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This article is about the 1st century BCE Egyptian. You may be looking for Apate, the Greek goddess of deceit.

Apate was a young Egyptian villager from Siwa who later became a freedom fighter in Cyrenaica during the mid-1st century BCE.


Raised since childhood by her father Ibi, Apate was an old acquaintance of the Medjay Bayek. She often used to spend time hunting with Bayek's son Khemu in the scrublands outside the village,[1] until 49 BCE, when Khemu died at the hands of the Order of the Ancients.[2] Two years later, Roman forces led by Flavius Metellus visited the Temple of Amun in Siwa, causing a path of rampage throughout the village. Many Siwan villagers were later caught and taken away as slaves.[1]

Apate and her father fled north, hoping to start life anew in Cyrenaica, only to learn that their fellow captive Siwans were being held in the region they now called home. A few months later, she met a young Greek boy who was part of the local resistance and convinced her to aid him in throwing off the yoke of Roman rule. Impassioned by his ideas, Apate joined the freedom fighters in a raid on the Kyrenaika Roman Citadel in an attempt to free the Siwans. They later came into conflict with Brutus Severus, a Roman centurion from the Prasinos Outpost who brutally tortured his prisoners.[1]

Despite a fierce struggle, Apate was captured and brought to be crucified at a site south of the outpost. However, she was later saved by Bayek, who had learned of Apate's plight after a chance meeting Ibi, who informed him of what had transpired, and upon reading Severus' report to Legatus Agrippa while investigating the citadel. He escorted her to safety, before they split up to prepare a joint attack on the Roman fort, with Bayek scouting ahead as Apate gathered the remains of the resistance for a final confrontation. The two later met up to coordinate strategies, and with Bayek's assistance, Apate and her fighters attacked the Romans, leading to Brutus' death.[1]



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