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"The Kingdom of Agamemnon and Perseus. I need to be on my guard."

The banner of Argolis

Argolis, also called the Argolid and known as the Birthplace of Medicine, is a regional unit of Greece situated in the easternmost part of the Peloponnese. Its history is extensive even for that of Greek regions, with the region's capital city Argos once serving as one of the most dominant powers of Greece during the Mycenaean period.


Mythology period

Argolis was home to both Agamemnon as well as Perseus, both legends in their own right.[1]

Classical period

In the 5th century BCE, the fairly populated region relied on the bronze statues of Polykleitos and the Sanctuary of Asklepios near Epidaurus for income. The latter was a popular site for travelers to visit, often in search of the famed physician Hippokrates, and it also played a substantial role in the development of Hippocratic Oath. Because of its abundance of flowers and herbs, the land was a vital source for many medicines in ancient Greece.[1]


The region of Argolis was made up of twelve regions and the island volcano Foundry of Hephaistos: