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Aristo of Alexandria was a Greek philosopher during the 1st century BCE, living in Alexandria with his wife Callista.


Aristo was a well-known philosopher and author, known for writing a book on the Nile that he spent years on. He was also a close friend of Phanos the Younger and a rival of the Royal Scribe Eudoros, whom he often clashed with on their work.[1]

At some point before 48 BCE, Eudoros claimed Aristo's work as his own, and each on their turn charged the other with plagiarism. The charges were followed by months of arguments, ending with Eudoros having Aristo jailed and beaten by Phylakes.[2]

Aristo's wife Callista bemoaned his fate to anyone who would listen, and people talked about it even in the baths that Eudoros favored.[3] Ultimately, her complaints caught the attention of the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, and she begged him to save her husband. Agreeing, Bayek found and freed Aristo, bringing him to the port for their escape. Aristo thanked the Medjay for his help before fleeing from the city with his wife to Crete.[2]


  • The name Aristo is Greek in origin, derived from αριστος (aristos), meaning 'best'.



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