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Apheru was a young Egyptian boy who lived in Memphis during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.


Apheru was the older brother of Neema and Ngozi, all of whom lived in the House of Nef in Memphis. The three of them befriended a Pharaoh Hound named Anta, who later became their protector. Together, they would often travel around Giza to explore the surrounding desert. In 48 BCE, while on their way back to Memphis, Anta was kidnapped by bandits from the Adorer of Thoth Tomb. Apheru and his siblings were forced to steal for the bandits so that Anta could be kept alive and be returned to them. On one occasion, they came across a Greek geographer named Corteseos outside the Great Pyramid of Giza. Apheru knocked him out with a club from behind, allowing his siblings to take the man's notes, which they later gave to the leader of the bandits.[1]

Not long after, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa came across Corteseos' unconscious body, leading him to investigate. Before the Medjay could react, Apheru knocked him out with the club as well, taking his heron feather and hiding it in the Pyramid of Menkaure. Despite the children's efforts to cover their tracks, they were eventually tracked down by Bayek, who retrieved his feather from the pyramid. Apheru gave his reasoning for his and his siblings' actions, leading Bayek to interfere and agree to retrieve Anta on their behalf. When Bayek managed to retrieve Anta out of the bandit hideout, Apheru explained that the leader of the bandits, whom he dubbed the "Horseman", was the one responsible for kidnapping Anta and directed Bayek to the mastabas of Khufu's pyramid.[1]

When Bayek eventually managed to eliminate the bandit leader and retrieved Corteseos' notes, Apheru and his siblings was invited by the geographer to travel to Memphis with him, as he had plans to map out Egypt.[1] Sometime thereafter, the children returned to the House of Nef, and witnessed their "Father" murdered by Gaia Afrania, a weathly Roman lady who had sought to kidnap the children as slaves.[2]



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