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Antoine Moreau (died 1429) was a French guard of the Dauphin's fort.


On 6 March 1429, upon the arrival of Jeanne d'Arc, Antoine arrogantly introduced himself and propositioned intercourse from Jeanne. Disgusted at his unholy words she foretold his demise.[1] An hour after meeting Jeanne, his body was found floating in the Seine.[2]

Personality and characteristics

Antoine was a large broad man with a crass misogynistic overall outlook on women. Going so far as to request unsaintly things of a saintly woman. As his name implied, he was either dark-skinned or descended from people with.[1]

Behind the scenes

Antoine Moreau is a minor character appearing in Assassin's Creed: Heresy, written by Christie Golden.

Antoine is a French given name (from the Latin Antonius), meaning "beyond praise" or "highly praise-worthy". The name is a cognate of the masculine given name Antony. The surname Moreau is a nickname, derived from the Old French word more, meaning "dark skinned," which in turn derives from the Phoenician mauharim, meaning "eastern." This name was applied to Moors and other people with dark complexions.



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