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This article is about the stone circle in Egypt. You may be looking for the deity in Egyptian mythology.

Apis was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek found the Apis stone circle in the Isolated Desert.


  • Khemu: Papo, what is best in life?
  • Bayek: To seek justice and truth. To live with honor, to protect the weak and the poor. And to love your mother.
  • Khemu: My friend Kenon said it was to crush our enemies, and to hear the lamentations of their women.
  • Bayek: We are Medjay son, not barbarians.
    Apis, the bull god. He is the strength of the Pharaoh. Each year he is born as a calf with special markings. The Pharaoh finds this calf, and worships it.


Bayek aligned the constellation of Apis to the stone circle.


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