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Archery Practice was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met up with Roxana to continue their training for the Battle of One Hundred Hands.


After sparring with Roxana, Kassandra accompanied her to the shipwreck on the coast of Hydrea, which had been occupied by a pack of wolves.

(Went to shipwreck immediately)

  • Roxana: We're a safe distance here. Now shoot these cursed wolves before they start taking down the local children. I'll see if there isn't a thing or two I can learn from you.

(Went to shipwreck later)

  • Roxana: You came! Good. We can get on with the training.
  • Kassandra: You said we'd be doing archery... but I don't see any targets.
  • Roxana: A ship wrecked here not long ago. It carried a pack of wolves to Melos as an added challenge to the Battle of One Hundred Hands.
  • Kassandra: And now they're running loose here on Hydrea?
  • Roxana: Not for long.
    Show me what you can do with that bow and put them down. Maybe I can learn a thing or two.

Regardless, Kassandra commented on Roxana's choice for training.

  • Kassandra: It's nice to be out here, just the two of us.
  • Roxana: Is that right?
  • Kassandra: There were a lot of onlookers when we sparred.
  • Roxana: You'll be happy to know the rest of our training will be more... private.

  • Kassandra: A few wolves shouldn't be much trouble.
  • Roxana: These wolves were trained to be part of the Battle of One Hundred Hands, to attack and kill people. We can't have them running loose on Hydrea.
  • Kassandra: I see.

  • Kassandra: We can't have so many wolves on an island this small. They'll terrorize the people living here.
  • Roxana: That's exactly right, misthios. That's why we're here.

  • Kassandra: On with the hunt—I can always use more pelts.
  • Roxana: A true champion. I knew it! Ready your bow.

Kassandra began taking aim at the animals.

  • Roxana: Look at you, all statuesque as you draw your bow.

Kassandra slayed one of the wolves.

  • Kassandra: How'd you like that one?
  • Roxana: Beautiful shot.

Another one of the wolves fell.

  • Roxana: The way your muscles ripple when you draw the string—
  • Kassandra: Do they ripple?
  • Roxana: Do they ripple.
    They're works of art!
(If players entered melee)
  • Roxana: What are you doing? This is supposed to be archery training!
  • Kassandra: Do you want the wolves killed, or not?
  • Roxana: Yes. Kill them.

With the wolves dead, Roxana commented on the results of their training.

  • Kassandra: It's done. All the wolves are dead.
  • Roxana: You elevate archery to an art form. Even Sophokles couldn't captivate me like that.

  • Roxana: Not exactly the archery training I was hoping for.
  • Kassandra: The wolves are dead. That's what matters.
  • Roxana: If you say so.

  • Kassandra: How much more "training" will we do before I can enter the Battle?
  • Roxana: What, you don't want to spend more time with me?

  • Kassandra: This time with you has been-
    I don't know what to say.
  • Roxana: Say no more. In a strange way, I see my own reflection in you.
  • Kassandra: Yes. We've only just met and yet, we have a... connection.
  • Roxana: You're a unique creature, Kassandra.
    There's one more step to our training.

  • Kassandra: I have other things to do. People to kill.
  • Roxana: Then you'll be happy to know we only have one last step in our training regimen.

  • Kassandra: Where to?
  • Roxana: My house.


Kassandra and Roxana finished the next step in their training regimen for the Battle of One Hundred Hands.



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