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"Your good work has restored us to our former glory, Ezio. Now, we are ready to strike."

Antonio de Magianis[1] was a member of the Order of Assassins and leader of the Thieves guild in Venice during the late 15th Century.


Born in 1443 to a poor family, Antonio lived with his father, a cobbler, and his mother, a maid for an upper-class family. As he aged, he increasingly developed a want for a richer life, but no matter how hard he studied, the schools would not accept him, and no matter how hard he worked he could not change his circumstances. Realizing that hard labor would not get him what he wanted, Antonio decided to steal it instead.[2]

Eventually, Antonio found his way into the Order of Assassins, and subsequently set up the Thieves guild of Venice. Antonio and his fellow thieves consented only to theft of property from the largely immoral Venetian nobility, not ordinary citizens, making him something like an Italian Robin Hood. He considered his guild more of a "business" than a crime syndicate.[2]

Following the arrival of Ezio Auditore da Firenze in 1481, Antonio agreed to aid Ezio in his quest to destroy the Barbarigo family and ensure Venice's future. Seven years later, Antonio revealed himself to be an Assassin during Ezio's duel with the Templar Grand Master Rodrigo Borgia. He was later present at Ezio's induction into the Order.[2]

In 1491, Antonio was contacted by Luis Santangel, who was seeking protection for him and his friend Christoffa Corombo as they attempted to meet with Rodrigo Borgia in Venice. Antonio contacted Ezio and sought his aid in the matter. He then put Ezio in contact with the Thieves' Guild in Barcelona before Ezio traveled there to battle the Templars.[3]

Antonio met with the Assassins at Monteriggioni in 1499 as they formulated a plan to prevent Rodrigo from accessing the Vault in Rome. He agreed to create distractions throughout Rome in order to give Ezio an opportunity to infiltrate the Capella Sistina.[2]


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