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Arm the People was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Théroigne de Méricourt asked Arno to kill a Templar gunsmith and steal his blueprints for the Parisian militia.


  • Théroigne: Citizen, I could use your help.
  • Arno: How can I help, Théroigne?
  • Théroigne: Paris will never overthrow its chains with rifles like the ones it has. Its enemies are much better equipped.
  • Arno: Where are these guns coming from?
  • Théroigne: The local criminals have a mysterious new gunsmith, and very wealthy backers.
  • Arno: Seems suspicious.
  • Théroigne: Kill the gunsmith, and collect his blueprints for our own manufacturing.

Arno infiltrated the gunsmith's shop.

  • Criminal: My employers won't be pleased with these delays!
  • Gunsmith: We appreciate your patience, and that of your employers.
  • Criminal: I'm losing patience. I didn't come down to this stinking hole to wait around on supplies!
  • Gunsmith: We're doing our best. But Méricourt's people are proving resourceful.
  • Criminal: If you can't prevail with superior weapons, maybe you're not right for this task.
  • Gunsmith: I assure you, the next shipment will arrive this afternoon.

Arno killed the gunsmith and stole a weapon docket from him.

  • Arno: The blueprints aren't here. They must be at their armory.

Arno infiltrated the armory.

  • Guard 1: Méricourt's pretty tough. For a woman.
  • Guard 2: Don't matter how tough she is, we're gonna rule this city soon enough.
  • Guard 1: Heh heh. Well, we'll start with Théroigne de Méricourt.
  • Guard 3: Damn Méricourt robbing our carts again.
  • Guard 4: Once this new batch of rifles is ready, that'll be the last we hear of Méricourt.
  • Guard 5: How's it coming along?
  • Guard 6: They're doing well. Think they're getting the hang of these new designs.
  • Guard 7: Give me ten men and some of these new rifles, Méricourt will rue the day she was born.
  • Guard 8: Heh. Think you could take her with ten men?
  • Guard 9: New shipment almost ready?

Arno stole the blueprints and returned to Théroigne.

  • Théroigne: Well done, citizen! With better rifles, Paris' enemies will fall!
  • Arno: My pleasure.


Arno killed the gunsmith and acquired blueprints for the production of better rifles for the Parisian militia.


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