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"Something was up there. Something abandoned long ago... with Jack deep underground, it was easy."
―Clay Kaczmarek, 2012.[src]

Apollo 11 was the American spaceflight which landed humans on the Moon for the first time in history. Behind-the-scenes, it was a Templar plot spearheaded by the United States President Lyndon B. Johnson in order to retrieve an Apple of Eden, a Piece of Eden that was located on the Moon.


President John F. Kennedy had plans for a joint venture to the Moon with the Soviet Union. However, the Templars knew that an Apple of Eden could be found on there, which they did not want to fall into Soviet possession. Thus, they formulated a plot to assassinate Kennedy and replace him with Johnson, allowing them to claim the Apple for their own.[1]


Buzz Aldrin procured the Apple, making the mission a success. The astronauts then returned to Earth with the Piece of Eden in possession, where it was delivered to Abstergo Industries, though this was never revealed publicly.[2]


The true purpose behind Apollo 11 was later included by the Assassin Clay Kaczmarek in the Glyphs, a series of puzzles he had hidden within the Animus as messages for his successor, Desmond Miles. Desmond solved this puzzle, along with the other Glyphs, in September of that year.[3]

The Glyph in particular was the tenth in the series. It contained a photograph of Apollo Lunar Module Eagle approaching the Moon was a Masonic pigpen cipher that read "Johnson was one of them. The bee's drone too. Follow the money". Hidden on the Eagle was a quote from Kennedy's address to Congress on 25 May, 1961, which read "With these formidable weapons, the adversaries of freedom plan to consolidate their territory, to exploit, to control, and finally to destroy".[4] In the next image, of Buzz Aldrin on the lunar surface were the logos of the Templars and Abstergo hidden in the negative photo.[2]



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