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|rowspan="5" colspan="1"|Can pass through the [[Tartaros Veil]]
|rowspan="5" colspan="1"|Can pass through the [[Tartaros Veil]]
|rowspan="5" colspan="1"|Eliminate the four [[Fallen Cultists]] and complete [[Arms of Atonement]]
|rowspan="5" colspan="1"|Eliminate the four [[The Fallen|Fallen Cultists]] and complete [[Arms of Atonement]]
|[[Gauntlets of the Fallen]]
|[[Gauntlets of the Fallen]]

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ACOD FoA Fallen Set

Kassandra wearing the armor

The Armor of the Fallen was a set of armor forged by the Isu. In a simulation created by Aletheia, the armor was said to be forged on the bronze anvil that fell into Tartaros, a realm of the underworld governed by Hades.

The armor was originally given to a human mortal who worked for Hades, but after being killed and torn to shreds, the armor was scattered across the realm, with four of the pieces being held by the Fallen Cult of Kosmos members. After she was tasked by Hades to recruit four guardians for the gates of Tartaros, the misthios Kassandra sought out Charon, who told her about the armor set.[1]

Armor statistics

Name Armor (Level 99) Default Engravings Set Bonus Availability
Helmet of the Fallen Can pass through the Tartaros Veil Eliminate the four Fallen Cultists and complete Arms of Atonement
Gauntlets of the Fallen
Chestplate of the Fallen
Waistband of the Fallen
Boots of the Fallen



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