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This article is about the capital of Argolis, Greece. You may be looking for the builder of the Argo.
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Argos, nicknamed the White City,[1] is a city and a region in Argolis, a regional unit of the Peloponnese. Among the oldest cities of Greece, it was a dominant power during the Mycenaean period.

Argos was founded between its two akropoleis and is home to many mythical heroes, though in the 5th century BCE its fame was based on the accomplishments of its talented sculptors.[2]

One of these was the bronze sculptor Polykleitos, whose workshop served as the home of his many sculptures.[1]


Circa 430 BCE, the misthios Kassandra travelled to Argos in search of the physician Hippokrates, having been directed by the latter's friend Euripides in Athens.[3]