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Ardos was a young Messaran boy who lived during the Peloponnesian War.


Ardos was born to Nikios, a Messaran adventurer. When Ardos was still very young, Nikios grouped up with other men, among them Swordfish and the Collector, and they entered the Labyrinth of Lost Souls beneath the Knossos Palace to steal the rumored treasure of the Minotaur. Ardos, meanwhile, waited for the men to return. When Nikios remained behind, Ardos was taken care of by an elderly friend of his father.[1]

The following years, Ardos lived with his caretaker at a house outside of Phaistos Village. Despite Ardos' desire to know what had happened to his father, none of the men who'd accompanied him wanted to talk about it. Due to this, Ardos stole a curious disk from his caretaker, and fled to the ruins of Knossos Palace, looking for his father.[1][2]

While within the ruins, Ardos met the Spartan misthios Kassandra. They befriended, and Ardos asked Kassandra to find out what had happened to his father, and maybe save Nikios from the labyrinth.[3][1]



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