet. Posing as Sivert's accomplice, Arno received information about the Templars' manipulations against the corruption of the church. Once Sivert had revealed all he knew, Arno stabbed Sivert in the throat with his Hidden Blade, killing him instantly. In that moment, Arno saw Sivert's memories and learned he had a partner-in-crime on the night of François' murder, the Roi des Thunes, who struck the killing blow. Having learned this, Arno returned to the Council to report his findings. When he requested permission to hunt down le Roi des Thunes, he was given a Phantom Blade.[1]

The Kingdom of Beggars 13

The Marquis de Sade introducing himself to Arno Dorian

On 19 January 1791, Arno arrived at the Cour des Miracles and singled out le Roi des Thunes' lieutenant, Aloys la Touche, who was in the process of amputating a young man's right foot. Before Arno could intervene, the Marquis de Sade casually introduced himself and advised Arno not to lash out so hastily, suggesting instead that the Assassin follow la Touche back to his master. Reciprocating this, Arno tailed la Touche back to his residence and interrogated him, eventually trapping la Touche in shackles. Arno proceeded to infiltrate the Roi des Thunes' lair, just as la Touche had freed himself to warn Arno's target of the impending danger. Nevertheless, Arno proceeded to assassinate the Roi des Thunes, learning of the Roi de Thunes' motive for assassinating de la Serre from his memories, and that he and Sivert did so under the orders of their new Grand Master.[1]

Returning to the surface, Arno discovered that the Marquis de Sade had immediately superseded the position of the Roi des Thunes. As Arno turned to leave, de Sade produced the poisoned pin that killed de la Serre, to which he identified a silversmith named François-Thomas Germain. After tracking down and rescuing the silversmith, Germain claimed that a man named Lafrenière commissioned it, and confirmed Arno's statement of Lafrenière being a Templar.[1]

ACU La Halle aux Blés 1

Arno learning about Lafrenière

With this, Arno tracked down and assassinated Chrétien Lafrenière, only to learn that he had penned the letter to de la Serre, warning the former Grand Master of the eventual betrayal within the Order. Arno reported his findings to the Council, who were outraged that he had assassinated Lafrenière without their consent. However, when Arno mentioned that Lafrenière was planning on attacking the Hôtel de Beauvais, and not an Assassin base, the Council sent him to investigate the meeting.[1]

Infiltrating the hotel, Arno eavesdropped on the meeting of a group of Templars, led by an unknown figure plotting to eliminate Élise; Arno subsequently escaped the hotel and managed to save Élise from the Templar ambush at the Hôtel Voysin. Following this, Arno rendezvoused with her at the Café Théâtre, where he offered to help Élise avenge her father. To this end, he proceeded to bring a blindfolded Élise before the Assassin Council where, despite the hostility from the Assassins – particularly Bellec – Mirabeau was more inclined to parley with her.[1]

ACU A Cautious Alliance 2

Arno and Élise before the Assassin Council

While the Council debated over Élise's offer of alliance, Arno informed her of Germain and his last known location, prompting her to run off. By the time she came to a stop, Élise informed Arno that Germain was exiled from the Templar Order for his radical views and heretical notions about Jacques de Molay. Investigating Germain's residence, they found it empty, as the man had anticipated that his deception would not hold up. Upon evading a Templar ambush, Élise found a ledger confirming that Germain had murdered her father. As they were shot at by snipers, Arno instructed Élise to go to Mirabeau's estate while he dealt with their attackers.[1]

Confronting Bellec

ACU Confrontation 2

Arno ending Bellec's life

When Arno arrived at Mirabeau's estate, he found the Mentor poisoned. Suspecting someone was attempting to pin the blame on Élise, Arno tracked down the apothecary and discovered that Pierre Bellec killed Mirabeau, believing that no peace could be achieved between the two factions, and that he was purging the Brotherhood to remake it into a stronger organization, similar to how Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, and Connor had done so. He attempted to convince Arno to join his cause, but Arno refused, and was forced to fight his former teacher.[1]

Arno managed to gain the upper hand in the fight, and was forced to kill Bellec when he tried to kill Élise. Before dying, Bellec commended Arno for defeating him, and urged Arno to finish him off, otherwise he would never stop. Once Bellec died from his wounds, Arno paid him his final rites.[1]

As a lesser punishment for allowing two Master Assassins to die, the Council assigned Arno to "fetch and carry work." However, he did aid his fellow Assassins in aiding Théroigne de Méricourt against the Templar Flavigny's attempts to cause a food shortage.[1]

The King's Correspondence 8

Arno meeting Napoleon Bonaparte

In August 1792, he was ordered to infiltrate Palais des Tuileries and destroy Mirabeau's letters to the King there which could compromise the Brotherhood. It was then, that Arno met with Napoleon Bonaparte, who was in turn searching for a First Civilization key. As the palace became swarmed with extremists, Napoleon and his soldiers helped Arno escape through a secret passage, but not before Arno noticed another Templar, Frédéric Rouille. After escaping the palace, Napoleon provided Arno with Rouille's location at the Grand Châtelet prison, allowing Arno to assassinate him.[1]

Execution of the King

Arno later joined with Élise to stop Marie Lévesque's plot of hoarding grain in order to turn the middle and lower classes against the King. After assassinating Lévesque, Arno and Élise managed to escape from the Templar extremists using a hot air balloon, before having a romantic moment between them.[1]

ACU The Escape 2

Arno catching the hot-air balloon to escape

Arno subsequently pursued Levesque's accomplice, Louis-Michel le Peletier, with aid from Marquis de Sade. From there, Arno snuck into the cafe le Peletier was dining in and substituted the Templar's wine with a poisoned bottle. Upon its consumption le Peletier was rendered paralyzed, allowing Arno to assassinate him, to which the Assassin learned that le Peletier had cast the tie-breaking vote for the execution of King Louis XVI, and that François-Thomas Germain would be present for the execution.[1]

On 21 January 1793, Arno confronted Germain as the execution was underway, with the latter proclaiming the rebirth of the Templar Order. Germain posited to Arno that the reason for de la Serre's murder was to rid the Templar Order of corruption and bigotry, while also stating that it served only the first phase of the Order's reformation, and that it would be truly reborn with the death of the King.[1]

ACU The Execution 2

Arno confronting Germain and the guards

Germain revealed his plans as Louis XVI was placed at the guillotine. By ridding France's upper class and aristocracy of power, it would be much easier for the Templars to gain control over France, by granting power to the people instead. Once the King was beheaded, François proclaimed that Jacques de Molay had been avenged, then made his escape, leaving Arno to deal with his subordinates. With Élise caught in the fighting, Arno focused more on defending her than pursuing Germain. This displeased Élise, who desired revenge and rejected any further aid from Arno.[1]


Arno met with the Assassin Council to discuss his lead on the Templar Grand Master, however he was directed to the ceremony chamber. Arno attempted to update the Council but they silenced him and cast judgment on him instead. The Council did not approve of what they believed was a personal vendetta for revenge, brashly killing targets without permission from themselves. They declared that Arno was banished from the Brotherhood and he was no longer welcome, but that he was fortunate they would not punish him further.[1]

Bottom of the Barrel 21

Élise returning Arno's watch

Arno left the Sanctuary and Paris to live at the de la Serre estate in Versailles, where he gained a reputation for being a drunk. In his stupor, he got into a bar fight, ending in his humiliating defeat and the loss of his watch to the gang leader. He tracked the gang to the Palais de Versailles, forced to face the terrible memories of his past, and killed the entire gang, only for Élise to turn up with his watch in hand.[1]

Deducing that she wanted something from him, Arno furiously reopened old wounds from their last fight, stating that he cared more about her than killing Germain and that he wanted to assuage the guilt he felt for causing her father's death. When he allowed Élise to speak, she informed him that Paris had become more chaotic because of Germain. She encouraged him to be the man she loved and return with her to Paris. Arno agreed to come, but only after he assassinated Aloys la Touche, who had sown dissent and fear amongst the populace of Versailles.[1]

During this, he reconciled with and saved his former enemies Victor and Hugo, who were supposed to be sentenced to execution. After assassinating la Touche, Arno discovered that Germain had one final conspirator and mastermind behind the Reign of Terror, Maximilien de Robespierre.[1]

Return to Paris

Joining forces with some of his former brothers, Arno helped the Assassins in undermining Robespierre's leadership of the Republic, assassinating General Marcourt, Jacques Roux, and rescuing the spy Didier Paton. They aided the Girondists and attempted to rescue Georges Danton, but he refused. They also prevented a raid on Mirabeau's tomb in the Panthéon.[1]

ACU The Supreme Being 5

Arno acquiring a list

In 1794, despite the anarchy, Paris was in the middle of a celebration. Élise revealed to Arno that the event was being hosted by Robespierre. Arno insisted on assassinating Robespierre, but Élise suggested a different approach since Robespierre was well-guarded.[1]

