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The Appennine Mountains was a mountain range stretching from the north to the south of Italy, along its east coast. The mountains linked Florence to Romagna and Forlì. Several hamlets/farms and a church could be found in the mountain range.


When the Assassin Ezio Auditore traveled back to Florence in 1480, after assassinating Jacopo de' Pazzi, he went to meet with Leonardo da Vinci. However, he found that Leonardo had left his workshop. A civilian told him Leonardo had moved to Venice. With this information, Ezio rode to the Appennine Mountains and found Leonardo alongside his broken cart

Ezio helped his friend repair the carriage and caught his first glimpse of the flying machine. Together they set off for Forlì, from where they would take a boat to Venice. However, Borgia guards on horses appeared and chased the pair, forcing Ezio to speed through the mountain range, evading fires and the pursuing Borgia guards alike.

Soon after, they reached the mountain range's end and Ezio told Leonardo to go ahead whilsy he took care of the guards. The guards had surrounded Ezio, but they were deposed of quickly.



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