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ACO Apollodorus' Estate

Apollodorus' Estate

Apollodorus' Estate was an estate belonging to Apollodorus, the most trusted advisor of the pharaoh Cleopatra. Located in the Kanopos Nome, Egypt, the estate had a large number of citizens employed, including farmers, a Master of Arms, and a blacksmith. It also became the first makeshift base of operations of the Hidden Ones.


In 48 BCE, Apollodorus invited the Medjay Bayek of Siwa to his estate, where he was reunited with Aya and introduced to Cleopatra and the High Priest of Ptah in Memphis, Pasherenptah. Bayek and Aya learned of the Order of the Ancients, who sought to control Egypt by manipulating Ptolemy XIII, Cleopatra's younger brother and co-ruler. Cleopatra requested Bayek to become her Medjay, giving him a gold Medjay badge to replace his cotton one, which he accepted before he departed to hunt down the order.[1]

The next day, the estate's steward, Pelias, enlisted Bayek's help to retrieve a letter from the pigeon tower, having sent a young servant, Ruia, to do so but had not return. Bayek was able to do so and discovered Ruia's deceased body in a cart of haystack. Deducing her death to have been caused by the Master of Arms, Dymnos, Bayek confronted him in the barracks, killing him in self-defense.[2]




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