After discreetly infiltrating the celebration and locating Robespierre, Élise planned to discredit him in the eyes of the public, allowing her and Arno to kill him easily. Arno agreed and gathered incriminating evidence while Élise poisoned Robespierre's winery with powdered ergot. After Arno planted the evidence on several people, the people turned against Robespierre and arrested him, much to Arno and Élise's surprise.[1]

ACU The Temple 1

Élise and Arno arriving to the Temple

Despite this, Robespierre broke free of his imprisonment and sought shelter from the last vestiges of his allies in France. Tracking Robespierre down to the Hôtel de Ville, Arno and Élise infiltrated it and cornered him. As he refused to cooperate, Élise shot him in the jaw, to which Robespierre revealed that Germain was located in the Parisian Temple by writing it on parchment. Following this, Arno and Élise arrived at the Temple and infiltrated it, eventually locating Germain. Before Arno could assassinate him, however, Germain used the power of the Sword of Eden against the Assassin in combat, before using it to disappear from the chamber.[1]

Arno subsequently managed to find Élise again, and together they entered the Templar crypt in the catacombs, where they once again confronted Germain. With Élise distracting Germain, Arno attempted to assassinate the Grand Master once more, but failed due to a shield projected by the sword. After three more attempts, Arno managed to break through, but the shockwave trapped him under rubble. Élise came to Arno's aid, but noticed Germain attempting to escape. Despite Arno's protests, Élise left him behind to pursue Germain, but failed to kill the Grand Master.[1]

ACU The Temple 7

Arno over his lover's dead body

Élise's sword was broken during the fight, while the Sword of Eden's power was rendered unstable. Arno managed to free himself and rushed to help Élise, but was too late as the Sword of Eden exploded, killing Élise and mortally wounding Germain in the process. In an act of grief, Arno slowly assassinated Germain by stabbing him in the throat with his Hidden Blade. In a vision following his death, Germain explained his struggle of being a Sage, and his beliefs in de Molay's and Élise's unfortunate deaths.[1]

As Germain finally succumbed to his wounds, Arno mournfully carried Élise's body out from the Temple, leaving behind Germain's lifeless body inside.[1]

Hiding in Franciade

Arno undertook another mission with his fellow Assassins and Théroigne de Méricourt, attacking the Jacobins' headquarters. Depressed following Élise's death, he took a sabbatical in Franciade, drinking away his sorrows in a local tavern. The Assassin was then contacted by de Sade, who asked him to find a manuscript made by Nicolas de Condorcet, hidden in the tomb of Louis IX of France inside the royal necropolis. During their meeting in the tavern, the Marquis paid Arno's drinking debts and promised him a place on a ship leaving France for Egypt four days later, in exchange for Condorcet's scientific studies.[4]

ACU The Book Thief 4

Léon giving Arno the manuscript

While searching for the manuscript in the undercity, the exiled Assassin found out that the manuscript was not in the tomb and that a group of crypt raiders were searching for the entrance of a Temple. After more investigations, Arno discovered that the manuscript was stolen by a young thief named Léon, and while searching the necropolis for him, Arno found that he had been captured by the raiders for spying on them.[4]

Hiding, Arno heard that the raiders were led by Philippe Rose and sponsored by Napoleon Bonaparte in order to open the Precursor temple under the Basilica and take the Piece of Eden stored within. Arno then saved the unruly orphan from the raiders and recovered the manuscript, though he was reluctant to involve himself in Bonaparte's affairs, wishing instead to leave France at the earliest opportunity. His resolve softened after visions of Élise and the boy's pleas, as well as the imperious need to save France. Arno eventually decided to stop the raiders from acquiring the artifact before leaving for Egypt.[4]

ACU Sphere of Eden

Arno holding the piece of Eden

Finding the location of the Temple and stealing the key from one of Napoleon's officers, Arno was able to open the door leading to it but was ambushed by Rose, who intended to take the artifact for himself. Arno fell into the depth of the necropolis, but survived and managed to reach the Temple before the raiders' leader could take the Piece of Eden.[4]

Arno then killed Rose, recovered the Head of Saint Denis and used its power to repel the numerous raiders and escape the Temple. Later, as agreed, Arno met de Sade in the tavern and gave him Condorcet's manuscript. However, he repaid his drinking debt with a Louis d'or and left without a word, having decided to stay in France. Arno also contacted the Brotherhood, asking them to bring the Apple of Eden contained in the Head of Saint Denis to Al Mualim in Egypt, beyond the reach of Bonaparte.[4]

