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Armilia Guardato (died 1499 ) was an Italian noblewoman from the Guardato family, who had a long feud with the House of Auditore. She was also an ally of the Templar Order.


In 1499, taking advantage of the Auditore hangings, Guardato hired Il Bruto to steal a cache of munitions hidden by Giovanni Auditore. She also slowly accrued control of the area near Naples,[1] siding with Templars, opposing the Brotherhood, and tyrannizing the city.[2] Guardato made a deal with the Templar Order: in exchange for making sure the munitions would not reach the Brotherhood in Rome, she would gain control of Naples[3]

Guardato and Il Bruto despised one another but she paid him well. After a discussion in his stronghold in the hills below Mount Vesuvius, Guardato left for Naples to inspect the Auditore assets in Naples and tasked Il Bruto to get rid of the interlopers and bring her the head of Claudia Auditore.[3]

Armilia retreated to a secret Guardato warehouse filled with Templar guards. Claudia Auditore and some Assassin allies infiltrated the building and eventually reached her. She and Claudia traded insults until one of the Assassins intervened and defeated Armilia in combat. As she lay dying she insulted the Assassin, saying they were vigilantes that stood for nothing but chaos before Claudia ran up and delivered one final stab.[4]



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