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Ezio driving the carriage through the Apennine Mountains

The Apennine Mountains is a mountain range that stretches from north to south, along the lenght of peninsular Italy. The mountains linked Florence to both Romagna and Forlì. Several hamlets, farms, and a church could be found in the mountain range.


In 1480, Leonardo da Vinci was offered a commission in Venice, and thus took a carriage into the Apennine Mountains during his journey from Florence to the port in Romagna. In the meantime, the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze had determined that his next course after having assassinated Jacopo de' Pazzi was to hunt Templars of Venice.[1]

Ezio meeting Leonardo in the mountains

Knowing that his friend's destination was aligned with his, Ezio set off to find Leonardo on the road from Florence. Sure enough, he encountered Leonardo in the mountains alongside his broken cart, where he was attempting to fix the shattered wheel. The Assassin helped him repair the carriage, and caught his first glimpse of Leonardo's Flying Machine, which was loaded into the back of the cart.[1]

Together they set off for Forlì, from where they would take a boat to Venice. However, Borgia guards on horseback pursued them through the range, setting fires in front of them, and attempting to board the carriage itself. The two managed to evade their attempts, and upon reaching the mountain range's end, Ezio told Leonardo to go ahead in the carriage, while he stayed to dispose of the guards.[1]


  • The Apennine Mountains is the only location in Assassin's Creed II to be entirely devoid of guards and shops, and to feature a piece from the Assassin's Creed soundtrack, entitled "Dunes of Death."
  • If Ezio were to become notorious due to wearing the Auditore cape in the Apennine Mountains, it would be impossible to become incognito again.




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