Ruddock's betrayal

Now residing in Versailles, Arno was met in September 1794 by the outcast Assassin Bernard Ruddock, an acquaintance of Élise who had contacted Arno at some point after Élise's death. Ruddock gave Arno a letter that Élise had written in the event of her death, explaining a number of her actions and directing him to find her chest of keepsakes. She only asked that Arno allow Ruddock to keep a pack of letters that she had been given by Jennifer Scott on her trip to London, which would allow Ruddock to gain favor with the Assassin Council and rejoin the Brotherhood.[3]

Arno agreed to honor her wishes, took Ruddock's address and told him he would be in touch once he had obtained the letters and Élise's chest. Arno also agreed that he would endorse any efforts he made to win favor with the Assassins. Arno traveled to the Maison Royale de Saint-Louis where he met Élise's teacher, Frederick Weatherall and was given the chest as promised.[3]

Ruddock had followed Arno and betrayed him, attempting to kill him on the order of the British Templars. However, Ruddock was killed by Weatherall before he could shoot Arno. Arno stayed with Élise's friends during the years following her death, having been invited to stay by her former maid out of respect to her mistress.[3]

Master Assassin

ACU The Temple 13

Arno as a Master Assassin

By October 1794, Arno had rejoined the Brotherhood and was working again with his brothers, when sixteen years after Rousseau's death, his remains were transferred to the Pantheon. As it passed through Franciade, the procession carrying the ashes of the philosopher to Paris was attacked by raiders hired by a mysterious benefactor, but the plot was foiled and the raiders eliminated by Arno and another Assassin. At some point, Arno earned the rank of Master Assassin.[1]

During the following years while undergoing several missions for the Brotherhood, Arno also tried to honor Elise's last will of reducing the gap between the Templars and Assassins. He also frequently visited Élise, blooming her grave, and proclaimed himself redeemed of his previous mistakes.[1]

ACU The Temple 15

Napoleon and Arno recovering Germain's corpse

On 24 December 1800, Arno prevented a Royalist assassination attempt on Napoleon involving snipers, as well as an explosive device known as the Machine Infernale. Arno managed to assassinate the snipers before they could fire at Napoleon's carriage, and the Machine Infernale was detonated too early, away from Napoleon's carriage. Arno then tracked down the Royalist leader behind the assassination attempt and eliminated him and his henchmen.[1]

In 1808, Arno entered the Temple once more, accompanied by Napoleon. There, they discovered Germain's corpse which had long since decayed. They then buried his skeletal remains in the Parisian catacombs.[1]

Personality and characteristics

"What is this, the sixth time? Seventh? Perhaps a new hobby might be better for your health."
―François de la Serre, regarding Arno's troublemaking habits, 1789.
Memories of Versailles 13

François de la Serre saving Arno from trouble

In his early life, Arno was witty and charismatic but also no-nonsense, which fed into his sharp sense of humor, falling back on it whenever he felt emotionally vulnerable. He was brash in nature, rushing into action over reason, which was a flaw seen by members of the Assassin Council. This often led him into trouble along with his adopted sister Elise. Due to the fact that he was well-educated, Arno often quoted classical books, though his noble upbringing did not prevent him from cheating at card games.[1]

After the murder of his adoptive father, Arno set out on a quest to find redemption, using this goal to help others in the turbulent time of the French Revolution. As a newcomer to the Assassins, he was prone to questioning their typical approach and age-old beliefs, but was aided in the field by his stealthy and ruthless nature.[1]

Arno, seeing the turmoil in France, desired to bring justice. He displayed dismay or even frustration when Bellec told him not to intervene when extremists were harassing citizens, or when de Sade discouraged him from saving a man getting his leg amputated by la Touche. This stemmed from the fact of his failure to save his adoptive father, and the desire to amend his mistakes.[1]

A Crown of Thorns 17

Arno and Léon embracing

Over time, Arno realized the true purpose of the Creed, and its flaws. He concluded that the Creed merely served as a guide and a warning, rather than a principle meant for one to follow, having witnessed first-hand how ideals led to dangerous fanaticism, as seen with Bellec and Germain.[1]

Following Élise's death, Arno suffered from depression and sorrow, causing him to become cynical in nature. This ultimately led to his abandonment of France, and unwillingness to involve himself in saving it from Napoleon's schemes, while also discouraging Léon from doing so. However, after witnessing the "dark magic" the Head of Saint Denis possesses, he eventually came to terms with his past, and regained his resolve to be an assassin.[1]

Equipment and skills

"I am... no longer certain of Lafrenière's motivations. In his memories, I saw him writing the letter that would have warned (Mister) de la Serre of his betrayal. When he spoke of his impending attack, he mentioned a club in the Marais - not one of our safehouses."
―Arno Dorian describing his gift, 1791.[src]

From his early childhood Arno spent several days sword fighting with Elise whom she proved to outrank him, he was later taught by François in terms of basic swordsmanship as well as hunting. By the time of his early adulthood Arno had become a decent swordsman as proven where he was able to fend off against Hugo and Victor.

