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Ezio wearing the Armor of Ishak Pasha

The Armor of Ishak Pasha was a powerful set of armor that belonged to the Ottoman general and covert Assassin Ishak Pasha. It was said to hold mystical powers, due to it bearing a cursed marking.


Sometime after Ishak Pasha's death, Sultan Bayezid II entrusted his armor to the Janissary Murat Bin Husn, in acknowledgement of his unbreakable will. Murat devised a plan to keep the armor safe by hiding it in Hagia Sophia, and renovated the Great Chain in Constantinople's harbor to protect the city.[1]

However, around 1511, the Assassin Ezio Auditore was able to collect the scattered memoir of Ishak Pasha, and subsequently discovered the armor's location. Soon after, he retrieved it from the tomb within the Hagia Sophia, after working through a puzzling maze, before returning to the city through the sewers.[2]


Armor Piece Health Resistance
Pauldrons of Ishak Pasha 4 8 (Unbreakable)
Chest Guard of Ishak Pasha 6 8 (Unbreakable)
Vambraces of Ishak Pasha 2 8 (Unbreakable)
Greaves of Ishak Pasha 3 8 (Unbreakable)


  • The memoir pages could be found either with Eagle Sense, or by collecting 25 Animus data fragments and purchasing the memoir page map.
  • During cutscenes, the mask was removed, and Ezio's face could be seen, although with a trimmed beard. However, he would continue to wear the mask when recruiting a saved civilian, performing a Master Assassin mission or a guild mission.
  • Even when the armor was not equipped during cutscenes, Ezio could still be seen wearing it.
  • This armor bore two unique hidden effects, which granted extra resistance to projectile weaponry and a small chance to deflect projectiles (bullets, crossbow bolts, etc.).
  • While wearing this armor, guards were more likely to run away due to their belief in it being cursed, much like how guards reacted in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood after seeing the brutal kills of the Dagger of Brutus.
    • Whether the player was wearing an outfit over this armor or not did not affect the ability to scare the guards away.
  • Being an unbreakable armor, it shared maximum statistics with the Armor of Altaïr, Armor of Brutus, and the Master Assassin Armor.
  • When selecting the armor in the armory, the order of the armor is opposite of all others. It would start with the greaves instead of the pauldrons.




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