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Aristophanes (c. 446 BCE – c. 386 BCE) was an Athenian poet and playwright who lived during the 5th century BCE.


In 431 BCE, a teenage Aristophanes was one of the individuals invited by the statesman Perikles to attend a symposium at his villa in Athens. He attended the party which included his fellow playwrights Euripides and Sophokles. Due to Aristophanes' comical style of writing, Sophokles was not happy that Euripides associated himself with him. A while later, Aristophanes and Euripides met the misthios Kassandra, who came to the symposium to seek information for her mother's whereabouts.[1] Kassandra served him and Euripides drinks in exchange for information from the latter.[2]

Later in 424 BCE, he assisted her in tarnishing Kleon's reputation in Athens. However his prized actor Thespis had gone missing, and so tasked Kassandra to find him.[3] He then wrote the play The Knights, and it was a huge success as Aristophanes recalled to Kassandra and Sokrates in Perikles' Residence.[4]




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