Imprisoned 9

Bellec practicing Arno's swordfight

He grew to become a skilled freerunner as he was able to scale buildings as well as natural elements with relative ease, his agile speed allowed him to traverse over and under several obstacles. In addition he proved to be a capable swimmer, able to swim great distances with exceptional ease.

Upon joining the Brotherhood under the wing of Pierre Bellec, Arno eventually became a Master Assassin trained in the methods of stealth, swordsmanship, combat, firearms, pickpocketing and lockpicking. Arno was able to wield a variety of weaponry including swords, pistols, spears, heavy weapons, rifles as well as Guillotine Guns. As he journeyed through the Brotherhood, Arno also claimed several weapons from his targets as trophies, namely a round axe (from Charles Gabriel Sivert), an officer's pistol (from the Roi des Thunes), a light halberd (from Frédéric Rouille) and finally a Sword of Eden from François-Thomas Germain.


Arno aiming his Phantom Blade

His stealthy and ruthless nature aided him, as a master of stealth Arno was able to utilize various corners and hiding spots to silently assassinate his targets without being noticed. He proved to be potent with his hidden Blade utilising it in both stealth assassinations as well as in open combat. He was a skilled swordsman capable of engaging multiple opponents in battle and could utilise the environment to his advantage, his skill was hined to point where he was able to defeat his mentor Bellec.

In terms of weaponry Arno wielded a Hidden Blade alongside a Phantom Blade, which was capable of firing normal and berserk darts; He carried a wide range of bombs in his arsenal including smoke, stun, cherry or poisonous gas variants, of which he could utilize them to either distract or cripple his enemies.

Imprisoned 18

Arno utilizing his Eagle Vision

Arno possessed a sharp observational skill as he was able to identify and pinpoint several opportunities that could aid him during his assignments; this deductive skill also helped Arno when solving numerous murder mysteries around Paris. Arno possessed the rare ability of Eagle Vision dubbed 'Eagle Pulse' which he used to perceive his enemies, allies and objects of interest – even through walls – but only for a limited time. Additionally, his First Civilization bloodline granted him the ability to see the memories of those whose lives he took.[3]

Romantic life

High Society 9

Élise and Arno sharing a passionate kiss

Taken in as an orphan into the de la Serre household, Arno grew up along with François de la Serre's boisterous daughter, Élise. Viewing her more as a friend than a sister, his feelings for Élise eventually changed into mutual love as they both matured, though they kept the romance a secret due to differences in social class.[1] Due to their own respective educations, the lovers had very little time together and could only meet up several times a year. Additionally, although Arno loved Elise he did break his tryst to with several women during their long periods of seperation; but still loved only her.[3]

Once Élise discovered Arno's failure to deliver a letter warning her father of the betrayal, their relationship became strained. Élise held Arno responsible for her father's death, and it was not until years later, coincidentally by which point Arno had joined the Assassins, that the two began to rebuild their friendship and quickly resumed their romance.[1]


  • Arno's name is a derivative of German Arnold and French Arnaud. Its old German origin is Arenwald, meaning "eagle power", from aren "eagle" and wald "power" or "governing". Victor is Latin for "conqueror", while Dorian is a Greek name meaning "gifted".
    • Much like Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad before him, Arno was an Assassin that consorted and eventually became romantically involved with a Templar. However, Altaïr had been aware of Maria Thorpe's allegiance before entering into a relationship, while Arno did not.
  • Arno is the first Assassin protagonist from a main installment to wear robes whose primary color is not white.
  • Arno is the third of five playable characters not to be related to Desmond Miles, with the first being Aveline de Grandpré, the second being Adéwalé, the fourth being Shay Cormac, and the fifth being Shao Jun.[5]
  • Arno was mentioned in Assassin's Creed: Rogue in a message from Melanie Lemay to one of the Abstergo Entertainment employees regarding research into Arno's genetic memories, and appeared in person during the final memory of Shay Cormac relived by the Helix research analyst.
  • In all but one trailer, Arno is shown using the Hidden Blade on his right arm, but in the game, it's on his left arm. The only trailer to show the Blade on the left is the TV-spot trailer.
  • Arno's backstory shows remarkable similarity with Ezio Auditore's; both were carefree and troublemaking in their youth, both suffered terrible familial losses at the hands of the Templars and both ended up extremely humbled and wiser by the Assassin's Creed later in life.


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